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Clips featuring scared in the store...

Star`s Growth Envy Pt 1
"Star is shooting for Taylor and during a break Star finds the `Tainted Flintstones` and helps herself to Fred. Lots of busting & tearing as usual during the clothes and shoe destruction."
TAGS: " Growth Giantess FootGrowth Scared Flintstones Pornstar NaturalBreasts Process Busting ClothesBusting PantyRip ShoeBusting KaciStar FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Nudity tmc012"

Tainted Flintstones
"Taylor begins to feel strange like she could be growing and she thinks it must have been the odd tasting vitamins she had with lunch. When her shoes practically explode and her breasts break free from the constrains of her shirt. LOTS OF DESTRUCTION"
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor NylonDamage FootGrowth Growth Giantess Flintstones Scared Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting ButtonPopping FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth BraPop Topless Pornstar Magic tmc018"

Jessie`s EXPANSIVE Journey
"You never know what can happen when you visit Taylor. Be wary of any vitamins sitting around and DON`T sniff any boxed mushrooms either! Growth
TAGS: " Jessie AssExpansion HourGlass ButtInflation FootGrowth Topless Gts Scared Balloons Giantess NylonDamage Growth Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation ButtonPopping BreastInflation FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth tmc037"

Holly`s Surprise Belly Inflation
"Holly eats a suspicious square of chocolate and her belly begins to expand and inflate to an alarming size. Great sound fx and superb busting action and Holly is terrific in her first expansion clip."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Belly Inflation Scared BellyInflation Young ButtonPopping tmc040"

The Age Of Expansion
"Holly just grew from an A to a D cup in just a few minutes. Scared and confused she is comforted by Mom Taylor who tells her the story of her Great Expansion(Told in a Flashback). After three BE scenes Holly and her new breasts go out IN PUBLIC!"
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor Scared Holly HollyWebster BE Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Pornstar Competition NaturalBreasts ButtonPopping Topless Young Busting ClothesBusting tmc45"

Veronica`s New Figure
"Veronica is sick of being completely flat so she tries different exercises to enhance her breasts. Finally her hard work pays off but thing get totally out of control and her ass inflates wildly as well!!!"
TAGS: " Veronica VeronicaJett BE Expansion HourGlass BreastExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation Scared BreastInflation Pornstar NaturalBreasts ButtonPopping BeltPop Young Busting ClothesBusting tmc047"

Eat Me
"Apparently Anna doesn`t get the hint... Taylor just might be crazy so eating the suddenly materialized cake labelled `Eat ME` might not be a swell idea. That is unless you like shoe busting
TAGS: " Anna Gts Giantess Growth Process Scared FootGrowth Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting ButtonPopping FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth tmc048"

Lillith`s BE Terror
"Lillith has a nightmare that she is getting ready for work when her breasts grow out of control. The following morning as she is waiting for her taxi to take her to work her worst nightmare comes true with some new twists. No `closeup busting` shots."
TAGS: " Lilith BE Expansion BreastExpansion Scared Busting Inflation BreastInflation tmc051"

Blond Brunettes BE Double Feature
"Sheila Marie & Zoey Doll in solo BE clips. I put them together in a zip because they are similar clips. I shot Zoey 4 months ago and sheila 2 weeks ago. Zoey... well she was a tough one to direct but she`s HOT!"
TAGS: " Sheila Zoey ZoeyDoll NinaEstes BE Scared Expansion BreastExpansion Busting Inflation BreastInflation Pornstar AssExpansion ButtInflation HourGlass tmc057"

Harley Raine`s BE Terror
"Harley laid down to read an old novel she found in the garage and quickly found that you can not judge a book by its cover. Ha ha... Her plans for a quiet evening took a swift and terrifying new direction."
TAGS: " Harley HarleyRaines BreastExpansion Scared Busting Inflation ButtonPopping ClothesBusting Topless Magic BreastInflation Pornstar tmc068"

Kayla`s Suit Inflation Terror
"Kayla Quinn does a favor for a friend and tries on the inflatable suit that is a present for his girlfriend. When the suit start to get real big she begins to regret she ever agreed to be inflated in it. SUIT BY KINKYKINGLATEX.com"
TAGS: " Kayla KaylaQuinn SuitInflation Inflation Scared Pornstar tmc078"

A Little Revenge
"Nyomi Marcela gets back to her hotel room after work and she finds some perfume on her table. She soon realizes she probably should have read the card sitting next to it BEFORE spraying any on herself."
TAGS: " Nyomi NyomiMarcel Shrinking Topless Pornstar Process Scared SW ShrinkingWoman tmc090"

