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Clips featuring smallman in the store...

Giant Princess Nina Crushes Destroys and Eats
"Princess Nina crushes an entire work site full of workers and trucks ripping the heads off of the men and eating others."
TAGS: " Nina SmallMan Giantess Vore Crushing NinaEstes Oral Crush gts001"

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The Tit Smothering Giantess
"Mistress Taylor`s spectacular natural breasts look bigger than a couch in this giantess tit smothering clip. She taunts the little man and teases him with her breasts before picking him up by squeezing between those beautiful boobs."
TAGS: " Taylor Tease Teasing Humiliation Giantess SmallMan Smothering POV Smother Topless gts002"

Consumed By a Giant Goddess
"GTS Veronica has shrunken & stored little people in her panties. Get a up close look at and in her mouth before she slowly devours her captive little people savoring every bite. She stretches her stomach & talks about how good they feel inside her."
TAGS: " Topless VeronicaJett SmallMan Veronica Vore Oral Giantess gts003"

Giantess Maya Ballbusts Peeping Tom
"The little man gets caught looking up Maya`s skirt and jacking off to what he finds. The very next thing he sees is Maya`s heel descending onto his balls."
TAGS: " Giantess Bunny SmallMan Smothering Smother gts005"

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Giant Tit Crush
"Newcummer Goddess Bunny smothers the tiny man between her massive breasts."
TAGS: " Giantess Bunny SmallMan Smothering Smother gts005"

Jacking Peeper Teased & Shrunk
"Veronica catches a Peeping Tom jacking off watching her get dressed and she starts teasing him and he begins to shrink. She shows her tits and he shrinks more until he`s just tiny and then she plays with his penis."
TAGS: " Topless Denim Veronica VeronicaJett Giantess Teasing Shrinking Humiliation SmallMan SPH gts011"

Giantess Taylor vs MiniMax in BEYOND THUNDERDOME
"This clip includes spitting and titsmothering and size comparison and small penis humiliation and human ashtray and faceslapping and facesitting and belly punching and forced bi & ballbusting. Taylor is particularly violent to the little man in this clip."
TAGS: " Smother Ass Topless Crush Crushing SmallMan Taylor Giantess Insertion Genesis Smothering Spitting Humiliation Spit gts015"

Overpowered by Ass
"Beautiful big ass crushing a tiny useless man. Goddess Bunny enjoys seeing the little man suffer for air under her overwhelming ass while she tells him to sniff."
TAGS: " Bunny Giantess Humiliation ButtCrush Crushing Crush SmallMan Ass gts019"

The Humiliation of Tiny Tim by The Pregnant Spitting Giantess
"The Giantess Mistress berates and ridicules the tiny man for his equally tiny cock. She faceslaps him and spits in his face."
TAGS: " Giantess SPH Pregnant Spitting Spit SmallMan Humiliation gts020"

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The Best Butt Crush Clip EVER
" Excellent butt crushing from the worlds most perfect ass. Mistress Delilah looks giant and is amazing in this clip as she taunts and and crushes the tiny man.Do not miss this clip."
TAGS: " Anal Humiliation Insertion Crushing Delilah ButtCrush Mistress MistressDelilah Crush Ass SmallMan gts021"

Freeloaders Captured and Eaten
"Small men are served in Goddess Delilah dinner and drink. She does not feel like picking through her food to remove the tiny men so she picks them up and dips them in the sauce and eats them whole."
TAGS: " Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah Vore Giantess Oral gts022"

GTS HockerFest
"Bunny drowns a little mans face in spit."
TAGS: " Bunny Giantess Spitting Spit SmallMan Humiliation gts023"

My Hole Will Swallow You up Little Men
"Delilah wakes up to find small men on her perfect giantess ass. She threatens to swallow them every way possible."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan Humiliation Pussy Ass Delilah Vore VaginalVore Mistress MistressDelilah Insertion Oral gts024"

911 There`s a Fire Down Below!
"MegaGts Kaci on a stroll sees a firetruck and decides somebody might not get saved today. She picks up the little man on the back of the truck and rubs him all over her breasts and ass before inserting him into her pussy and walking away."
TAGS: " Ass Kaci SmallMan KaciStarr Denim Topless Insertion VaginalVore Giantess Pussy gts025"

