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Kayla`s Suit Inflation Terror
"Kayla Quinn does a favor for a friend and tries on the inflatable suit that is a present for his girlfriend. When the suit start to get real big she begins to regret she ever agreed to be inflated in it. SUIT BY KINKYKINGLATEX.com"
TAGS: " Kayla KaylaQuinn SuitInflation Inflation Scared Pornstar tmc078"

"Taylor gets a little too competitive while surfing YouTube and ends up in an inflation contest with MosherBalloon."
TAGS: " Taylor MistressTaylor MosherBalloon SuitInflation Inflation Popping Expansion BodyInflation Expansion Competition BellyInflation tmc097"

Graceland love Affair
"Eris comes back from working at the plant to a warm reception of ice cream from Taylor. She begins to feel strange and then begins to inflate. Taylor acts aloof. Part of the 7VIALS series."
TAGS: " Eris Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Magic Lesbians Scared Popping 7Vials tmc114"

Suit Inflation Relaxation & Humiiliation
"Caroline came home from work needing to relax. She pulls out her secret trick
TAGS: " SuitInflation Inflation Caroline CarolinePierce ForcedInflation FastInflation Pornstar tmc156"

Jilted Roomate Revenge
"Holly was sleeping with her roommate Ryen`s boyfriend and she found out. Ryen stole some of the 7 vials water and doused Holly`s entire body after she passed out on the couch. Holly grew huge and was terrified. Ryen took her final revenge."
TAGS: " Inflation 7Vials Scared Holly HollyWebster Ryen RyenRyder Magic BodyInflation SuitInflation Young Pornstar tmc160"

Lesbian Love Pumper
"Helena is not sure of her new girlfriend`s idea of a good time but she agrees to try it and is inflated to massive proportions. The larger and more concerned Helena becomes the more excited Ryen gets."
TAGS: " Ryen Helena HelenaStrong RyenRyder Magic BodyInflation SuitInflation Young Pornstar tmc176"

Claire Dames Inflatable Suit Adventure
"Claire masturbates to orgasm as her suit inflates. Once filled she enjoys the feeling of her full suit and when she is finally ready to get out of the suit she finds the remote to control it is stuck and her panic leads to terror of what may happen."
TAGS: " Claire ClaireDames Masturbation Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation Happy Terrified Young tmc192"

My Head is Being Consumed By My Body
"Samantha finds a blow up mouse and begins to play with him. Once he begins to inflate her body begins to inflate uncontrollably and she is terrified. The growth continues until she is hardly able to breath and passes out from fear and lack of air."
TAGS: " Samantha SamanthaSin Magic BodyInflation SuitInflation Young Pornstar tmc199"

Inflation Bribery
"Bailey is too tired to go to the party and CeCe will not take no. She throws out a `relaxation suit` for Bailey and blows her out of control. Once she is too big she begins to mock and take pictures. Bailey`s stress increases until she agrees to go"
TAGS: " Bailey BaileyBrooks CeCe CeCeStone Magic BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Young Pornstar tmc212"

Moxxie Loves The Suit
"Moxxie gets more and more turned on and tells you what she needs the bigger she gets."
TAGS: " Moxxie MoxxieMaddron POV Magic BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Pornstar tmc217"

Expansion Extacy
"CeCe loves her new suit. She describes in every detail how wonderful she feels and the bigger she inflates."
TAGS: " CeCeStone CeCe POV Magic BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Pornstar tmc219"

Holly`s Big Suit Inflation Tease
"Holly has you turn on her inflation suit. She plays with balloons and her suit while she teases you. She waddles around and shows off her giant growing suit. She teases you as she gets bigger and bigger and more and more turned on."
TAGS: " HollyWebster Holly Balloons Inflation BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Young Brunette tmc229"

The Curse
"Brooklyn slept with her friends boyfriend and she insulted her for being fat when confronted. The friend placed a curse on her and Brooklyn becomes huge and Terrified. It appears that she is about to explode she is so big."
TAGS: " BrooklynJade Brooklyn SuitInflation Pornstar Young Brunette Magic tmc261"

Ambush Inflation Revenge and Humiliation
"Penny slept with one of her friend's boyfriends so they gang up on her while she is sleeping and force inflation tube down her throat and humiliate and threaten her while she grows huge. She is terrified."
TAGS: " OliviaRose Olivia HelenaStrong Helena PennyPoison Penny HoneyWhite Honey Inflation Suit Inflation Young Blonde Brunette SuitInflation Pornstar Redhead ForcedInflation tmc275"

