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The Good The Bad & The Busty
"Brandy`s roommate Taylor has very big tits and she reminds her of that every chance she gets. Taylor comes home one day and drones on and on about what her boobs achieved for her. Brandy has had enough and a BE competition for the ages is the result."
TAGS: " Brandy BrandyBottoms Taylor Competition MistressTaylor BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Pornstar Topless Popping NaturalBreasts tmc086"

Lifting Spirits
"Brandy works 2 jobs and can`t seem to get any rest. Brandy dreams of escaping from her life even for just a little while. If she could only just float away..."
TAGS: " Brandy BrandyBottoms Helium Looning Busting ClothesBusting Balloons Inflation ButtonPopping BodyInflation Popping tmc087"

"Taylor gets a little too competitive while surfing YouTube and ends up in an inflation contest with MosherBalloon."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor MosherBalloon SuitInflation Inflation Popping Expansion BodyInflation Expansion Competition BellyInflation tmc097"

Lifting Spirits
"Brandy works 2 jobs and can`t seem to get any rest. Brandy dreams of escaping from her life even for just a little while. If she could only just float away..."
TAGS: " Brandy BrandyBottoms Helium Looning Busting ClothesBusting Balloons Inflation ButtonPopping BodyInflation Popping tmc087"

Graceland love Affair
"Eris comes back from working at the plant to a warm reception of ice cream from Taylor. She begins to feel strange and then begins to inflate. Taylor acts aloof. Part of the 7VIALS series."
TAGS: " Eris Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Magic Lesbians Scared Popping 7Vials tmc114"

POV Forced Body Inflation
"This is a POV forced inflation clip where Eris cranks up her designer portable hair dryer and inflates YOU! She taunts you by blowing up balloons and poking your inflated body with a tack."
TAGS: " POV Inflation Forced BodyInflation Popping Eris tmc123"

Holly: Big Boobie Night: A Wonderful Night Ends in a Blast
"This Big Boobie Night turns bad. Holly teases you with her new lingerie and takes the breast growth pills and fills out her new gown while teasing and instructing you. She passes out then later her breasts grow out of control and one explodes."
TAGS: " HollyWebster MasturbationInstruction Holly Inflation BE BreastExpansion Young BigBoobieNight Popping tmc384"

It`s Finally Fall Yea I Can Get Really Fat
"Helena is excited it is fall and she does not have to wear a bathing suit in the winter. She can get as big and fat as she wants. She chows down on a huge feast of chicken wings and french fries. Lots of burping and belly play"
TAGS: " FaceStuffing Blonde Balloons Popping BalloonPopping Eating OverEating Helena HelenaStrong BellyFetish BellyStuffing Stuffer Burping Burp Young Drinking Fat tmc448"

Selena Seeks Professional Help
"Selena's breasts continued to expand after Magic Bubble BE to the point where she could barely walk. Doctors told her they would have to operate so she looked to Taylor for a second opinion. Bad idea."
TAGS: " Selena Young Inflation BreastInflation Popping BE Expansion BreastExpansion tmc478"

Holly's Helium Inflation Fantasy
"Holly plays with balloons and talks in great detail about her fantasy to expand with helium. She talks about what would it would feel like and what could happen. She begins the process with a giant helium tank."
TAGS: " Holly HollyDomme HollyWebster Helium PuffyCheeks Inflation Balloon Tease Helium BalloonFetish Popping Blonde Young Balloons tmc502"

Holly`s Accelerated Belly & Breast Expansion: POPPING VERSION
"FIRST 12 MINUTES ARE THE SAME AS THE REGULAR VERSION but then we decided to blow up the breast props. They are pink and have seams so they are not very realistic looking but popping fans may enjoy this version."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Young Belly Preggo Popping BellyExpansion BellyInflation Webster Inflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation tmc675"

X-SPANDER: The Mentos & Coke Challenge
"Tina thinks her friend is full of shit and takes her dare to eat Mentos and drink Coke completely assuming it will not make her bloat up or make her belly inflate like her friend claims. Soon enough Tina regrets this decision and ultimately she explodes."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Tina BellyInflation Inflation Popping Mentos tmc723"

