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Stage by Stage Accelerated Pregnancy : Savannah Fox
"Savannah gets some fast acting accelerated pregnancy pills that work in three stages. One pill and she becomes 3 months pregnant. Second pill six months and finally she enters her third trimester."
TAGS: " Pornstar SavannahFox Savannah BellyInflation Inflation Belly Preggo Pregnant tmc786"

BE Interactive: Savannah Fox
"Your girlfriend Savannah knows how bad you want her boobs to grow huge. She takes a growth pill and the bigger they get the more turned on she gets. She talks dirty to you as they grow and plays with her pussy until she cums."
TAGS: " FluidExpansion BEinteractive BE Expansion BreastExpansion SavannahFox Savannah Pornstar BreastInflation Inflation POV tmc968"

Bad Gas Expands Her Ass
"Savannah is really sick to her stomach with bad ass gas. Lots of farts lead to her growing a much bigger ass."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah Pornstar Fart Inflation Expansion Buttinflation Farting AssExpansion tmc969"

Waking up in a Womans Body
"This is a wake up gender transformation. Sam wakes up as a full blown woman and is in shock. He explores his new feminine body and had mixed reactions. He attempts to wear woman`s clothes and goes out to try out his new physique."
TAGS: " MtoF TG Nudity Topless GenderTransformation Savannah SavannahFox Pornstar tmc992"

Cum All Over My Growing Hips and Ass
"Your girlfriend Savannah knows how bad you want her ass to grow. She makes sure you get exactly what you want. She teases you with her growing ass and wants you to cum all over it. She then changes and grows giant hips and ass and wants you to cum again."
TAGS: " Pornstar Inflation Expansion AssExpansion SavannahFox Savannah Redhead ClothesDestruction HipInflation ClothesDestruction MasturbationInstruction POV Buttinflation tmc1021"

This is Not her Day
"Savannah is frustrated with work and school. As her anger increases her breasts grow. She relaxes and is happy until she really quickly grows a giant cock and is right back where she started miserable."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah PenisExpansion Futanari DickGirl Pornstar Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Futa Expansion tmc1037"

Body Inflation Interactive: Big Sexy Balloon Skin
"Savannah puts on her big blue inflatable sweat suit for you. She knows how much it turns you on and she wants you to jack off and cum all over her growing body. She realizes that her skin is changing into latex and strips off her suit and shows off."
TAGS: " SavannahFox MasturbationInstruction BeltPop POV Savannah Pornstar Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation Expansion tmc1050"

POV Frozen and Forced to Inflate
"Your girlfriend Savannah has had it with you. Today is the last straw. She freezes you and forces a tube in you. As she watches you inflate she describes what is happening to you and teases and threatens as she decides what to do with you."
TAGS: " SavannahFox Savannah Inflation TransformationFantasy POVInflation Pornstar POV ForcedInflation tmc1145"

The Blueberry Game with Savannah
"Savannah wants to play the blueberry game with you and chews some delicious blueberry bubblegum which tastes a lot like a three course meal! Savannah is sexy as hell! Problem with suit at end (hole in suit)"
TAGS: " Blueberry Pornstar Inflation Expansion Savannah SavannahFox Wonka POV tmc1147"

The Desperate Car Sales Man: A Gender Transformation
"Car Salesman is about to lose his job when he goes to a witch. He transitions into a woman grows tits
TAGS: " BreastExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation HairGrowth NailGrowth Pornstar Gender Transformation Nudity GenderTransformation MtoF TG Savannah SavannahFox Eli Process Topless tmc1186"

Savannah Fox Becomes a FOX
"Savannah is hanging out at home with her boyfriend and smokes some tainted tobacco. She starts to give him a BJ when her eyes turn yellow and she grows ears. Terrified
TAGS: " AnimalTransformation Oral-Blowjob Pornstar TailGrowth EarGrowth Transformation SavannahFox Savannah Fox tmc1189"

Clips featuring savannahfox in the store...

A Teachers Growing Fury
"You are in detention with Miss Fox who is fed up with your behavior. She blows up at you as her clothes begin to burst and kicks you out of class. She gets taller and taller. As she grows she plans to teach all her bad students a lesson."
TAGS: " Giantess Growth ClothesDestruction GTS Savannah SavannahFox Pornstar gts158"

Clips featuring savannahfox in the store...

