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Inflation Bait 2: Celebration
"Kimberly Marvel returns to Taylor`s house after the harrowing experience she had there when Taylor used her as a BE guinea pig. To Taylor`s surprise Kimberly is there to thank her because she LOVES her new huge boobs. Clip is POV BODY INFLATION."
TAGS: " POV POVInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Taylor Inflation Revenge BodyInflation ForcedInflation tmc254"

Slowly Become Her Balloon
"Holly is extremely turned on by the thought of you inflating for her. She inserts a tube in you and makes you as "big round and sexy" as she wants whether you like it or not."
TAGS: " Holly HollyDomme HollyWebster Helium Inflation ForceInflate POV POVInflation Tease Helium Young tmc505"

A Latex Ending
"Beula brings you home from a bar and convinces you to let her inflate you. She teases and taunts you as you grow finally blowing you up."
TAGS: " Beula Humiliation TransformationFantasy Transformation Balloons POVInflation Inflation tmc614"

Magic Tits Inflate Your Cock
"Holly talks in great detail about her fantasy to expand/inflate your cock. She talks about what would it would feel like and what could happen. She begins the process by showing you her magic breasts. Your cock starts to blow up and grow huge."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster TransformationFantasy Inflation HollyDomme Topless Nudity POVInflation tmc634"

Out of Control Cock Inflation
"Kiki makes your cock grow and grow bigger and bigger like a giant balloon. It gets so big your can`t even wrap your hands around it. She makes fun of how big it gets as she teases you as she makes your cock grow to an insane size."
TAGS: " Inflation POVInflation Pornstar Mature TransformationFantasy Kiki KikiDaire tmc650"

Mommi Blows You Up Until You Explode
"Your mommi can`t stand you since you ruined her perfect belly by being born and have been nothing but a headache for her for years. She glues a helium tube up your ass and glues your ass together then force inflates you until you explode."
TAGS: " Inflation POV TransformationFantasy Alura AluraJenson Pornstar Humiliation ForcedInflation POVInflation tmc849"

Hard Core Balloon Job then Turned to Her Balloon Boy
"Alura inserts a tube into your ass connected to a helium tank and starts to stroke your cock with a tight donut hole balloon until you cum and then turns on the helium tank and inflates you until you fly up to the ceiling with all the other balloons"
TAGS: " Balloons TransformationFantasy BalloonFetish Inflation BalloonPopping Alura AluraJenson Pornstar POV POVInflation Humiliation tmc850"

Your Cock is Sooooooooo Huge
"Caroline is teasing you with her ass. The more she teases you the bigger your cock gets. It is like a giant inflating balloon. It grows as big as her arm and thicker than the size of her leg. You erupt in the most amazing orgasm drenching her"
TAGS: " MasturbationInstruction PenisExpansion POV POVInflation Inflation Pornstar Caroline CarolinePierce AssWorship tmc952"

You are A Giant Helpless Balloon Boy
"Dr Pierce is conducting a study on new man made helium. She uses you as her first test subject. You are blown up like a giant balloon. Once you are inflated and she realizes that you two are there alone she taunts you about what she can do to you"
TAGS: " POV POVInflation Inflation Caroline CarolinePierce Transformation Helium TransformationFantasy Pornstar tmc962"

POV Frozen and Forced to Inflate
"Your girlfriend Savannah has had it with you. Today is the last straw. She freezes you and forces a tube in you. As she watches you inflate she describes what is happening to you and teases and threatens as she decides what to do with you."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah Inflation TransformationFantasy POVInflation Pornstar POV ForcedInflation tmc1145"

Turn Into a Blueberry for Wonka Girls
"Two different wonka girls talk you through inflating into a blueberry at home. Talulah gives you step by step as Dita encourages you to Jack off as you turn into a blueberry for her. Special Request Trial."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Talulah MasturbationInstruction BubbleGum Bubbles Blueberry Wonka POV POVInflation tmc1250"