I Am Going to Make You A Fat Cow
"21 Min Feeding
TAGS: " Eating Stuffing KimberlyMarvel Kimberly HelenaStrong Helena Expansion BellyExpansion BellyInflation Inflation ButtonPopping Popping ClothesBusting ForcedFeeding FaceStuffing BellyStuffing BellyFetish Belly tmc927"

I am So Full of Blueberries and They Feel Funny
"Marcy can`t stop eating Blueberry Strudel. She eats so much her belly fills up with juice until it becomes too heavy for her to handle and she changes into something bigger and turns into a huge blueberry. Horrified reaction to burst."
TAGS: " Marcy BellyExpansion BellyInflation Inflation Belly Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry FluidInflation Popping ClothesBusting Expansion tmc942"

MAXGROWTH: Balloon Battle Blow-up
"Koa is frustrated by her room-mate`s fixation with balloons. After ranting and kicking the balloons
TAGS: " MAXGROWTH Koa Popping Inflation Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation tmc948"

She Blueberried Herself With Science... SCIENCE!
"A Nobel Prize hopeful scientist tests her serum which can grow blueberry to gigantic size. The serum becomes volatile and she gets it on her making her turn blue and swell up like a blueberry. Popping!"
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Wonka Popping Science Brandy BrandyBottoms Wonderhussy Expansion tmc960"

Ass and Hip Inflation Interactive: Alura Jenson
"You just bought your girlfriend Alura BI Pills and she feels she has the perfect hourglass but you want more. She takes your ass and hip inflate pills grows huge ass then gets off wakes up to growing giant hips until it explodes."
TAGS: " AluraJenson Alura Pornstar Inflation Expansion ClothesBusting Buttinflation Pornstar Popping AssExpansion HipInflation tmc972"

Voodoo Bar Ass Expanding Nightmare
"Joclyn shows up to meet some friends at a small creepy empty bar. She helps herself to a drink and finds herself in an ass expanding nighmare. First her ass grows then her hips and thighs. She freaks out and rips her pants only to find nothing changed"
TAGS: " Pornstar Inflation Expansion ClothesDestruction Buttinflation Popping AssExpansion Mature HipInflation Joclyn JoclynStone tmc1003"

Little Sister Belly Inflation Revenge
"Margie finds out her little sister is sleeping with her boyfriend. She comes home to confront her and ties her to the bed and force inflates her. She is terrified as her belly grows so huge it busts through dress while Margie taunts her. She explodes."
TAGS: " Margie Charity CharityBadcock Inflation LucyStardust Young BellyExpansion Belly Expansion BellyInflation Pregnant Lucy Popping ClothesDestruction tmc1011"

A Inflating Nightmare Come True
"Li Li has an inflation nightmare that comes true. She grows giant ass
TAGS: " LiLiLaRue LiLi LipExpansion Inflation BBW BreastExpansion LipInflation Buttinflation AssExpansion BreastInflation Young BellyExpansion Belly Expansion BellyInflation Pregnant Popping ClothesDestruction tmc1015"

Inflation Interactive: Alexis Blaze
"You really want sex tonight but your girlfriend just wants to put on her pajamas and relax. She instructs you to jack off for her instead. As you jack off you cause her to inflate her belly
TAGS: " AlexisBlaze Alexis Buttinflation AssExpansion Petite Blonde MasturbationInstruction BEinteractive BellyInteractive BellyFetish POV Belly Expansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion BreastExpansion Pornstar BreastInflation Inflation Popping tmc1090"

The Nervous Candy Striper BE
"It is Betsy`s first day as a candy striper and she is a nervous wreck. She slips what she thought were a couple of anxiety pills and end up taking breast growth pills and grows until she pops. This is her first video ever!"
TAGS: " BetsyBlue Betsy Young Blonde Popping LucyStardust Lucy BreastExpansion Inflation Breast BreastGrowth Expansion BreastInflation tmc1118"