Revenge Is In The Air
"Taylor prepares Helena for a wild night in their cozy lesbian bungalo. Its not until after Helena inserts the tube deep in her ass that Taylor reveals that she found out that she cheated on her."
TAGS: " Helena HelenaStrong Blonde SuitInflation BodyInflation Inflation Revenge tmc288"

"Taylor tricks a model who thinks she`s doing a BE video into being a guinea pig for her new faster body inflation method."
TAGS: " Jordan BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc289"

Inflating the Fool
"Helena is dating a complete jackass. She has finally had enough of his behavior and brings a friend over to kick him out. He refuses to leave so they force inflate him then threaten him with knives
TAGS: " HelenaStrong CrystalCyn Helena Crystal Blonde Mature BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc297"

Captive Inflate
"Mika turns Taylors shoot down so Taylor captures / ties her up and harasses and threatens her while she inflates her full body."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika BodyInflation SuitInflation ForcedInflation Inflation tmc320"

I Was Supposed to Be Tall
"Sammie stole growth serum from work. The instructions said take then sleep 24 hours. Instead of growing tall she grew so wide she feared death upon awakening. All fear reaction."
TAGS: " SammieSpades Sammie BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Blonde Pornstar Young tmc327"

Trick Suit
"When Amanda was trying to lose weight Mylie made fun of her. In this video she gets her revenge. She gave Mylie a ` weight loss` suit which is actually a weight gain suit. As she fast inflates lots of questions off camera. Mylie is terrified."
TAGS: " MylieMoore Pornstar Mylie Inflation BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Redhead Pornstar Young tmc432"

Trapped & Inflated By Taylor
"Audrina comes to Taylor's to shoot a Breast Inflation but is forced to stay in her locked elevator while her entire body inflates and she becomes trapped. Her belt busts and she finally pops out of elevator. She is terrified."
TAGS: " AudrinaAshley Audrina BodyInflation Inflation SuitInflation Magic Pornstar Young tmc474"

Helium Addict
"Cheyenne loves helium. She sometimes sits in her room for hours taking hits off her oversize helium tank dreaming about blowing up and floating like a balloon. Sometimes dreams come true."
TAGS: " CheyenneJewel Cheyenne Helium Inflation BodyInflation Young SuitInflation Floating PornStar tmc479"

Body & Breast Inflation Masturbation
"Kiki Daire gets turned on by inflating herself with an airhose. The more excited she gets the more she inflates. The more she inflates the more turned on she gets. You get the picture."
TAGS: " Kiki KikiDaire Inflation BodyInflation BreastInflation BreastExpansion SuitInflation Deflation Pornstar Mature tmc497"

O God People Can't See Me Like This
"Cindy goes to a private college with all rich students. She is trying to fit in and pay for school. She ends up taking a humiliating job as a balloon girl in a giant purple suit. BE and Suit Inflation."
TAGS: " Cindy CindyLouWho Inflation BodyInflation BreastInflation BreastExpansion SuitInflation Young Deflation tmc516"

Dita Loves Balloons
"Dita loves balloons. She plays with balloons full of air and helium. She talks about floating and popping and inflates huge while dreaming about floating away."
TAGS: " Dita Young Brunette Balloons Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc532"

It Feels So Good It`s Better than Sex
"The first 7 minutes are the clip and the last 2 is a little tease. Alura is in on a Saturday night watching tv and the remote sticks and she begins to inflate. The Bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. BE and Suit Inflation."
TAGS: " AluraJenson Alura BE Blonde Pornstar Mature SuitInflation BreastInflation Inflation tmc548"

Spa Suit Madness
"Chrissy gets a spa suit for her birthday that is supposed to be relaxing and calm her nerves but it goes out of control and inflates to a huge size and threatens to pop. Turns out her creepy old boyfriend is turned on by inflatable chicks."
TAGS: " SuitInflation BodyInflation ClothesBusting Inflation Chrissy tmc617"

I Feel Funny!
"Violet works as a gum tester at a famous international gum and candy company. Ignoring the warnings of her employer she tries a new product that has not been properly tested."
TAGS: " Wonka Blueberry Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Beula tmc628"

Holly Is Turned into a Blueberry
"Holly thinks she is just shooting a gum chewing and bubble blowing tease clip but Taylor has spiked the gum so Holly begins to fill with juice and blow up like a blueberry."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Wonka Blueberry Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc632"

