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Clips featuring shrinking in the store...

Making Him Feel Small
"Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful
TAGS: " Taylor Pornstar Giantess Gts Shrinking Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation MistressTaylor Crush tmc005"

The Collector
"Taylor plays woman who has attention getting large breasts and when she catches a man staring at them she invites him to her place and then she drugs him leaving him immobile. She then titsmothers him and he transforms into a tiny doll for her mantle."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor Pornstar Smothering NaturalBreasts Shrinking Topless Gts Giantess Magic tmc021"

"Giantess Taylor cuts you down to size in viscious and confident fashion as you start the clip taller than Taylor but ultimately she verbally rips you shreds until she is able to easily squash you under foot."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor Pornstar NaturalBreasts Shrinking POV Gts Giantess Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation tmc023"

Tiny Man Erased From Existence
"Giant Kat erases tiny man from existence with her perfect giant ass."
TAGS: " Katrina Shrinking Pornstar Magic Ass tmc024"

A Little Revenge
"Nyomi Marcela gets back to her hotel room after work and she finds some perfume on her table. She soon realizes she probably should have read the card sitting next to it BEFORE spraying any on herself."
TAGS: " Nyomi NyomiMarcel Shrinking Topless Pornstar Process Scared SW ShrinkingWoman tmc090"

You Are Shrunk Down to Be Her Belly Slave
"Kimberly is tired of going to gym to shrink her belly for you and instead decided to shrink you down to the level of her belly so you can become her belly worship slave."
TAGS: " BellyFetish POV Belly Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Shrinking BBW Fat tmc717"

MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs Shrinking Boyfriend POV
"Lucia`s boyfriend cheats on her with an Amazon. She uses her witch powers to make him shrink and her boobs grow. She taunts him with her growing boobs & about his size as he shrinks to inches high
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Lucia Inflation BreastInflation Expansion BreastExpansion ShrinkingMan Shrinking Nipples Crush tmc1274"

MAXGROWTH: Growing Boobs AND Muscle Shrinking Boyfriend POV-FMG
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Lucia Inflation BreastInflation Expansion BreastExpansion FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG ShrinkingMan Shrinking Nipples Crush tmc1275"

Clips featuring shrinking in the store...

Jacking Peeper Teased & Shrunk
"Veronica catches a Peeping Tom jacking off watching her get dressed and she starts teasing him and he begins to shrink. She shows her tits and he shrinks more until he`s just tiny and then she plays with his penis."
TAGS: " Topless Denim Veronica VeronicaJett Giantess Teasing Shrinking Humiliation SmallMan SPH gts011"

Making Him Feel Small
"Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful and taller and intimidating with her viscous verbal humiliation and her wickedly hard slap across the face right down to the crushing ending."
TAGS: " Giantess Taylor SmallMan Humiliation Shrinking Crushing Crush gts039"

Let ME Show You What Happened to My Last Boyfriend
"Annie is an amazing actress and those into giantess and shrinking and crush will LOVE her. After berating him with loud screaming and degrading language to the point where he shrinks to the size of a bug she crushes him and leaves him smashed on her foot ."
TAGS: " Giantess Feet Crush Crushing Humiliation POV Shrinking Annie AnnieBody gts050"

Shrunk and Used Stripper Style
"Blond stripper Crystal shrinks down customers who think she will go home with them and punishes them by using them for her own various forms of orgasmic pleasure."
TAGS: " Vore Topless VaginalVore Pussy Nude Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts051"

Shrunk then Caught Spying and USED
"She comes home from a long day at the office and strips down to go to sleep. She is awaken by small strange sounds and discovers tiny men watching her. The men complain they have been shrunken and are looking for help. She helps herself to their bodies."
TAGS: " Vore Topless Nude Pussy VaginalVore Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts052"

Go Ahead Cum: Magic Sand Orgasm Control Shrink Punishment
"Go ahead jack off to Beth detailed instruction but just DONT CUM unless you are like every other loser who watches this clip and just can`t stop himself. There are consequences to your actions little man."
TAGS: " Shrinking POV Beth Giantess MasturbationInstruction JerkOff Humiliation gts053"

The Last Dance
"It is the last song of the night at the local strip club and Honey is really horny. Her boyfriend was out of town so she decided to do something she used to before he moved in `shrink a man down andtake him home and use him to fulfill her needs.`"
TAGS: " Anal Ass Topless Oral SmallMan Vore Honey Insertion VaginalVore Giantess Nude Shrinking Pussy gts054"

This is The LAST Ass you will Ever See
"Holly catches you checking out another girls ass and berates you to the size of a toy. To ensure you never get a chance to look at another girl she makes sure her ass is the last one you ever see and she crushes you with it."
TAGS: " ButtCrush Holly Crush Crushing Giantess POV Shrinking Humiliation Smother Smothering Ass gts055"

