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Vanity and Revenge
"Caroline Pierce in one of her best performances featuring her greatest cumshot EVER.*HINT* Follow the PREVIEW CLIP link and watch the trailer."
TAGS: " PenisExpansion Futagirl Hardcore Caroline CarolinePierce Growth Busting BreastExpansion Expansion tmc251"

I Dream of Penis
"Moxxie is home alone and starts to get turned on while looking at porn and wishes she knew what it`d be like to have a giant cock like the hot guy`s in the videos. Her wish is granted during the night but when she wakes up nothing is different."
TAGS: " Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Futa PenisExpansion BE BreastExpansion Process Pornstar tmc276"

Magic Smoke
"Helena smokes a large cigar. Her breasts grow from the smoke and she is happy followed by a quick somewhat painful cock growth leading to a bit of masturbation and quick ejaculation. The BE very good the Futa not as good in this clip."
TAGS: " HelenaStrong Helena BreastExpansion CigarSmoking BE Futa PenisExpansion tmc304"

Trick Dick
"A hooker realizes that her trick has given her a very strange tip as she grows her own nine inch penis! Sydney is terrific as always in a very campy Futa clip with a helluva cumshot!"
TAGS: " Sydney SydneyCapri Pornstar PenisExpansion Futa FutaGirl DickGrowth DickGirl Process ClothesBusting Hardcore tmc348"

Sexually Transmitted DICK
"Holly took a steroid riddled bodybuilder home from a bar and saw him eat dozens of Viagra while they fucked until dawn. A few days later she begins to feel a bit odd. THE MOST POPULAR TMC MODEL IS BACK IN A TERRIFIC FUTA CLIP WITH LOTS OF PROCESS!!!"
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Young Futa PenisExpansion Expansion DickGirl Cumshot Process Transformation tmc353"

Gemini`s Quest
"Mistress Gemini dreams of being able to properly dominate her slaves without FAKE rubber strapons. Just the thought of having a real cock turns her on so she contacts The Psychic Eye. Well Acted
TAGS: " Gemini MistressGemini Transformation Futa Femdom PenisExpansion Dickgirl Process tmc356"

Roxanne`s Past Lives
"Roxanne Hall casts a spell that is supposed to help her revisit her previous lives. It turns out she once was a man and she grows a penis. Fascinated by it she tries a variety of things to help her achieve an orgasm with her new dick."
TAGS: " Roxanne Pornstar RoxanneHall Futa Dickgirl PenisExpansion MonsterPopshot Process tmc361"

CamGirl Live Surprise Penis Expansion
"Honey is live on her webcam & Ray enters her chatroom and lures her close to the camera and !!ZAP!! Honey then grows a penis LIVE ON CAM!"
TAGS: " Honey HoneyWhite Pornstar Mature Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion Magic Brunette Process tmc376"

The Mad Scientist
"Mika is scientist out to corner the market on a drug that will cure impotence in men but the company decides to cut her funding unless they have results by morning. She is going to have to try it on herself...."
TAGS: " Mika MikaTan Process PenisExpansion Pornstar Mature Inflation Deflation Futa DickGirl BE BreastExpansion tmc377"

Home Alone
"Bridget is at home alone. She`s very bored and equally drunk. She remembers she has a little bit of that magic tar left so she decides to fire it up. NEW HUGE PROP! BUCKETS OF CUM! COOL PROCESS!"
TAGS: " Futanari Futa PenisExpansion Process Expansion DickGrowth Futagirl Bridget BridgetMichaels tmc449"

"Sheryl gives Kiki's neck a little love bite while saying goodbye after lunch. That was strange Kiki thought but not nearly as strange as she began to feel. Sort of a Were-futa Breast Expansion clip."
TAGS: " Futa Dickgirl PenisExpansion Pornstar Transformation BE BreastExpansion Magic Futanari Mature Kiki KikiDaire tmc495"

RBREEZE: The Headband
"Betty is preparing for a night out in Vegas when she puts on a magic headband. The headband is stuck and she is struck with amazing pain. She goes to lay down and grows a beautiful giant cock. The growth is terrifying but she learns to love her cock."
TAGS: " BettyRumor Betty Futa Magic Dickgirl PenisExpansion Magic Futanari Transformation tmc506"

