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She Ruins Another Perfectly Good Orgasm
"This one is a fast handjob with a visual aid of those spectacular real breasts and then a photogenic yet still painful to watch ruined orgasm!"
TAGS: " Thumbing PreventiveThumbing RuinedOrgasm Sploofing Taylor Breasts POV Breasts-Titjob Dictating NaturalBreasts Bleeding Humiliation tt012"

"Taylor in one of her more amazing ruined orgasm perfomances as she manages to ruin about three in a row here by thumbing #NEXT# palming and scrunching. Terrific hot clip! One of her all time greats!"
TAGS: " Humiliation Ruinedorgasm Breasts Breasts-Titjob Classic Thumbing POV Palming NaturalBreasts Taylor Cruel HeadPlay Bleeding Recycling PreventiveThumbing tt031"

Office Bitch Ruined Orgasm
TAGS: " POV Cfnm PreventiveThumbing RuinedOrgasm Thumbing Recycling HeadPlay Oral-Blowjob Taylor Thumbing Palming Humiliation NaturalBreasts tt048"

Taylor`s OH THATS JUST FUCKING WRONG Cockteasing Handjob
" Taylor reaches a fever pitch of terror in this clip as she mixes in some terrific hand manipulation with her normal off the chart sexuality and nasty mean streak. The handjob builds as she makes it more and more torturous."
TAGS: " Taylor Cfnm HeadPlay CockSlapping Recycling BallPlay Cruel RuinedOrgasm NaturalBreasts Abandoned PostOrgasmTorture POV PreventiveThumbing Thumbing Oral-Blowjob tt060"

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Sexy & Slow Jerk and Tease Ends Violently
" Taylor sits back and slow milks this cock. Smooth motions#NEXT# slow and steady and always sexy. She gets the cock riding that edge for the whole second half. She then begins to do some preventive ruination as she jacks the cock fast with her palm."
TAGS: " Humiliation Dictating Taylor HeadPlay POV Palming RuinedOrgasm Thumbing Cfnm Bleeding PreventiveThumbing NaturalBreasts tt065"

Cockhead Torture
"Carrie Moon`s Cock Teasing experience and also experience performing ruined orgasms in sessions along with Taylor shooting camera as usual but talking s-h-i-t & goading the action the whole time."
TAGS: " Carrie CarrieMoon Mature PreventiveThumbing Pornstar Breasts-Titjob Recycling Taylor NaturalBreasts Breasts Thumbing RuinedOrgasm PostOrgasmTorture tt154"

Taylor`s Big Tit Thumbed & Bled Ruined Orgasm
"Taylor nestles in close with those spectacular real breasts so you can witness two of her specialties Thumbing & Bleeding an Orgasm. As sexy as she is cruel in this Tease & Denial with expertly ruined orgasm."
TAGS: " Ruinedorgasm Cruel PreventiveThumbing Sploofing Thumbing HeadPlay POV Taylor Bleeding Recycling NaturalBreasts tt001"

At Home Series: Daisy`s Classic Cock Tease and Denial
"In this tease and denial Daisy sent me she teases your cock keeping you on edge the entire scene until she decides to finally let you cum. A tiny bit of POT at end."
TAGS: " Tease Blonde HeadPlay Thumbing PreventiveThumbing GirlyDommes Young Denial Daisy DaisyLayne CockControl CockTease PostOrgasmTorture POV Pornstar tt212"

At Home Series: Daisy`s Quick Laundry Break Cock T & D
"In this tease and denial HJ Daisy sent me she takes a quick break from laundry to tease your cock. This is a basic start stop tease and denial HJ but quick!"
TAGS: " Tease Blonde HeadPlay Thumbing PreventiveThumbing GirlyDommes Young Denial Daisy DaisyLayne CockControl CockTease PostOrgasmTorture POV Pornstar tt214"