Violet Obsession
"Violet has always been obsessed with Violet Beauregard from the Willy Wonka film. Her mother warns her that she if she keeps up this obsession she might turn into a blueberry herself. BIGGEST BLUEBERRY INFLATION YET!"
TAGS: " Madison Wonka SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry SqueakLatex LatexCatfish Inflation BodyInflation tmc660"

Boss Bitch Inflatable Suit Test
"Sammie has agreed to get paid double overtime & test a new inflatable suit but she is lied to about what the tests are all about. Soon she is begging to be allowed to leave but is verbally taunted and humiliated by her boss."
TAGS: " Sammie SammieSpades Young Blonde Inflation SuitInflation BodyInflation LatexCatfish tmc673"

Orgasmic Terror Full Body Inflation
"Holly is exhausted after a party and passes out in a mess of balloons. She begins to blow up like one and becomes turned on until she wakes up and is in terror but cant fight how good the pressure feels as she grows until complete terror."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Young Brunette Balloons Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc693"

Super Shaper
"It is Holly's high school reunion and she wants to look amazing. She orders the "supershaper" to get some new curves and it goes out of control. Excitement and arousal turns to fear as she is ready to blow up."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Magic Young Brunette Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc711"

Juiced #1
"The first attempt at producing Juiced which was one of the script contest winners. Casting issues arose so Kimberly Marvel took Helena`s role but her allergy to latex in suit and makeup made things a bit difficult. A second attempt is coming."
TAGS: " KimberlyMarvel Kimberly Blueberry Wonka Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Suit CarolinePierce Caroline tmc712"

Super Shaper II: Kimberly Marvel
"Kimberly in her new out of control weight loss suit. As you will see in the pictures it is not fully inflated but as big as she could go with her latex allergy."
TAGS: " Inflation BodyInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel SuitInflation tmc715"

Inflatable Round Clown
"She`s a happy clown until she begins to inflate. At first it is interesting and funny to her then she becomes scared. She grows huge and talks about her concerns with her body change. She falls off bed and walks around trying to figure out what to do"
TAGS: " Clown JoclynStone Blonde Expansion Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation Mature Joclyn Pornstar LongHair tmc737"

Grow Fatter and Fatter You Jezebel Whore
"Kimberly finds out the local bartender is sleeping with her husband. She goes down to the bar and poisons her drink causing her to grow so huge she is stuck behind her bar. She is terrified and Kimberly enjoys every second of her revenge."
TAGS: " Inflation BodyInflation Kimberly KimberlyMarvel SuitInflation Magic Zoe Revenge tmc762"

Tricked and Tortured
"Two insane circus owner are looking for a new fat lady. Charlot shows up for an interview as a circus dancer and is tricked into being and inflated fat lady. Tons of nonstop obnoxious humiliation."
TAGS: " CharlotHarlot Charlot Inflation Expansion Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc774"

Lucy Loves Balloons: Until She Becomes One and Pops
"Lucy is spending the afternoon enjoying her helium balloons when she begin to turn into one. She wondered what it would be like if she turned but when it happened she was scared
TAGS: " LucyStardust Lucy BeltBust Redhead Expansion Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc775"

Three Course Meal Gum
"Helena is waiting for a meeting at a candy company she works when she finds a piece of gum she tests out. She turns blue than inflates out of control until her belt bursts
TAGS: " Wonka SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry SqueakLatex Inflation BodyInflation HelenaStrong Helena Redhead tmc792"

Her New Suit: Stuck On A Treadmill
"Holly gets a weight loss suit that blows up when she uses it. She falls off treadmill and can`t get up. The second half is Taylor and her assistant torturing Holly blowing her and leaving her stuck on treadmil until she falls again and is stuck."
TAGS: " Holly HollyWebster Young Brunette Expansion Inflation BodyInflation SuitInflation WetSuitInflation tmc832"

The More Turned On I Get the More Blue I Become
"The more Mylie fills up with juice the more turned on and blue she turns. This clip has a sexual theme where she becomes so turned on she leaves a huge puddle of juice. She gets stuck
TAGS: " Wonka SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry Inflation Redhead MylieMoore Mylie tmc835"

I Am Becoming One Big Blob Balloon
"Sabliqiue`s mom sent her an outfit to wear for the holidays which is about 5 sizes too big. Suddenly her breasts
TAGS: " Sablique Redhead Magic BE Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation BellyInflation Inflation Expansion BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc847"

Dry Suit Test
"Holly bought a second hand dry suit and is trying it out in the pool. She blows up out of control and rips through the suit."
TAGS: " HollyWebster Holly Inflation SuitInflation DrySuit Expansion tmc851"