Japanese Cush
"Holly tries some new cush and her clit grows larger. Following her Mom's advice she rubs on it but then it really expands! COOL CLIP! Holly is terrific in it! NICE GROWTH AND GREAT CUMSHOT!"
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster HollyDomme Young Futa Futanari Dickgirl PenisExpansion tmc508"

Tainted Sample
"After giving a sperm sample Dr Jenson`s patient expresses his anger with his persistent erection/no diagnosis. She spills some sample on her and contracts his condition but first she grows a cock. Pleasure reaction/large cumshot."
TAGS: " AluraJenson Mature Alura Pornstar Blonde Futa NursePlay DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc514"

Late Bloomers 2: Cock Growth
"The first day back to college and Cindy gets turned on and grows a cock. Soleil helps her out and jacks it off when she is infected by the sperm and grows and even bigger cock. After some two girl cock play Soleil shoots huge load."
TAGS: " Soleil CindyLouWho Cindy Young Futa Blonde DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc522"

Clinical Trials
"Tatiyana is a broke college student who decided to try a clinical trial for extra money and finds the drugs have some interesting side effects."
TAGS: " TatiyanaFoxx Tatiyana Young Pornstar Futa DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc545"

"Mika hasn't been added to her work`s health insurance yet and she`s having an issue with her clitoris. To save a few bucks she finds a clinical trial and hopes that she can get some free medical care. Great acting by Mika Tan!"
TAGS: " Mika Tan Asian Pornstar Futa Dickgirl Futanari PenisExpansion Process tmc553"

CoCo's Gender Transforming Journey
"Coco is on love with a girl who only likes men so she tries to win her affection by turning into a guy. She is elated when it works at first but then she transformed back into an even shapelier girl then before. Then she grows a monster penis."
TAGS: " BE GT Gender Transformation CoCo Velvet CoCoVelvet Gendertransformation M2F F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion Breast Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Deflation tmc578"

"CoCo and Jenny are hanging out getting drunk and having a great time when CoCo suddenly pulls out her cock shocking Jenny. She gets horny and begins to jack off and rub her cock on Jenny until she cums on her. Then Jenny grows a cock of her own."
TAGS: " Coco Velvet CocoVelvet Young Futa Futanari PenisExpansion JennyHilton Jenny Hilton Dickgirls Pornstar Asian tmc589"

Demon Dog Canine Transformation: Futa Version
"Mika gets a nasty bite from a possessed Yorkie and begins a long
TAGS: " Mika Tan MikaTan Asian Pornstar TF AnimalTransformation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation HairGrowth SpinePopping NailGrowth Futanari PenisExpansion DickGirl tmc602"

The Adventures Of FUTAGIRL
"Buela's boyfriend dumps her by phone and she tries not to abuse her super powers by wasting them on such an asshole but she cannot help herself and has already transformed into FUTAGIRL by the time he arrives with her things."
TAGS: " Buela FutaGirl PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Superheroine tmc623"

Tiki Futanari
"At home after being stood up on a blind date Anomaly drinks from a mysterious tiki cup that someone had mixed a special magic potion in
TAGS: " Anomaly FutaGirl PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Magic tmc624"

Madison F-M Then M-F With a Cock
"Teacher slowly transforms to man then back to woman with cock."
TAGS: " Madison Pornstar BE GT NylonRipping Transformation M2F F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion Breast Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Deflation GenderTransformation tmc652"

Growth Serum #12
"Kiara Mia's boss at the laboratory has talked her into testing the new breast growth serum but she grows and massive long cock instead. Always the scientist she then experiments with the new appendage."
TAGS: " Kiara Futa KiaraMia Dickgirl Pornstar Mature PenisExpansion tmc654"

Angry PMS`ing She Hulk Transformation Futa-Lift-n-Carry
"Angry at her asshole boss and seriously PMS`ing Cheyenne slowly transforms into a She-Hulk busting through her clothes and even growing a penis. She calls out her boss to give him a taste of his own medicine and explodes all over him."
TAGS: " Process Transformation TransformationFantasy ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG Pornstar Futa LiftandCarry Cfnm Cheyenne Dickgirl PenisExpansion CheyenneJewel tmc665"

