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Clips featuring pepper in the store...

Revenge of the Woolworth Clerks
"Dolly and Pepper were both up for the same promotion at the makeup counter at Woolworths. They both bought voodoo dolls to ensure they messed each other up for the promotion. Both end up a blown up mess fighting with no promotion."
TAGS: " Dolly Pepper AssExpansion Revenge BellyInflation Inflation Belly BellyExpansion Expansion Magic ButtInflation tmc1160"

Clips featuring pepper in the store...

Beautiful Sarah
"The very first clip that debuted my store SNEEZINGBEAUTIES on Clips4sale and my only #1 clip up til that time. Deserves it too as its a classic clip!"
TAGS: " sarah blond hard wet pepper sz002"

"Stunning Isabella doesn`t sneeze for awile into this 11 minute clip but she is just so charming to watch as she tries to induce that I left it all in. She hits a groove and sneezes a bunch by the end of the clip."
TAGS: " hard allergy pepper isabella sz003"

Squeeky & Isabella
"Two sneezing beauties in a tandem sneezing clip. Awesome. Just beautiful stuff."
TAGS: " Squeeky Isabella unique multiple loud hard wet pepper sz004"

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Sneezy Stacy Kash
"This is one of the finest sneeze clips you will ever see. Using a toothpick she shudders during the first sneeze. The sneeze and the camera on her was making this a pretty exciting for her. She then induces with just pepper. She offers confession at end."
TAGS: " pepper black porn star cute stacykash stacy noseblowing sz006"

Solid Hard Sneezes Of Shyla
"Adult Fetish Model Shyla was a great sneezer. She was able to induce with no problems and she enjoyed it alot. She sneezes hard and she also send a few more girls to do clips."
TAGS: " hard black pepper bonus shyla sz010"

Maya & Taylor Topless Live Show Sneezing
"This clip was shot with a digital camera during the first sneezing live show. Terrific candid and sexy clip! The two stars play off each other tremendously. Both have great sneezes right after the other one sneezes. Noseblowing too!"
TAGS: " maya taylor multiple wet brunette messy loud hard pepper nude sz025"

Crash Hellcat & Taylor
"Taylor starts this clip off with pepper sneezes from behind the camera and then Crash starts in mith multiple multiples and finally Hellcat rips off a few sneezes after a bunch of noseblowing. SHITLOADS of sneezes & the usual SneezingBeauties Replays!"
TAGS: " Crash Hellcat Taylor Noseblowing Induced Pepper Wet Multiple Loud sb089"