"Kimberly wants her girlfriend Zoe to turn into a giant blueberry for her. Zoe agrees and is turned on throughout the transformation expecially when Kim uses a vibrator on her which leads her to pump out her juices in ecstasy(remake of contest script)"
TAGS: " KimberlyMarvel Kimberly ZoeAnderson Zoe Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion Zoe tmc855"

Stuffing Growing and Fighting to Be Your Number One Feedee
"All three girls have you (a feeder) for a roommate. They are gorging all kinds of food when they start growing they start fighting who can be your main feedee. Two belly expansions
TAGS: " BellyExpansion LucyStardust BellyInflation Inflation BellyStuffing Candy CharlotHarlot Lucy Blonde Brunette Redhead BodyInflation SuitInflation WGT OverEating Eating WeightGain Burping BellyFetish WeightGainTease Feeder Gainer CandyLeBra tmc867"

Blueberry Cocktail
"Caroline gets a special blueberry cocktail. She busts out of her clothes and turns blue. The bartender squeezes her to juice her. The more he does that the more turned on she becomes. She cums blueberry juice ot of her mouth. Very Hot"
TAGS: " Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion Juiced FredFlate Fred CarolinePierce Caroline Pornstar Mature tmc872"

Trapped by the Trailer Toilet
"Sasha`s neighbor hates her and brings over a box of tainted cookies. Her belly inflates huge. She ends up on toilet where her breasts and the rest of her body grow and burst out of her clothes until she is trapped nude in her trailer bathroom."
TAGS: " Magic BE Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation BellyInflation Inflation Expansion AustinLynn Austin SashaSlayer Sasha Amazon Young Brunette TattoosandPiercings BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc875"

He Wants Me Fat
"Harley`s boyfriend likes bigger women and when she decides to diet he leaves a tainted batch of her favorite snacks. She eats them and inflates to about 5 times her size."
TAGS: " Expansion Inflation Eating Young BodyInflation SuitInflation Harley tmc889"

I Am Gonna Blow: Breast and Body Terror Explosion
"Marcy took a nap after lunch. She has a serious peanut allergy and did not realize there were nuts in her salad she wakes to blowing up out of control and explodes. (first time trying suit so couple issues)"
TAGS: " Marcy BE BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation BellyInflation Inflation Expansion Young Brunette BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc907"

Blueberry Night Is The Best
"CoCo is blown off by a new boyfriend so makes the best of the night. She pulls out her suit and blueberry gum and has a great time feeling her skin stretch and filling up with juice until she gets so big she pops. (bubbles included)"
TAGS: " CoCoVelvet CoCo Redhead Pornstar Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry Inflation BubbleGum Bubbles Expansion tmc932"

I am So Full of Blueberries and They Feel Funny
"Marcy can`t stop eating Blueberry Strudel. She eats so much her belly fills up with juice until it becomes too heavy for her to handle and she changes into something bigger and turns into a huge blueberry. Horrified reaction to burst."
TAGS: " Marcy BellyExpansion BellyInflation Inflation Belly Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry FluidInflation Popping ClothesBusting Expansion tmc942"

A Bad Boy Turned Blueberry
"Charley is at a doctors appointment. When the doctor leaves the room he tells him not to touch anything but Charley does not listen. He finds a piece of blue gum and turns into a large blueberry."
TAGS: " Charley Wonka SuitInflation Blueberry Inflation BubbleGum Bubbles Expansion tmc944"

Inflating with the Flu
"Jennique is home with a strange flu. She is congested and bloated. She falls asleep reading and wakes up to her body inflating. She can`t stay balanced and runs to street trying to figure out what to do. Scared inflation but suit does not get huge."
TAGS: " Jennique Maly Expansion Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc963"

Super Bloat Bar Disaster
"This is an older clip I did not put up because of a couple suit issues but just watched it and decided to put up. Karen goes on blind date who ditches her because she is bloated and it gets out of control and she gets stuck in bar doorway."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Blonde Karen Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation tmc993"

Look How Big and Blue You are Making Me
"Poison wants you to jack off for her. She knows the more turned on the bigger she gets. She wants to become a giant blueberry. The bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. Price lower due to some suit and camera issues."
TAGS: " Inflation Poison Expansion MasturbationInstruction Blueberry POV Wonka MissPoison SuitInflation tmc995"

The Tainted Sweat Suit
"Crystal ordered a small grey sweat suit and recieved the same sweatsuit 5 times larger in a package that day. She finds how big the sweatsuit is as funny and tries it on only for it to inflate huge. She finally pulls herself up to find who sent it."
TAGS: " CrystalClark Crystal Expansion Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation tmc998"