Growing Scared
"4m 30s--Ginger was enthusiastic about the shooting for TaylorMadeClips. As she told Taylor BE
TAGS: " Ginger GingerSnaps Growth RingPop Scared Process Busting ClothesBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess BraPop PantyRip FemaleGrowth Topless Nudity tmc094"

Tory Lane Breast Expansion
"Porn Star Tory Lane in a very spirited performance in her first and only breast expansion clip."
TAGS: " Tory ToryLane BE Expansion Scared BreastExpansion Inflation Topless Nudity BreastInflation Pornstar tmc096"

Taylor Grows Very Drunk
"Taylor doesn`t drink very often so she`s having trouble discerning if she`s getting tipsy or getting taller. First growth clip ever made by TaylorMadeclips."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor Growth Process Scared Busting FootGrowth ClothesBusting ShoeBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess ButtonPopping BeltPop RingPop FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Topless BraPop tmc098"

Caroline Pierce Voodoo Belly Inflation
"Caroline finds a fertility spell from her late grandmother. She had been unable to conceive so gives the spell a shot find out what happens. Caroline is an EXCELLENT Actress."
TAGS: " Caroline CarolinePierce BellyInflation Scared Belly Inflation BellyExpansion Magic Pornstar Expansion tmc104"

Growing Scared
"4m 30s--Ginger was enthusiastic about the shooting for TaylorMadeClips. As she told Taylor BE
TAGS: " Ginger GingerSnaps Growth RingPop Scared Process Busting ClothesBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess BraPop PantyRip FemaleGrowth Topless Nudity tmc094"

Graceland love Affair
"Eris comes back from working at the plant to a warm reception of ice cream from Taylor. She begins to feel strange and then begins to inflate. Taylor acts aloof. Part of the 7VIALS series."
TAGS: " Eris Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Magic Lesbians Scared Popping 7Vials tmc114"

O My God My Belly is Bigger Than My Boobs
"While waiting for Taylor Daphne finds a strange antique belly band with special powers. See what happens when she decides to try it on."
TAGS: " BellyInflation Scared Belly Inflation BellyExpansion Daphne DaphneRosen Magic Pornstar Expansion tmc115"

Fat Ass Expansions 2 Porn Star Double Feature
"1rst is a GREAT clip as Caroline Pierce is cursed by an old friend. Starts with terrified growth and ends with adoration for her new big ass. 2nd clip - Harmony Bliss wants a big ass so so she sucks down some helium in an ass growth dream."
TAGS: " Magic Pornstar ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Caroline CarolinePierce Scared ClothesBusting AssExpansion HarmonyBliss AssExpansion Harmony tmc133"

Oh No There are Peaunts In Here
"Moxxie comes home from work at the plant and relaxes with a bag of cookies. She quickly realizes they have peanuts in them and she is allergic. Full completely inflates and her belt bursts and she finally explodes."
TAGS: " Inflation Scared Pornstar Moxxie MoxxieMaddron tmc149"

Jilted Roomate Revenge
"Holly was sleeping with her roommate Ryen`s boyfriend and she found out. Ryen stole some of the 7 vials water and doused Holly`s entire body after she passed out on the couch. Holly grew huge and was terrified. Ryen took her final revenge."
TAGS: " Inflation 7Vials Scared Holly HollyWebster Ryen RyenRyder Magic BodyInflation SuitInflation Young Pornstar tmc160"

"Sofia orders special pills to enhance her breasts. She finds an extra bottle in the box called `balance` and soon learns what that is for."
TAGS: " Sofia SofiaStaks Inflation ButtInflation BreastGrowth Magic Pornstar Expansion Relieved Happy Scared AssExpansion tmc166"

Fuck It I am a Fat Chick Now
"Ryen is teased in school for being chubby so decides to just get fat. She pig`s out her breasts grow and she is excited UNTIL everything else started to grow until she finally just accepts her new big beautiful size."
TAGS: " Pornstar Ryen RyenRyder Expansion Happy Scared Inflation Process BellyInflation Belly WeightGain POV Tease OverEating Stuffing Stuffer Busting ButtonPopping BE tmc0167"

Inflation Bait
"Kimberly Marvel in a lengthy clip that has an appearance by Taylor during the process asking her questions about the experience. Mostly its a scared growth. Expansion sequence(Excellent) runs for the entire second half of the clip."
TAGS: " Kimberly KimberlyMarvel BE Expansion Inflation BreastExpansion Magic Scared BreastInflation 7Vials Young tmc177"

I Like My Bitches Big
"Kiwi Girl`s very odd blind date brings her a gift leading to her breast growth. Varied reactions."
TAGS: " KiwiGirl Scared Happy Confused 7Vials BE Inflation BreastInflation BreastExpansion Magic Blonde Mature Expansion MILF tmc178"