Mane `n Tail
"After Caroline uses Mane `n Tail horse shampoo her hair is so improved she decides to take horse vitamin supplements with it and soon she begins to turn into a horse. Some issues during shooting."
TAGS: " Caroline CarolinePierce Expansion Inflation EarGrowth TailGrowth Mature AnimalTransformation Transformation FootGrowth TF AssExpansion ButtInflation NailGrowth Futa PenisExpansion tmc686"

Vain to Man
"Joslyn is admiring her voluptuous curves when they suddenly begin to shrink. She runs from room to room as her body changes more and more to that of a man
TAGS: " NylonRipping Transformation Deflation Bald GT Joslyn JoslynJames GenderTransformation F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion tmc724"

X-SPANDER: Hypno Expansion Therapy
"Jordana gets her new mail order hypnosis self improvement series CD & excitedly gets prepared for her mind to be expanded but she is not prepared for her body to also change. Penis Expansion sequence is an homage to Class Of Nuken High. Great Clip!"
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Futa PenisExpansion ClothesBusting BreastExpansion Hypno Jordana Inflation Expansion tmc770"

Couple of Quick Cock Concocktions
"Charlot eats tainted gummy cocks and grows a cock while Lucy`s boyfriend wants her to have a cock and taints her drink. Both scared but eventually can`t resist jacking themselves off."
TAGS: " CharlotHarlot Charlot LucyStardust Lucy Redhead Futa Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion tmc802"

Cum With Me: Gallons of Milk and Cum
"Alura is turned on from a male review wants the biggest cock ever. She takes pill for it to grow out of her clit. It turns her on for you to watch and jack off with her. As it grows she gets more and more turned on. Side effect of pill is lactation."
TAGS: " Futa PenisExpansion MasturbationInstruction Pornstar Mature DickGirl Pornstar Lactation AluraJenson Alura tmc812"

Pussy Cock
"Alura tries a new form of birth control and starts to experience some weird hormonal side effects. When she goes to the doctor a cock grows from her pussy. Horror turns to ecstasy when she goes home."
TAGS: " AluraJenson Alura Futa PenisExpansion DickGirl Pornstar tmc816"

A Magic Orgasmic Toy
"Mylie gets magic toy. She is immediatly turned on. Her breasts grow and as she reaches orgasm she starts to grow a cock from her pussy. When she cums it is sucked back in her body. She uses dildo again and grows bigger breasts and cock as she cums more."
TAGS: " MylieMoore Mylie Pornstar Redhead Futa PenisExpansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation Expansion BE DickGirl tmc853"

Your Cock is Sooooooooo Huge
"Caroline is teasing you with her ass. The more she teases you the bigger your cock gets. It is like a giant inflating balloon. It grows as big as her arm and thicker than the size of her leg. You erupt in the most amazing orgasm drenching her"
TAGS: " MasturbationInstruction PenisExpansion POV POVInflation Inflation Pornstar Caroline CarolinePierce AssWorship tmc952"

XSPANDER: Expansion Excitement Futa Nightmare
"Jenna has her skin cream spiked by her man`s crazy exgirlfriend but when her breasts and ass grow to huge proportions she loves it. But then to her horror she grows a large penis."
TAGS: " XSPANDER Futanari PenisExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation Revenge BreastExpansion BreastInflation HourGlass Inflation Expansion tmc958"

OMG Its Futastic!
"Kym orders some mail order breast expansion pills
TAGS: " Futanari Futa FutaGirl PenisExpansion Kymberly KymberlyJane tmc1000"

Who Needs a Husband When You Have a Big Black Cock of Your Own
"This is a weird witch clip. Sasha is getting married and wants to fill her breasts out in her dress. She casts spell they grow then does spell to see what her husband wants her to look like thats when her breast deflate and the cock grows."
TAGS: " SashaLong Sasha Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion BreastExpansion Magic BreastInflation Deflation Inflation tmc1019"

This is Not her Day
"Savannah is frustrated with work and school. As her anger increases her breasts grow. She relaxes and is happy until she really quickly grows a giant cock and is right back where she started miserable."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Pornstar Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Futa Expansion tmc1037"