After The Blackout
"Kissy comes home drunk one night and wakes up to a gross rash across her face and hands. She begins to grow back fat then gets turned on by giant breast growth. Eventually she calls for help and is ignored. Her breasts deflate and her whole body inflates."
TAGS: " Kissy Expansion BreastExpansion BackFatInflation BodyInflation SuitInflation ClothesDestruction BreastInflation Inflation tmc1017"

The Spa Part 2
"Angelella finds her peace in a relaxation suit at the spa."
TAGS: " Angelella SuitInflation Blonde Spa Inflation tmc1035"

Furry Fast Inflations
"Joline then Quinn Two Fast Furry Inflations."
TAGS: " Joline Quinn BodyInflation Inflation Expansion Young SuitInflation Eating BellyStuffing tmc1045"

Body Inflation Interactive: Big Sexy Balloon Skin
"Savannah puts on her big blue inflatable sweat suit for you. She knows how much it turns you on and she wants you to jack off and cum all over her growing body. She realizes that her skin is changing into latex and strips off her suit and shows off."
TAGS: " SavannahFox MasturbationInstruction BeltPop POV Savannah Pornstar Inflation Young BodyInflation SuitInflation Expansion tmc1050"

Body Inflation Interactive: Want Me to Be Your Live Blow Up Doll
"Mika puts on her Inflation Pajamas and shoves a tube up her ass and inflates her body. She expands so big she blasts the buttons off and has orgasm. She is so turned on she wantes to become your big latex blow up doll and wants you to cum for her."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika MasturbationInstruction Asian Pornstar BodyInflation SuitInflation ButtonPopping Expansion POV Inflation tmc1056"

Captive Alien Inflation
"A green suited alien with a huge bloated
TAGS: " BodyInflation JoclynStone Pornstar KymberlyJane Kymberly Joclyn Inflation BellyInflation Alien SuitInflation ForcedInflation tmc1068"

X-SPANDER: Accidental Body Inflation Lesbians
"Stung by a bee Firefly takes some thyroid pills by mistake & when she takes allergy pills she notices the warning TAKING WITH THYROID MEDICATION CAN CAUSE FBE. Firefly balloons up
TAGS: " X-SPANDER BodyInflation Expansion SuitInflation BabyFirefly Inflation tmc1077"

Random Colorful Inflations and Transformations
"Tasia gets some weird colorful cookies left on her porch. She eats them and gets bright makeup
TAGS: " BreastExpansion HairColorChange LipInflation LipExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Tasia Magic BodyInflation Expansion SuitInflation Belly Expansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion Inflation tmc1083"

Becoming a Panda
"Margie is tricked by her boss and becomes the zoo`s new female panda. She is terrified and fights the change. Suit inflation at the end"
TAGS: " Transformation TailGrowth EarGrowth AnimalTransformation HairColorChange Inflation SuitInflation BodyInflation Expansion Margie tmc1093"

Blueberry Diet Deception
"Lady Rayne`s is on a new diet that includes her wearing a big purple fitness suit. Her Mom sabotages her diet so she ends up turning into a huge blueberry for her Mom`s personal blueberry juice supply."
TAGS: " Blueberry SuitInflation Wonka Expansion LadyRayne Inflation BBW tmc1099"

OMG This Suit Has Become My Skin
"Austin got a job at a new theme casino. She opened her package for her costume and was horrified to find a big rubber suit. She chewed some of the gum in the box and became consumed by the suit"
TAGS: " AustinLynn Austin Bubbles Pornstar Blueberry SuitInflation Wonka Expansion Inflation tmc1101"

Blueberry Pie to Blueberry Bliss
"Dita eats pie she is not supposed to eat. She leaks bb juice and blue berries from her pussy and nipples. She changes grows belly boobs then turns into giant bb. Fear turns to squirting bb orgasmic bliss."
TAGS: " Blueberry SuitInflation Topless BreastInflation DitaDay Young NaturalBreasts BreastExpansion Wonka Expansion Inflation Dita tmc1103"

Blueberry Humiliation Inflation Punishment
"Quinn is a rebellious 18 year old. Her mother punishes her by making her chew blue gum and wear a giant blue sweatsuit. Embarassed Scared growth with bubbles
TAGS: " Quinn QuinnRain BubbleGum Humiliation LucyStardust Lucy Young Wonka Blueberry SuitInflation Expansion Inflation tmc1104"

