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Clips featuring shoefetish in the store...

Ballet Shoe and Foot Tease
"Special Request. Sexy ballet shoe tease and masturbation instruction."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish Tease Feet GirlyDommes CockTease Jerkoff J/OEncouragement JoeClips JoiClips Encouragement Holly HollyDomme HollyWebster Young MasturbationInstruction POV jo529"

Clips featuring shoefetish in the store...

Exterminator Foot Stink Punishment
"Princess Haily called the exterminator who commented on her dirty house. She showed him exactly how bad something could really smell forcing him to smell and clean her smelly
TAGS: " Pornstar Feet GirlyDommes HailyYoung Young Footworship FootStink/FootHumiliation ShoeFetish sp003"

Brat Sneaker Humiliation
"Maya was out romping in her favorite sneakers all day. The stink of her footwear makes her giddy as she knows its really stinky and she will just LOVE forcing Jason to worship and sniff the sneakers and her socks and her feet."
TAGS: " Socks Feet FootStink/FootHumiliation MayaHills Young Blonde Pornstar Maya FootWorship ShoeFetish GirlyDommes sp007"

feetandmind are now one
"you are feminoid and refined and superior and you must win and feel you power and feetandmind now one and there is no thought only reaction and you will control minds and create a new conscienceless."
TAGS: " MistressL Feet Socks ShoeFetish FootHumiliation FootWorship GirlyDommes Young Mistress sp020"

Brittany O`Neal Smelly Shoe Sock and Foot Worship
"Brittany forces her slave to worship and sniff her sweaty and smelly shoes and socks and finally bare feet."
TAGS: " BrittanyONeil Pornstar Blonde Brittany Socks ShoeFetish FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Feet sp024"

Parking Lot Foot Humiliation
"Kayla noticed a mans head sticking out from under the car sniffing her feet. She ripped him out from under the truck and forced him to worship her feet and shoes."
TAGS: " KaylaQuinn Kayla ShoeFetish KaylaKam FootWorship Feet Public Pornstar FootHumiliation sp036"

Goddess Genesis POV Footslave
"Goddess Genrsis has been wearing her shoes for HOURS and she needs them cleaned for they have quite the odor."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish Feet Genesis POV FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Mistress sp038"

Sexy Blond Smelly Slipper/Foot Sniff
"Porn star Chelsea Zin forces Dogboy foot sniffer to worship and smell her old slippers and sweaty feet while she catches up on some reading."
TAGS: " ChelseaZinn Feet FootWorship ShoeFetish Chlesea Blonde Pornstar FootStink/FootHumiliation sp050"

Sweet`s Dogs Worshipped & Sniffed by Sweet`s Dog
"Beth Sweet has her dog worship & Sniff her feet."
TAGS: " Beth Feet BethSweet FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation ShoeFetish Pantyhose-Stockings Blonde sp056"

Boot/Shoe Humiliation
" Two mistresses humiliate and force this slaveboy to lick and suck and worship."
TAGS: " Taylor ShoeFetish BootFetish BootWorship Mistress sp070"

The Different Shades of Hocker Humiliation
"HAILYS BEST CLIP! She slaps and spits on her slave while filling her shoe with her spit. After forcing him to fuck his cock in her shoe filled with spit while worshiping her foot then then has him drink his own spit."
TAGS: " Spitting Spit Pornstar ShoeFetish Young GirlyDommes HailyYoung sp072"

"Mistress Taylor has worn those boots all day long. Seriously...all day. You could smell the stink from behind the camera across the room."
TAGS: " Feet Taylor BootFetish ShoeFetish FootWorship Mistress FootStink/FootHumiliation sp077"

Flip Flop Flop House Foot Fool
"This smelly andsweaty and dirty foot lover spotted a cute girl in smelly and dirty green flip flops. He could not resist following her into a flop house where she forced him to sniff and lick and suck and worship her flip flops and feet and the ground she walked on."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish FootStink/FootHumiliation FootWorship Feet GirlyDommes Young sp086"