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Suffocate Under My Perfect Ass
"Trinity tapes the little man down and crushes his `pathetic head` under her perfect ass and pussy. She teases him and smothers him until he passes out."
TAGS: " Trinity Ass SmallMan TrinityPost Giantess Smother ButtCrush Crush Crushing Smothering Humiliation Topless gts026"

Jacking Wanker CAUGHT!
"Kaci catches the little man in the bush jacking off and lets him have it."
TAGS: " Kaci KaciStarr Topless Giantess Humiliation SmallMan Teasing SPH gts027"

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Beach Butt Crush Smother Fest(Hi-Def)
"A giantess strolling across the beach comes across two tiny loser men soaking up the sun. She decides to spice up their day with a little smothering and heavy butt crush action."
TAGS: " Kaci KaciStarr Denim Humiliation SmallMan Crushing Crush Giantess ButtCrush Smother Ass Smothering gts028"

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Cornered Tortured and Crushed Under Giant Feet
"A group of small fat men are destroyed under Goddess Penny`s giant bare feet. Before their destruction and they are tortured under her perfect smelly soles."
TAGS: " Humiliation Penny Crushing Crush Feet Giantess SmallMan gts029"

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I can feel them digesting in my stomach
"After a long day Kaci relaxes to a large meal were she finds small men walking through her food. She removes them from her food and consumes their tiny bodies."
TAGS: " Kaci KaciStarr Vore Giantess Oral SmallMan gts030"

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Freeloaders Bumpy Ride
"Goddess Veronica is woken from a deep sleep to find little men all caught up in her pajamas. She freaks out and and rips the men out and eats some. She straps the rest to her dildo for insertion."
TAGS: " Giantess Topless SmallMan VaginalVore Veronica VeronicaJett Vore Oral Insertion Humiliation Nude Pussy gts031"

My Ass Will Take You Out Little Pig Man
"19 yr old giantess Holly crushes the tiny man under her perfect ass."
TAGS: " Humiliation SmallMan Holly Giantess Crushing Crush ButtCrush Ass gts032"

Tiny Men Sliding Down Her Throat
"Holly is vacuuming the living room and notices some things she thought were specks of dirt were actually tiny men. She picks them up to toy with them and decides see how they taste."
TAGS: " Holly Vore Topless Giantess SmallMan Humiliation Pussy Nude Oral gts033"

It`s Not Your Fault No Girl Could Even Feel It- It`s Too Small
"Kayla goes over the differences between you and her boyfriend. You see her boyfriend has a great big cock and yours is the size of a tack. But don`t worry she feel sorry for you and lets you amuse her by jacking your tiny cock for her."
TAGS: " Giantess JerkOff Topless Kayla KaylaQuinn KaylaKam MasturbationInstruction SPH Humiliation POV SmallMan gts034"

ASS Prey
" Giantess enjoys of small men in her ass and stomach. She is aroused by their struggles as they try to breathe and escape inside her. The more they struggle the harder she cums. Other helpless men are torn to shreds and consumed in the mouth of this giant"
TAGS: " Insertion Vore Nude Giantess Humiliation SmallMan Kayla KaylaKam KaylaQuinn Oral Anal Ass gts035"

Unwelcomed Small Guests
"Unaware gts and forced small man sweaty foot worship and vore oral and more."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Feet Insertion Humiliation Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah FootWorship VaginalVore Oral Pussy gts036"

Giantess PregDomme ATTACKS!
"Someone get Tokyo on the phone thats one big scary bitch! She is crushing tiny Tim but not before some major humiliation from a cruel and cruel big belittling bitch!"
TAGS: " Giantess Crushing Humiliation Pregnant Crush SmallMan gts037"

Asian Giantess Vore
"Goddess Kaile eats the little gummi people one body part at a time and then a whole handful at once until her belly is swollen."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Kaile Oral Humiliation SmallMan gts038"

Making Him Feel Small
"Technically this would be a humiliation/shrinking fetish but Mistress Taylor makes herself seem more powerful and taller and intimidating with her viscous verbal humiliation and her wickedly hard slap across the face right down to the crushing ending."
TAGS: " Giantess Taylor SmallMan Humiliation Shrinking Crushing Crush gts039"