"Samamtha eats Kitty pop
TAGS: " Samantha SamanthaSin BE BreastExpansion BreastInflation Scared Inflation Elated AliceInWonderlandCostume Pornstar Magic tmc208"

I Feel Like I Won the Lottery
"Beautiful Asian Pornstar Jessica Bangkok runs into a woman in an alley selling magic breast expanding pink smokes. She knows the bigger your breasts are the more you get in life and takes the risk and is THRILLED with the large results."
TAGS: " Jessica JessicaBangkok BE BreastExpansion BreastInflation Scared Inflation Elated Pornstar Young Asian Magic tmc213"

Tiffany Mynx: Balloon Burst BE
"Its Tiffany`s Birthday and her boyfriend forgot. As he rushes back to work She becomes furious and begins to bust balloons. As they burst her breasts get bigger. Her initial reaction is excitement turned to horror as she realizes they are not stopping"
TAGS: " TiffanyMynx Blonde Mature Tiffany BE BreastExpansion Inflation BalloonPopping Scared Pornstar tmc232"

Bait and Switch
"I lure two makeup artists to my house for to test my new BE product. As the ladies freak out and try to escape I make them expand more and more and decide to keep them as my giant breasted sex slaves to pimp out."
TAGS: " Nicole Cala CalaCraves NicoleMoore Mature Blonde BreastExpansion BE ButtonPopping Busting Scared Inflatiion Magic tmc245"

It is Only Supposed to Moisturize
"Beautiful model is applying lotion and planning a night out and is in for a shock of her life. Her breasts grow to insane proportions and she freaks
TAGS: " BrooklynJade Brooklyn BE Brunette NautralBreasts Topless Pornstar Young Scared Inflation Happy tmc247"

Pop Rocks and Zotz
"Victoria is shocked when her sweet tooth for volatile candies Pop Rocks and Zotz grow her breast to giant proportions blasting her buttons off. Her fear later changes to happiness at the very end."
TAGS: " VictoriaLawson Victoria Pornstar Brunette Young BE BreastExpansion Inflation Magic Scared ButtonPopping tmc250"

Brandy Dean Gets a Gift
"Brandy receives a package in the mail with a weird note in it. There was something in that makup that will change her life forever. Her initial fear turns to happiness."
TAGS: " BrandyDean Brandy Inflation BE BreastInflation Redhead Pornstar Magic Pornstar Scared Happy Topless Busting tmc255"

Double Pornstar Magic Bubble Gum BE
"Two different girls both chew gum from the same tainted batch. Both grew breasts and react very different."
TAGS: " AlyssaReese Alyssa Janie BubbleGum Scared Happy Confused BE Inflation Brunettes Magic Young Pornstars tmc264"

Double Pornstar Italian Food Ass Expansion
"Georgia has a secret she loves to stuff herself with pizza after quick feast her ass grows and she is upset while Lexxxi is thrilled the bigger her ass gets she knows the more money she will make in porn."
TAGS: " Lexxxi LexxxiLockheart ButtInflation Georgia GeorgiaPeach Happy Pornstar Brunette Blonde Nudity AssExpansion Inflation Scared Eating Pornstar Young tmc272"

HELIUM GIRL Episode 1: Osmosis Through a Semipermeable Membrane
"Helium Girl(Mika Tan) is ambushed by evil Cruella Blue Bella & she zaps with her raygun which starts a process that makes her breasts grow & become so heavy that she cannot reach her helium supply. Will this be the end of Helium Girl?"
TAGS: " Mika MikaTan Inflation Helium Scared Painful Raygun Deflation BE BreastExpansion Superheroine tmc318"

The Ring of Terror
"Caroline finds a magic ring which leaves her paralyzed. After putting on the ring she slowly begins to freeze until she is rock solid and all you can see if the terror in her eyes. Custom Request."
TAGS: " Freeze Caroline Scared Paralyzed CarolinePierce Mature Pornstar tmc427"

Double Crossed Bound BE
"Scarlet is found bound and locked in an elevator. She believes she is being rescued when a fellow Supeheroine finds her but it is found that she is a double agent. Punished bound and trapped in an elevator her breasts keep growing. She is terrified."
TAGS: " KimberlyMarvel Kimberly CarolinePierce Caroline Superheroine Bondage BE BreastExpansion Pornstar Mature Scared Brunette tmc446"

An Alien Impregnation
"Nola is captured by an alien on earth that wants her to be a host for her alien child. She freezes then impregnates her then makes her breasts grow so the alien child is able to feed from her."
TAGS: " NolaStar Nola Pornstar Young Blonde BreastGrowth BreastExpansion Magic BreastInflation Expansion Scared Belly Holly HollyWebster Inflation Preggo BellyExpansion tmc701"