Mini Boy Shrink Humiliation and Crush
"All verbal HUMILIATION shrinks you down to the size of Daisy`s heel. Once shrunken down
TAGS: " Crush Crushing Feet Giantess Humiliation POV Shrinking SPH Daisy DaisyLayne gts060"

Death By Ass
TAGS: " Giantess POV Shrinking Humiliation Smother Smothering Ass ButtCrush Heidi HeidiMayne gts063"

Drowned in Cum
"Serious punishment for cheating."
TAGS: " Anal Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation Insertion Nude Topless Oral Pussy Shrinking SmallMan VaginalVore gts064"

I Want You Small Enough to Swallow
"You are caught by the neighbor looking up her skirt while working on your car. See what happens when you get home."
TAGS: " Ass Eris Feet Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore POV Shrinking SmallMan gts067"

You`re Mine Now You Little Bitches
"Shrunken down and used."
TAGS: " Humiliation Gts Eris Feet Vore Insertion Nude Oral Shrinking SmallMan Pussy VaginalVore gts068"

Watch Me Enjoy a Real Man`s Cock
"You are late and your angry girlfriend shrinks you down
TAGS: " Femdom Eris Humiliation Cuckold Gts Giantess Oral-Blowjob POV Shrinking SPH SmallMan gts069"

Double Penetration
"Two men shrunken down at a party and brought home to be stored and used as small sex toys. Moxxie uses them in various ways for her own pleasure ending in a human double penetration. She then stores them in her panties for future use."
TAGS: " Ass POV Anal Vore Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Giantess Gts Insertion Nude Oral Pussy Shrinking Topless VaginalVore gts070"

Angry Bride Anal Punishment
"Moxxie is MAD. She was stood up at the alter. She shrunk (you) the guy down and brought him back to the honeymoon suite to die in her ass. Lots of different types of vore teasing and slow anal torture while she gets off."
TAGS: " Nude Shrinking Smother Smothering Topless Tease Teasing Insertion Gts Ass SmallMan Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation POV Pussy Anal Pornstar Oral gts072"

Tiny Loser Shrunk and Used
"Large angry Dominatrix humiliates client so he shrinks a couple feet. She smothers him with her ass/ass worship and he shrinks to size of tack. Oral vore and forced pussy worship and stores him in her ass for future use."
TAGS: " Pornstar Giantess Shrinking Pussy Gts Sydney Insertion SydneyCapri Anal VaginalVore Oral Smother Smothering AssWorship SmallMan Humiliation gts074"

One Way Trip
"Moxxie finally decides to give you what you have always wanted to be shrunken down to a tiny man
TAGS: " Vore Insertion Giantess Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Anal Nude Shrinking Ass Topless Oral POV Pussy SmallMan Gts gts078"

Shrunken to Sex Slave : Georgia Peach
"You are late and shrunken down and turned into Georgia`s sex slave and used."
TAGS: " Anal Vore Pussy Georgia Giantess GeorgiaPeach Ass Insertion Shrinking POV Humiliation Oral Nude Topless VaginalVore SmallMan Gts gts079"

You're My Little Toy Man Now
"Your girlfriend Holly talks about her desire to have a tiny hand size man. She knows you have cheated on her and is angry. She uses magic water to shrink you and tells you everything she can now do with you."
TAGS: " Giantess Vore Shrinking Oral POV Holly HollyWebster HollyDomme Humiliation GTS gts113"

Shrinking Vore Classroom Punishment
"Your teacher catches you reading a porn magazine in class and shrinks you down then plays with you in her mouth. She then decides where to store you in her pussy or her ass. She decides to use you as a sex toy then store you in her ass."
TAGS: " Crushing Crush Humiliation Vore VaginalVore Oral Anal Nude Pussy POV Shrinking GTS Giantess Kiki KikiDaire gts123"

Giantess Playtime
"Two beautiful giant women shrink you down to the size of a bug. They use you
TAGS: " ButtCrush Janet Helena HelenaStrong Crush Crushing Giantess GTS Humiliation POV Shrinking gts140"

School Girl Shrinking Teasing and Eating Her Teacher
"You are Jennique`s teacher and you catch her going through your desk. She knows she is in trouble so shrinks you down to a tiny man. She then brings you up on the desk to measure and tease you with her perfect natural breasts and more then eats you"
TAGS: " ButtCrush Smother Smothering NaturalBreasts Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore Shrinking SmallMan Jennique JenniqueAngel gts154"

Shrunk into Doll Beat then Crushed under her Ass
"Mylie has had it with you. She shrinks you down to a blow up doll that beats you up. She sits on you until you explode under the weight of her ass."
TAGS: " Giantess BBW ButtCrush Crush Gts BigAss Shrinking Crushing Humiliation Mylie MylieMoore gts155"