Bus Station Massacre
" Giantess out walking her dogs passes a bus station and decides to have some fun with the tiny people waiting for the bus. She drops some of the tiny people in her drink and eats and crushes the rest."
TAGS: " Vore Taylor SmallMan Giantess Crushing Crush Oral gts040"

Corporal Giantess
"Mistress L finds the little pathetic and meaningless man groping himself in her stinky shoe. She turns stern and proceeds to meter out the corporal punishment."
TAGS: " Mistress MistressL SmallMan Humiliation gts041"

" Tiny Tim get smothered and trampled by Giantizilla starring Mistress Apache. This clip is a bit humorous."
TAGS: " Giantess Smother Smothering Crush Crushing SmallMan Humiliation Apache gts042"

The Tall Tales of Tiny Tim & The Smoking Giantess
"In the second installment of `The Tall Tales of Tiny Tim` He encounters a Smoking Giantess(Goddess Genesis) who taunts him and uses him as a human ashtray. She ridicules him for being so teeny and small while blowing smoke in his face."
TAGS: " Giantess Genesis Humiliation Smoking Ashtray SmallMan gts043"

"Maya crushes some little men and eats the others until her belly is about to explode."
TAGS: " Vore Oral Crushing Crush Humiliation SmallMan Maya MayaHills Giantess gts044"

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Giantess Smother
"Giantess Model Nina smothers a tiny man with her perfect ass."
TAGS: " Giantess Nina NinaEstes SmallMan Smothering Humiliation Smother Ass gts045"

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Ninas Giant TIT Smother
"Nina is a giantess who smothers a tiny man between her giant tits than rips his head off with her mouth."
TAGS: " Smothering Nina Topless NinaEstes Giantess SmallMan Smother Humiliation gts046"

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Drowned and Consumed
"Small man is caught spying and drowned in spit then eaten by a giantess."
TAGS: " Vore Oral Spit Spitting Topless Taylor Giantess Humiliation SmallMan gts047"

Dangle & Crush Giantess
"Mistress L returns as the giantess in this footcentric clip that begins with a shoe dangling sequence performed over the tiny man."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan MistressL Mistress FootWorship Crushing Crush Humiliation gts049"

Shrunk and Used Stripper Style
"Blond stripper Crystal shrinks down customers who think she will go home with them and punishes them by using them for her own various forms of orgasmic pleasure."
TAGS: " Vore Topless VaginalVore Pussy Nude Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts051"

Shrunk then Caught Spying and USED
"She comes home from a long day at the office and strips down to go to sleep. She is awaken by small strange sounds and discovers tiny men watching her. The men complain they have been shrunken and are looking for help. She helps herself to their bodies."
TAGS: " Vore Topless Nude Pussy VaginalVore Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts052"

The Last Dance
"It is the last song of the night at the local strip club and Honey is really horny. Her boyfriend was out of town so she decided to do something she used to before he moved in `shrink a man down andtake him home and use him to fulfill her needs.`"
TAGS: " Anal Ass Topless Oral SmallMan Vore Honey Insertion VaginalVore Giantess Nude Shrinking Pussy gts054"

The Perfect BUTT CRUSH Clip - One FART Included
"Bug sized man caught spying from behind plant
TAGS: " SmallMan ButtCrush POV Giantess Ass Smother Smothering Crush Crushing Heidi HeidiMayne Humiliation gts056"

Giantess Anal Love
"Big Red Giantess comes home to her little tiny boyfriend and uses him for her pleasure. Very hot oral
TAGS: " Anal Ass SmallMan Smother Smothering Nude Topless VaginalVore Vore Oral Humiliation Kore KoreGoddess Insertion Giantess gts059"

I Am Going to Suck You Up My Ass When I Cum Again
"Little men caught picking through food by beautiful redheaded giantess. After some oral tease and consumption the fun begins with the remaining little men."
TAGS: " Anal Ass Giantess GTS Humiliation Insertion Nude Beth Oral SmallMan Vore Topless gts062"

Drowned in Cum
"Serious punishment for cheating."
TAGS: " Anal Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation Insertion Nude Topless Oral Pussy Shrinking SmallMan VaginalVore gts064"

Tiny Torture
"Serious torture and punishment for being caught trying to live in her pantyhose."
TAGS: " Anal Eris Ass Feet Gts Humiliation Insertion Nude Oral SmallMan Vore gts065"

