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Clips featuring sandy in the store...

X-SPANDER: The Chalkboard BE Pt 1
"X-SPANDER Productions presents Sandy in The Chalkboard Pt 1. Sandy finds a drawing on her kitchen chalkboard but thinks nothing of it. Later she fails to notice the drawing changes as she does. Pretty good acting. Goes from alarmed to enjoyment."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Sandy BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation tmc726"

X-SPANDER: BOOTY SLIDE Pt 1: The Hottest Butt Lifting System
"Sandy is sick of her flat ass so she goes to a thrift store and finds the Booty Slide Hottest Buttlifting Workout System and as stupid as it seems it begins to work and her hips and ass begin expanding."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Sandy HourGlass AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Expansion tmc733"

X-SPANDER: BOOTY SLIDE Pt 2: The Total Package
"X-SPANDER presents part 2 of The Booty Slide where Sandy is really enjoying her new curvy figure but somehow gets stick to the Booty Slide and it begins to malfunction making her breasts grow as big as her butt just expanded."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Sandy HourGlass AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Expansion tmc739"

Sandy`s Excessive Eating Binge Expansion
"Sandy has lost so much weight that her fat loving boyfriend dumps her & she goes on a facestuffing binge which makes her breasts expand & her belly balloon up to enormous proportions."
TAGS: " X-SPANDER Sandy BellyStuffing Eating WeightGain OverEating BellyGrowth BellyInflation Inflation Expansion BreastInflation BreastExpansion tmc1367"