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Becoming a Big Breasted Betty Boop
"Sparkle is home studying for a test when she slips asleep and dreams of singing and dancing. She slowly transforms to Betty Boop. Her boobs go from flat to giant soft natural breasts she loves."
TAGS: " SparklePony Sparkle NylonDamage BettyBoop Transformation FluidInflation Breast BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation NaturalBreasts Inflation tmc1168"

Blowing up The Bartender
"Two snotty college freshmen walk into a goth bar harass and fight with the amazon bartender. They taint her drink she grows giant breasts ass and a humongous belly and gets stuck behind bar and blows up. Tons of humiliation about the inflation."
TAGS: " BellyInflation BellyExpansion BreastInflation SparklePony ButtInflation LipInflation LipExpansion AssExpansion Irma Sparkle BreastExpansion Inflation Expansion Crystal CrystalSin tmc1286"

Helium Torture and Revenge
"Irma is dating Sparkles boyfriend. Sparkle slowly blows her up until and pops her."
TAGS: " BellyInflation BellyExpansion ButtInflation BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Expansion AssExpansion Helium Irma Sparkle SparklePony tmc1294"