What Did This Bitch Do To My Outfit: Futa Version
"Dita is getting ready for her date and can`t figure out what to wear. She ends up in a tacky jumpsuit her sister gave her as a gift. Little does she know her sister put a spell on it. She grows huge boobs and ass. At her dates house grows a cock."
TAGS: " BreastExpansion PenisExpansion Young Inflation Futanari DickGirl Futa BreastInflation ButtInflation AssExpansion Expansion Hourglass Dita DitaDay tmc1039"

Magical Mishaps Inflation Expansion and Growth
"Norma wants bigger breasts so she tries witchcraft
TAGS: " Norma Magic BellyInflation Inflation Deflation Futanari PenisExpansion DickGirl Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation AssExpansion ButtInflation Dickgirls Futa tmc1062"

Mika and the Horse Cock
"Mika is a capricious horse breeder who has unknowingly been cursed by an animal rights group. She begins to act like a horse and grows a giant horse cock she can`t keep her hands off."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Asian Pornstar Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion Magic tmc1065"

The Magical Christmas Candle (Futa Version)
"Kymberly is hosting a Christmas party when she lights a magic candle that starts to transform her into a deer. She gets some elements of a Deer and grows a reindeer cock/jacks off. This is not a full blown animal transformation. Non futa version next."
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly AnimalTransformation Christmas Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion Magic Transformation Reindeer tmc1070"

Grandma`s Homemade Energy Drink Fiasco: Futa Version
"Kym is studying for a big exam and needs to focus so she tries some energy drink powder her GrandMa sent her and soon she grows big breasts & turns into a red headed bimbo... Little bit of futa as well. Non Futa version coming soon."
TAGS: " Kymberly KymberlyJane AssExpansion ButtInflation Futa Bimbo BimboTransformation Magic HairGrowth HairColorChange BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion tmc1078"

Going Ape
"Dita slowly becomes an ape. She is terrified and fights the change. Futa ending"
TAGS: " Transformation AnimalTransformation TailGrowth Dita DitaDay Young Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion tmc1109"

Sorority Girl`s Shocking Stormtrooper Spell
"Austin is desperate to have a certain guy take her to a sorority formal. She casts a spell that goes wrong and she turns into a stormtrooper. Giant breasts that blast through armor a little futa at end. Fear turns to ecstasy as she enjoys new cock."
TAGS: " AustinLynn Austin Breast PenisExpansion DickGirl Futa Futanari Expansion Pornstar StormTrooper Inflation BreastInflation Young BreastExpansion tmc1150"

A CAT Burglar Transformation
"Caroline is a cat burglar that steals an Egyptian statue and begins her transformation to a hermaphrodite cat. She is mesmerized by the statue grows fangs
TAGS: " Caroline EarGrowth BreastInflation HairGrowth CarolinePierce TailGrowth Cat AnimalTransformation Transformation BreastExpansion PenisExpansion DickGirl Futa Futanari Expansion Pornstar Inflation tmc1155"

Revenge: Turning Her into a Chick With a Dick
"Richelle slept with Eva`s boyfriend and she gets revenge by making her grow a giant cock. Richelle is initially upset and scared but loves her new cock."
TAGS: " PenisExpansion Pornstar DickGirl Futa Futanari EvaNotty Eva RichelleRyan Richelle tmc1198"

X-SPANDER: Fiona Inflating to Please PART 2 - Cock Growth
"Fiona enjoyed her first time she INFLATED TO PLEASE so she`s at it again but this time things go wrong and after her boobs swell up huge she slowly grows a penis which she jacks off to a huge popshot."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Futanari Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion POV BreastExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Fiona Inflation tmc1242"

POV: Bye Bye Pussy Hello Big Fat Brown Cock
"Kimmy talks dirty to you as she shows off her perfect tits and grows a big brown dragon cock then jacks it off and shoots a giant load of cum as she instructs you to stroke for her."
TAGS: " KimmyLee Kimmy POV MasturbationInstruction Pornstar Futa Futanari PenisExpansion DickGirl Asian tmc1257"