MAXGROWTH: Rubber Blubber Bubble Gum
"Lucia`s ex-boyfriend is into chewing gum and balloons. He slips her a pack of “Rubber Blubber” which turns her boobs and ass into huge balloons. Her belly then sprouts a huge blue bubble. Offscreen Popping. Lots of process."
TAGS: " Maxgrowth Lucia BellyGrowth Popping BellyExpansion BreastExpansion AssExpansion Hourglass Inflation Expansion ButtInflation BreastInflation Gumchewing Bubblegum tmc1127"

Sneaky Sister and Too Much Breast Growth Powder
"Evelyn`s uses breast growth powder before each shift. Tonight she uses a little but decides to use a ton when her uptight sister comes to visit while home from college. Thing get out of control and she explodes."
TAGS: " EvelynNoir Talulah Evelyn BreastInflation Popping Inflation FluidInflation Magic BreastExpansion Expansion Breast tmc1201"

Franny Kruger Inflation Nightmares: Vicki
"Sorority girl Vicki comes home from a 70`s party and passes out only to have a nightmare of a giant belly inflation to pop. The next night she has a full body inflation nightmare. Franny Kruger tortures her throughout inflation. Vicki is excellent!!!"
TAGS: " Inflation BodyInflation Expansion BellyExpansion Forced Talulah Vicki Popping VickiLee Horror BellyInflation tmc1212"

Helium Induced Gunt Thighs and More
"Sandra is a miserable patient and the nurse has reached her limit. She ties her up and attaches her to helium tank and inflates her till she gets huge thighs
TAGS: " Sandra Talulah Nurse Inflation BellyExpansion Expansion SaddleBagInflation ThighInflation Helium Popping BellyInflation tmc1215"

Franny Kruger Inflation Nightmares: Vicki Part 1
"Sorority girl Vicki comes home from a 70`s party and passes out only to have a nightmare of a giant belly inflation to pop. Vicki is excellent!!!"
TAGS: " Expansion BellyExpansion Forced Talulah Vicki Popping VickiLee Horror BellyInflation Inflation tmc1216"

Big Belly Halloween Helium Nightmare
"Carmen is getting ready for Halloween party blowing up balloons when some helium sprays on her. Her worst nightmare comes true when her belly grows giant and overwhelms her body until she explodes."
TAGS: " CarmenValentina BellyExpansion Balloons Helium BellyInflation Expansion Popping Carmen Pornstar Inflation tmc1231"

A Dangerous Reaction
"Richard returns from a jog where he had some strange berries and begins to sweat blue. He is terrified and when he realizes his entire body is blue and swelling. He inflates until he pops."
TAGS: " Wonka BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation MaleInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Popping Richard SkinColorChange tmc1235"

Broken Heart Inflation Suicide
"Talulahs BF dumps her right before a date when she thinks he is going to propose. She wants to just die. She connects hose to compressor and inserts it blowing up entire body to explosion. She tries to stop at end but fails and blows up."
TAGS: " SuitInflation BodyInflation Expansion Talulah Inflation Popping tmc1245"

MAXGROWTH: Change Wars: Episode 1
"The ladies of Maxgrowth & Cray-Con duke it out
TAGS: " Maxgrowth Koa AnimalTransformation Lucia ChangeWars BreastExpansion AssExpansion BellyInflation Inflation CleavageGrowth Popping FemaleMuscle Transformation CatTF Catfight ButtInflation Expansion tmc1248"

Big Blue and Blown Up In The Doorway
"Rexy eats tainted blueberries and gets a layer of fluid across her breasts and belly that keeps growing as she begins to turn blue. She grows into a giant BB desperate to survive. She tries with all her strength to squeeze thru the doorway but pops."
TAGS: " Rexi Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Wonka Popping tmc1352"