Never Gonna Get It
"Your wife Savannah is done with you. She knows you have cheated on her and she makes this tape to humiliate you and show you what you will NEVER get again. Amazing body worship and one of the best blow jobs ever."
TAGS: " Cuckold Humiliation Oral-Blowjob POVHumiliation Young GirlyDommes Pornstar AssWorship FaceSitting Smother Kissing Pantyhose-Stockings FemdomSexSeries Femdom POV Savannah SavannahFox fd363"

Ultimate Fantasy Maid: Savannah Fox
"Savannah is working as a maid in a Hotel while a customer sleeps. She can`t resist peeking at his body and gets turned on. She hikes up her skirt and sits on his face. A little smothering and worship and this lucky guest gets and amazing bj."
TAGS: " Young GirlyDommes Pornstar Oral-Blowjob Pantyhose-Stockings BigAss FaceSitting Smother Smothering AssWorship Savannah SavannahFox FemdomSexSeries fd378"

Clips featuring savannahfox in the store...

Tease and DENIAL: Savannah Fox
"Very hot tease and DENIAL"
TAGS: " Tease Denial Handjob CockTease OrgasmDenial POV Pornstar Young GirlyDommes CockControl Savannah SavannahFox tt284"

Clips featuring savannahfox in the store...

Lifted Carried and Stroked by a Goddess
"Rick comes over for the best lift and carry session of his life. Savannah carries him in a wide variety of lifts then stokes him on her lap
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Handjob Firemans PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled DisplayOfStrength LapSitting LegLifting-Pressing Savannah SavannahFox ab334"

Lifting Carrying Pegging and Blackmailing her Professor
"Savannah is sick of her perverted professor. She tapes his sexual harassment on her cellphone and blackmails him. Several aerial strap on lifts. Great lift and carry strap on scene with Savannah Fox."
TAGS: " Cfnm DisplayofStrength Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled StrongWomen Fitwomen FrontPiggyBack StrapOn Savannah SavannahFox Humiliation ab376"

A Delivery Mans Lucky Lift and Carry Experience
"HOT strong fit body pornstar Savannah Fox is exercising when delivery man is caught spying and jacking off to her. His punishment lots of lifts and a really hot dirty talk lap sitting handjob."
TAGS: " Cfnm LegLifting-Pressing DisplayofStrength Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry CradleCarry Cradled StrongWomen Fitwomen Savannah SavannahFox OverTheShoulder LapSitting Handjob ab378"

A Sweet Lift and Carry Punishment
"Savannah caught a peeping tom in her house jacking off. She pins him down then carries him around giving him lift and lap sitting hand job. She is very sweet as she threatens him what will happen if she catches him again. Savannah Fox is amazing."
TAGS: " Cradled CradleCarry DisplayofStrength Carrying Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Fitwomen StrongWomen LapSitting Firemans Handjob Savannah SavannahFox ab382"

A Lift and Carry Love Story
"Lots of Loving lifts
TAGS: " Carrying StrongWomen Lifting PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Cfnm Cradled DisplayofStrength CradleCarry Handjob Firemans LapSitting Oral-Blowjob Savannah SavannahFox FitWomen Kiss Kissing ab387"

CFNM Sexy Strong Lift and Carry Goddess
"Very hot lift and carry lap sitting handjob. Savannah Fox orders a male escort and uses him for her lifting pleasure for the night. Savannah looks amazing in this clip as she throws a 178 lb guy around with ease."
TAGS: " CradleCarry Handjob Cfnm LapSitting Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry PowerfulWomen StrongWomen FitWomen Savannah SavannahFox DisplayOfStrength OverTheShoulder ab390"

Clips featuring savannahfox in the store...

A Gassy Tease and DENIAL
"Hot Tease and DENIAL scene with a few amazing FARTS. Savannah was a little gassy while shooting this POV tease and denial scene
TAGS: " Farting Savannah SavannahFox BigAss POV Handjob Denial Tease Pornstar tfg406"