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Clips featuring revenge in the store...

Inflation Bait 2: Celebration
"Kimberly Marvel returns to Taylor`s house after the harrowing experience she had there when Taylor used her as a BE guinea pig. To Taylor`s surprise Kimberly is there to thank her because she LOVES her new huge boobs. Clip is POV BODY INFLATION."
TAGS: " POV POVInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Taylor Inflation Revenge BodyInflation ForcedInflation tmc254"

Revenge Is In The Air
"Taylor prepares Helena for a wild night in their cozy lesbian bungalo. Its not until after Helena inserts the tube deep in her ass that Taylor reveals that she found out that she cheated on her."
TAGS: " Helena HelenaStrong Blonde SuitInflation BodyInflation Inflation Revenge tmc288"

Accidental Growth
"Growth clip starring Mika Tan who is furious at her co-workers & decides to get revenge by casting a spell on them but it doesn`t quite work out the way she plans."
TAGS: " Growth GTSGrowth Process Busting ShoeBusting ButtonPopping Topless BE Breast Inflation BreastExpansion Mika MikaTan Revenge TMC291"

Weight Gain Madness
"2 roommates have an argument so one uses a remote control thingie to body swap with the other proceeds to eat & eat & the roommate gains the weight. An epic facestuffing
TAGS: " BellyInflation Expansion Overeating Eating Inflation WeightGain CarolinePierce KimberlyMarvel Kimberly Caroline Revenge AssExpansion ButtInflation tmc416"

Taylor's Revenge
"Taylor gets revenge on a female lawyer that is sleeping with her boyfriend by busting out the 7 Vials and forcibly expands her breasts while filming and taunting her."
TAGS: " BE Breast Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation Chrissy Inflation Revenge 7Vials tmc582"

Bound BE Revenge Torture
"Jenny slept with CoCo's man and she is mad. She sneeks in to Jennys room at night ties her up and drops a red sand spell on her causing her breasts to grow huge against the bondage while she taunts and tortures her."
TAGS: " Coco Velvet Pornstar CocoVelvet Young Inflation BreastInflation Revenge BE Breast Expansion JennyHilton Jenny Hilton tmc590"

"Nicole has a fight with her boyfriend who leaves her a BE cupcake as an `apology`. She details her growth in a video diary. He blackmails her into taking him back if he changes her back to normal. She goes back on the deal after he changes her but..."
TAGS: " Nicole MAXGROWTH BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Revenge Magic tmc679"

Grow Fatter and Fatter You Jezebel Whore
"Kimberly finds out the local bartender is sleeping with her husband. She goes down to the bar and poisons her drink causing her to grow so huge she is stuck behind her bar. She is terrified and Kimberly enjoys every second of her revenge."
TAGS: " Inflation BodyInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel SuitInflation Magic Zoe Revenge tmc762"

XSPANDER: Expansion Excitement Futa Nightmare
"Jenna has her skin cream spiked by her man`s crazy exgirlfriend but when her breasts and ass grow to huge proportions she loves it. But then to her horror she grows a large penis."
TAGS: " XSPANDER Futanari PenisExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation Revenge BreastExpansion BreastInflation HourGlass Inflation Expansion tmc958"

Chubby Cheerleader Revenge
"Skylar is the head cheerleader with a perfect six pack stomach. She is mean to all the other girls calling them chubby. They taint her water and she grows belly and breasts when she tries to hide it she develops a massive hourglass figure. Scared Process."
TAGS: " Skylar BellyInflation BellyExpansion BreastExpansion Buttinflation BreastInflation Inflation Expansion AssExpansion Cheerleader Revenge Magic HipInflation HourGlass tmc1092"

Facestuffing Belly Expanding Revenge
"Svetlana is seeing Lucy`s boyfriend and Lucy sends her a tainted edible arrangement. After eating it her belly begins to grow humongous. Lucy arrives and force feeds and tortures her until her belly grows to explode."
TAGS: " BBW SSBBW Inflation Lucy LucyStardust Svetlana Belly Expansion BellyInflation Expansion Eating OverEating Stuffer BellyStuffing FaceStuffing Stuffing WeightGain BellyFetish BeltBusting Revenge BellyExpansion tmc1153"

High School Revenge
"Talulah cannot believe when her new employee at the bank turns out to be her high school arch enemy. She casts three spells and Cindy grows elf ears
TAGS: " Talulah CindyVixen ButtInflation Pantaloons Cindy Young BellyExpansion EarGrowth AssExpansion Revenge BellyInflation Inflation Belly BellyExpansion Expansion Magic tmc1157"

Revenge of the Woolworth Clerks
"Dolly and Pepper were both up for the same promotion at the makeup counter at Woolworths. They both bought voodoo dolls to ensure they messed each other up for the promotion. Both end up a blown up mess fighting with no promotion."
TAGS: " Dolly Pepper AssExpansion Revenge BellyInflation Inflation Belly BellyExpansion Expansion Magic ButtInflation tmc1160"

Balloons Hate Sharp Objects
"Lucy captures sexy amputee model Arielle. She is passed out and wakes up to Lucy inflating all her body parts while threatening her with a dart. When she is finished with her she blows her up in suit and pops her."
TAGS: " Amputee Arielle BodyInflation Expansion SuitInflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion BellyInflation Belly BellyExpansion BeltPop Lucy LucyStardust ButtInflation Revenge tmc1163"

Cheating Girlfriend Inflation Revenge
"Juno went out with Candy`s husband and she is furious. She breaks into her home when she is asleep and casts a spell filling her belly with snakes trying to bust through her belly. She then decided to turn her into a `big titted dirty slut` to pop."
TAGS: " Candy CandyLeBra JunoX Juno Revenge BellyInflation Inflation Belly BellyExpansion Expansion Magic BreastExpansion BellyDeflation Breast BreastInflation Magic tmc1172"

A Campy Breast Expansion Story
"A bimbo maid and her boss`s angry wife clash when the wife realizes there is more to their relationship. Two different breast expansions."
TAGS: " Pidgeon Sisily Magic BreastInflation Expansion Inflation FluidInflation BreastExpansion Revenge tmc1177"

Hunter Tricked and Turned
"Lucy is tired of her roommate bragging about her hunting and killing Buffalo so turns her into one and shows her what it is like to be hunted. Svetlana is disgusted by her disgusting transformation into an animal with a large belly."
TAGS: " Svetlana Transformation AnimalTransformation EarGrowth HoofGrowth BellyInflation BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion Lucy LucyStardust Revenge tmc1354"

SaddleBag Banks Gets Her Revenge
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in high school. She is now a scientist/doctor and figures a formula to inflate them until explosion. The first girl she gets revenge on is Sablique."
TAGS: " Sablique Talulah PuffyCheeks SuitInflation TalulahBanks Inflation Expansion Popping Revenge tmc1405"

Fatty McBanks Gets Her Blueberry Revenge On the Head Cheerleader
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in school. She`s now a scientist/doctor with a formula to inflate and make them explode. She tortures Sofie humiliating her and turning her to BB till pop"
TAGS: " Blueberry SofieSinclair Sofie Inflation Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Transformation Blonde Talulah PuffyCheeks Wonka Revenge Popping tmc1408"

Clips featuring revenge in the store...

Delilah`s WAMDOM Lesson
"Delilah sees her best friend`s husband pigging out at a fast food joint when he`s supposed to be on a weight loss program. She takes matters into her own hands."
TAGS: " ShavingCream Forced Spit Delilah Revenge MistressDelilah WhipCream Messy Bound Humiliation del058"