"Years after being stood up for the prom she finds him and makes sure he pays.
TAGS: " Anal Eris Ass Gts Humiliation Insertion Giantess Nude Oral SmallMan Vore VaginalVore Pussy gts066"

I Want You Small Enough to Swallow
"You are caught by the neighbor looking up her skirt while working on your car. See what happens when you get home."
TAGS: " Ass Eris Feet Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore POV Shrinking SmallMan gts067"

You`re Mine Now You Little Bitches
"Shrunken down and used."
TAGS: " Humiliation Gts Eris Feet Vore Insertion Nude Oral Shrinking SmallMan Pussy VaginalVore gts068"

Watch Me Enjoy a Real Man`s Cock
"You are late and your angry girlfriend shrinks you down
TAGS: " Femdom Eris Humiliation Cuckold Gts Giantess Oral-Blowjob POV Shrinking SPH SmallMan gts069"

Angry Bride Anal Punishment
"Moxxie is MAD. She was stood up at the alter. She shrunk (you) the guy down and brought him back to the honeymoon suite to die in her ass. Lots of different types of vore teasing and slow anal torture while she gets off."
TAGS: " Nude Shrinking Smother Smothering Topless Tease Teasing Insertion Gts Ass SmallMan Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation POV Pussy Anal Pornstar Oral gts072"

Tiny Loser Shrunk and Used
"Large angry Dominatrix humiliates client so he shrinks a couple feet. She smothers him with her ass/ass worship and he shrinks to size of tack. Oral vore and forced pussy worship and stores him in her ass for future use."
TAGS: " Pornstar Giantess Shrinking Pussy Gts Sydney Insertion SydneyCapri Anal VaginalVore Oral Smother Smothering AssWorship SmallMan Humiliation gts074"

Reduced Sentence
"Caroline missed her man so much while he was in prison she went there to shrink him down and brought him home. She found he was still able to please her at such a small size until the cops arrived and she had to hide him fast."
TAGS: " Anal Giantess Caroline CarolinePierce Vore Pussy Ass Gts Insertion Nude Oral SmallMan gts075"

Tiny Army of Idiots
"All oral /belly focus. Small men are punished for their sins by a women from their church that shrunk them down."
TAGS: " Nude SmallMan Giantess Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation POV Topless Gts Pornstar Oral gts076"

Sexual Competition For Survival
"All types of vore. A competition for survival. Who can please Caroline the most. and where will each little man end up. Excellent!"
TAGS: " Anal Humiliation Giantess Caroline CarolinePierce Vore Pussy Ass Gts Insertion Nude Oral SmallMan Pornstar gts077"

One Way Trip
"Moxxie finally decides to give you what you have always wanted to be shrunken down to a tiny man
TAGS: " Vore Insertion Giantess Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Anal Nude Shrinking Ass Topless Oral POV Pussy SmallMan Gts gts078"

Shrunken to Sex Slave : Georgia Peach
"You are late and shrunken down and turned into Georgia`s sex slave and used."
TAGS: " Anal Vore Pussy Georgia Giantess GeorgiaPeach Ass Insertion Shrinking POV Humiliation Oral Nude Topless VaginalVore SmallMan Gts gts079"

Small Man Shower Sponge and Toy
"Small man used in shower."
TAGS: " Anal Topless Giantess Moxxie POV MoxxieMaddron Vore Ass Insertion Nude Oral Pussy SmallMan gts080"

Used then Consumed
"Small man used suffocated to exhaustion in service for beautiful giantess pleasure then consumed."
TAGS: " Humiliation Insertion Vore Gts Giantess Oral Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Pussy SmallMan VaginalVore Topless Nude gts081"

I Want Anal Tonight Honey
"Heidi has a romantic night with her little tiny man."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan Oral Vore Anal VaginalVore Heidi HeidiMayne Ass Gts Insertion Nude Topless Pussy gts082"

Giantess Takes A Baking Break
"Giantess housewife is adding chips and little men to spice up her baking. She is enjoying tasting them as she cooks but gets horny and uses a few for her pleasure before she bakes them"
TAGS: " Vore Humiliation Nude VaginalVore Giantess SmallMan Oral Insertion Eris Pussy gts083"

