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Eating to Fit In
"This clip is a combination of BellyStuffing/ for the first 17 minutes and the last part belly inflation. Heidi is a schoolgirl trying to fit in with the popular fat girls and eats
TAGS: " HeidiMayne Heidi Schoolgirl Pornstar Bellystuffing FaceStuffing OverEating Stuffer Inflation WeightGain Nudity Burping Topless Magic tmc220"

Sexpot Schoolgirl BE with Megan Foxx
"Megan Fox as a `sexpot used to getting what she wants` schoolgirl. After a few minutes of *rough* dialogue are past this is a pretty good clip with reactions by Megan that get better as the clip progresses."
TAGS: " Megan MeganFoxx Pornstar Young BreastExpansion BE Expansion Inflation forced Schoolgirl Process tmc362"

Stripper Schoolgirl BE with Mylie Moore
"Mylie is 20 and just can`t seem to gradualte high school. The detention moniter is fed up with her and makes her promice she will leave the school if he gives her giant breasts. She is Thrilled to get giant breasts to match her giant perfect ass."
TAGS: " MylieMoore Mylie BreastExpansion BE Redhead Pornstar Expansion Inflation forced Schoolgirl Process Young BBW tmc367"