Initial Humiliation
"This terrific footage came in reverse order so this is the day before the `Personal Grudge Humiliation` where Kayla discovers what state David is actually in and realizes she can take advantage of him."
TAGS: " Kayla KaylaKam Feet FootHumiliation BootFetish ShoeFetish KaylaQuinn AssWorship FootWorship Pornstar sp097"

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Stockade Spatoon with Smoking and Foot Smothering
"Mistress Taylor and Miss L amuse themselves by verbally humiliating their pathetic slave locked in a stocade. They shower him with spit and ashes and their dirty and sweaty feet."
TAGS: " Feet ShoeFetish Taylor MistressL FootWorship Spitting Spit FootStink/FootHumiliation Young GirlyDommes Mistress sp099"

POV Stinky Shoe and Stockings
"This bookworm needs some serious footslave attention. She has worn the same old shoes for years. The pair of stockings she wears at the library she uses all week long before changing them. Well now its the end of her week and she needs some cleaning!"
TAGS: " POV ShoeFetish Taylor FootWorship FootStink/FootHumiliation Mistress Pantyhose-Stockings sp101"

Worship and Eat my Spit out of Your own Shoe Pin Dick Dog
"Mistress Monica catches the the loser sniffing her shoe and jacking off. She takes her shoe back and forces him to sniff his own shoe and lick her spit out of it. She forces him to clean his own shoe while she humiliates him about the size of his dick"
TAGS: " Monica MonicaMayhem Spitting Spit ShoeFetish Blonde Pornstar Young GirlyDommes sp106"

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Cum Eating Foot Cleaner
"Kimberly has her slave worship and smell and clean her shoes and stocking covered feet then bare feet while she instructs him exactly how to stroke his cock. Eventually she allows him to cum on her foot which she shoves in his mouth and makes him lick it up."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish Feet Pantyhose-Stockings Kimberly MasturbationInstruction FootWorship FootHumiliation Blonde GirlyDommes Young sp109"

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Stacy`s Smelly Pink Strappy Sandle Sniff
"Stacy Cash just returned from a long shopping trip and had her slave lay on the dirty floor of her garage and sniff her sweaty and smelly and shapely feet encased in beautiful pink strappy sandles."
TAGS: " FootWorship Feet ShoeFetish FootStink/FootHumiliation Stacy StacyCash Young GirlyDommes sp110"

Flip Flop Cleaning with a Loser
"Andrea has the slave worship/clean her dirty/smelly old flipflops while she verbaly humiliates him. This Goddess is truely disgusted feet and anyone who is into them."
TAGS: " Andrea ShoeFetish Feet FootWorship footstink/foothumiliation Blonde Young GirlyDommes Pornstar sp115"

Cum Shoe Foot Licker MI
" Goddess Veronica instructs you to jack your cock while worshiping her shoes and feet. She then counts you down to cum in her shoe and forces you to lick up every last drop."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish FootWorship POV Veronica VeronicaJett MasturbationInstruction FootHumiliation Feet Young GirlyDommes Pornstar sp118"

Silly Little Shoe Faggot
"Holly has you jack off to and smell the nastiest pair of shoes she owns. She lets you know exactly how to jack off and counts you down to cum in her nasty shoes. She then has you drink every last drop of your cum out of her nasty shoes."
TAGS: " Feet Holly Young GirlyDommes Humiliation POV ShoeFetish Sweat FootStink MasturbationInstruction sp129"

Pathetic Shoe Cleaner
"A Princess needs her shoes cleaned properly. And if you`re good maybe Holly will let you clean her ass."
TAGS: " ShoeFetish AssWorship Young GirlyDommes Holly HollyWebster FootWorship FootHumiliation Humiliation sp150"

Ballet Shoe and Foot Tease
"Special Request. Sexy ballet shoe tease and masturbation instruction."
TAGS: " Feet ShoeFetish GirlyDommes MasturbationInstruction Holly HollyWebster HollyDomme POV Young sp153"