Bleach Blonde Giantess Vore and Crush
"Beautiful Giantess eats people in home and completely destroys house with bare hands and feet."
TAGS: " Crush Crushing Humiliation Helena HelenaStrong Giantess Vore Oral Gts Nude POV Topless SmallMan gts084"

Married To A Giant
"Tiny man marries a giant and is used for her pleasure then learns her real thoughts on men and where he will be stored and what he will be used for the rest of his life."
TAGS: " Giantess Vore Oral Penny PennyPoison Insertion VaginalVore SmallMan Pussy gts085"

Beautiful Blonde Bubble Bath Vore Massacre
"Helena is relaxing in her tub finds a variety of small men throughout her food and tub and becomes enraged. Large jagged teeth emerge with her anger as she hunts down and consumes and uses her human pray both orally and vaginally."
TAGS: " Vore Helena HelenaStrong VaginalVore Oral Insertion Humiliation Giantess Nude Pussy SmallMan Topless gts087"

A Tiny Man's Wedding Night
"Just married to a tiny man Helena uses him for her own pleasure on their wedding night."
TAGS: " Vore Helena HelenaStrong VaginalVore Oral Insertion Giantess Nude Pussy SmallMan Topless gts088"

Consumed and Used for Pleasure By Beautiful Hairy Giantess
"Joclyn has tiny men. She eats one then uses the other after torturing her in her hairy pussy then forcing him to eat and pleasure her."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Pussy GTS SmallMan Nude Humiliation Pornstar Oral Vaginal Hairy Joclyn JoclynStone gts125"

Tiny Poolside Belly Slave
"Giantess Helena spends the day at the pool with her tiny belly slave. She forces him to shove his head in her belly button
TAGS: " GTS Smother Smothering BellyFetish Belly Helena Giantess SmallMan HelenaStrong POV gts128"

Ass Gas City Destruction
"Giantess destroys Entire city with LOUD nonstop blasts of ass gas. Small man face farts
TAGS: " Giantess GTS Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Farting Humiliation Ass Crushing Crush SmallMan gts132"

Giantess Blasts: A Full Town Destruction
"Beautiful giantess destroys entire city with LOUD blasts of ass gas. Small man face farts
TAGS: " Farting GTS Oral Helena HelenaStrong Humiliation Vore Crushing Crush Giantess SmallMan Ass gts133"

Rub it Out on Your Giant Goddesses Pregnant Belly
"Special request clip. Kristalia makes her little man rub her giant belly then she rubs his hands all over her huge brown nipples. She sees his cock is hard and rubs it all over her belly until he cums on her big round pregnant belly."
TAGS: " Giantess BellyFetish Belly Pregnant Kristalia GTS SmallMan Topless gts145"

Caught and Consumed
"Jordan is studying when she notices you a tiny man spying from behind a plant and jacking off to her. She toys with you in her mouth then you feel her sharp teeth ripping thru your tiny body then slide down her throat."
TAGS: " Vore Jordan Oral Humiliation Giantess SmallMan gts150"

School Girl Shrinking Teasing and Eating Her Teacher
"You are Jennique`s teacher and you catch her going through your desk. She knows she is in trouble so shrinks you down to a tiny man. She then brings you up on the desk to measure and tease you with her perfect natural breasts and more then eats you"
TAGS: " ButtCrush Smother Smothering NaturalBreasts Crush Crushing Giantess Gts Humiliation Oral Vore Shrinking SmallMan Jennique JenniqueAngel gts154"

Clips featuring smallman in the store...

Unwelcomed Small Guests
"Unaware gts and forced small man sweaty foot worship and vore oral and more."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Feet Insertion Humiliation Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah FootWorship VaginalVore Oral Pussy del038"

The Best Butt Crush Clip EVER
"Excellent butt crushing from the worlds most perfect ass. Mistress Delilah looks giant and is amazing in this clip as she taunts and and crushes the tiny man.Do not miss this clip."
TAGS: " Anal Humiliation Insertion Crushing Delilah ButtCrush Mistress MistressDelilah Crush Ass SmallMan del039"

Freeloaders Captured and Eaten
"Small men are served in Goddess Delilah dinner and drink. She does not feel like picking through her food to remove the tiny men so she picks them up and dips them in the sauce and eats them whole until she is full with a swollen belly."
TAGS: " Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah Vore Giantess Oral del044"