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Clips featuring rowan in the store...

Slumber Party Stuffers
"Lucy and Rowan are are wanting to gain weight. This clip they are talking about their weight gain
TAGS: " BellyStuffing Belly Atari BBW BellyFetish OverEating Drinking POV WeightGain OverEating Eating FaceStuffing Rowan Lucy LucyStardust Burping Burp tmc1009"

Bitch Boss Breast Inflation Revenge
"Rowan is an abusive boss and her secretary is tired of being abused. After Rowan demands she run to the store to buy her soda her secretary taints her soda and her breasts grow huge. She is mortified to be seen and Lucy enjoys seeing her break down."
TAGS: " Rowan Atari BE ClothesDestruction Lucy LucyStardust Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation ClothesBusting BBW Redhead tmc1010"

Bitch You Are Not Getting Him I Will Get Fatter Faster
"Two gainers fighting over the same man eat and compair body fat who is getting bigger faster. At the end both grow back fat then huge bellies and fight over man and size. Low price due to couple issues."
TAGS: " Rowan LiLi BackFatInflation BBW Fat Expansion Eating OverEating Stuffer BellyStuffing FaceStuffing Stuffing WeightGain BellyFetish Belly BellyInflation Inflation BellyExpansion tmc1098"