A Terrifying Transformation with and Explosive Ending
"Cienna purchases a mirror from an estate sale. As she looks at herself she begins the terrifying process. First blue skin spots
TAGS: " Cienna Blueberry HairColorChange Transformation Popping BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka SuitInflation tmc1356"

A Big Blueberry Blow Up Nightmare
"Ivy has a nightmare she becomes a giant blueberry and busts out of her clothes then explodes. This is an on screen type explosion. Ivy is amazing in this!!!"
TAGS: " Ivy Blueberry Inflation ClothesDestruction Popping Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitExpansion Wonka tmc1360"

Fear to Pleasure to Pop
"Harley`s ex boyfriend gave her tainted bubblegum which they both devour. Lucys belly fills with fluid and Harleys breasts turn to fluid and they turn into blueberries. First they are scared then turns to pleasure and they explode. Mild camera issue"
TAGS: " Harley Lucy Blueberry Bubbles Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion BubbleGum Popping Inflation LucyStardust SuitInflation tmc1364"

MAXGROWTH: Super Remote Control
"Lucia`s lazy boyfriend discovers the new remote has some magical properties. He fast forwards her into a hot granny
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Lucia BreastExpansion Expansion Inflation BreastInflation ButtInflation AssExpansion HourGlass AgeRegression AgeProgression Popping tmc1373"

POV: I am Becoming a Giant Human Balloon Turned On Until I Pop
"Coco loves balloons and orders an inflatable suit that turns her into a human balloon. She gets more and more turned on as her skin stretches out huge and tight and finally explodes as you stroke your cock to her. HOT full body teasing inflation clip."
TAGS: " CoCoVelvet CoCo ClothesDestruction Pornstar POV MasturbationInstruction Tease Asian SuitInflation FullBodyInflation Inflation Expansion Popping tmc1382"

Spell Drunken Blueberry Transformation/Explosion
"Katya`s witch friend wants her man and turns her into a large juicy blueberry. Each step of the spell is realized as she fills with juice her belt buttons burst and finally she overfills with juice and explodes in a puddle of juice and blue skin."
TAGS: " Katya KatyaKane Talulah Transformation Magic BeltPop Popping Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Wonka Burp Burping tmc1387"

School Girls Blueberry Transformation and Explosion
"Crystal and Jenna are in detention. Crystal gives Jenna some gum that turns her into a giant blueberry. Jenna is scared as Crystal teases her in all kinds of ways. When Crystal realizes Jenna is going to blow up she leaves. Great explosion."
TAGS: " JennaRoss Jenna Crystal CrystalClark Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka Popping tmc1393"

Dita Loves Balloons: An Orgasmic Transformation and Explosion
"Dita`s students throw her a party. After school she is left alone with the balloons. She gets so turned on by her fantasy to become a balloon she makes it a reality. She becomes a huge balloon in orgasmic ecstacy and fills to capacity then explodes."
TAGS: " DitaDay Dita Young SuitInflation Balloons Popping Inflation ClothesDestruction Expansion Helium tmc1402"

SaddleBag Banks Gets Her Revenge
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in high school. She is now a scientist/doctor and figures a formula to inflate them until explosion. The first girl she gets revenge on is Sablique."
TAGS: " Sablique Talulah PuffyCheeks SuitInflation TalulahBanks Inflation Expansion Popping Revenge tmc1405"

Ass Ass Come To Me Get as Big as Big Can Be
"Sablique is tired of having a small flat ass so summons a leprechaun and wishes for the biggest ass in the world. The leprechaun takes her and literally blows her ass up while humiliating her until it explodes."
TAGS: " Sablique Leprechaun AssExpansion ButtInflation Expansion Inflation Expansion Magic Talulah Popping tmc1407"

Fatty McBanks Gets Her Blueberry Revenge On the Head Cheerleader
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in school. She`s now a scientist/doctor with a formula to inflate and make them explode. She tortures Sofie humiliating her and turning her to BB till pop"
TAGS: " Blueberry SofieSinclair Sofie Inflation Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Transformation Blonde Talulah PuffyCheeks Wonka Revenge Popping tmc1408"