Blueberry Boi!
"Josh wants to gain weight so his friend Lucy gives him a huge blue suit & after he puts it on his body begins to inflate & his skin and FEET turns blue! He turns Humongous and Bright Blue!"
TAGS: " Lucy Josh JoshBlu Expansion MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka BodyInflation SuitInflation Inflation tmc1111"

Blueberry Revenge
"Beatrix keeps using Lucy`s credit card to shop with so Lucy decides turn her into a blueberry. Once she grows full of juice she is popped."
TAGS: " LucyStardust Lucy Young Wonka Blueberry SuitInflation Expansion Inflation Beatrix Blonde tmc1113"

Sniff Deep: Blueberry Transformation
"Tainted flowers turn college student into a blueberry. Lower price due to some issues with clip production. This is Dragons first clip. I think you guys will love her."
TAGS: " Dragon Asian LucyStardust Lucy Young Wonka Blueberry SuitInflation Expansion Inflation tmc1114"

POV Blueberry Interactive: Caroline Pierce
"You return home from a date with your new girlfriend Caroline and she lets you in on a secret. The more she gets turned on the more blue she becomes and the more she fills up with juice. She makes you jack off for her as she grows and explodes with you."
TAGS: " Caroline CarolinePierce Wonka Blueberry SuitInflation Expansion Inflation MasturbationInstruction Pornstar Mature POV tmc1121"

Canine Futa Inflation Montage
"This is an odd clip. Austin is turning to wolf type creature jacks off to moon and goes into chamber comes out inflates and gets larger/wider /taller and snout. Not typical animal trans clip there were some issues."
TAGS: " AustinLynn Austin Futa SuitInflation Expansion Futanari Pornstar Young AnimalTransformation Inflation Transformation tmc1132"

Firehose Revenge
"Charlot is sick of her nasty insulting roommate Dita. While fighting a fire that begins in the kitchen Charlot becomes furious. She shoves the hose in Ditas mouth blowing her up with while insulting her."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Young Expansion Charlot CharlotHarlot Inflation ButtonPopping BeltPopping SuitInflation ForcedInflation tmc1136"

Catfighting Firehose Roommate
"Crystal is sick of her roommate Victoria laying around making the house a mess. They get into huge physical fight. Crystal takes her down ties her up and shoves a firehose down throat and blows her up until she bursts and is spraying water everywhere."
TAGS: " Crystal CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation ButtonPopping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1141"

Balloons Hate Sharp Objects
"Lucy captures sexy amputee model Arielle. She is passed out and wakes up to Lucy inflating all her body parts while threatening her with a dart. When she is finished with her she blows her up in suit and pops her."
TAGS: " Amputee Arielle BodyInflation Expansion SuitInflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion BellyInflation Belly BellyExpansion BeltPop Lucy LucyStardust ButtInflation Revenge tmc1163"

Catfighting Firehose Burglar
"Crystal returns to find a burglar. A fight begins and Crystal is knocked out cold. The burglar strips her down and gets more and more turned on at the though of filling her. Halfway through she wakes up terrified as water shoots out of all her pores."
TAGS: " Crystal Nudity CrystalClark Victoria CatFighting Inflation Fighting ClothesRipping SuitInflation Expansion ForcedInflation tmc1167"

Juice Me Pleeeassseee
"Oompa Loompa loves her Blueberry girl. She gives her bb gum and watches her inflate while she reminds her how much she loves her the more blue and bigger she becomes. OL can`t wait to get her into the juicing room and BB girl can`t wait to be juiced"
TAGS: " Ophelia Starla OompaLoompa Expansion BubbleGum Inflation BodyInflation Wonka Bubbles SuitInflation Blueberry tmc1171"

Tainted Blueberries
"Eli got some tainted blueberries and turns into one. He starts getting blue spots then starts inflating huge until he explodes blueberry juice."
TAGS: " Expansion MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka BodyInflation SuitInflation Inflation Eli tmc1184"

Tricked and Anally Inflated Full Bodies
"Two girls ready to go to hotel party
TAGS: " EvaNotty Eva RichelleRyan Richelle BodyInflation Expansion BeltPopping Handjob Fireman Deflation Pornstar Inflation SuitInflation tmc1190"

Mean Mommy: A Double Blueberry Inflation
"Rebecca`s stepmother believed that bb juice kept her skin perfect and wanted an unlimited source of bb juice so found a way to turn her daughter into a bb. Once her horrified daughter spits on her and she turns into one herself. Both grow until they pop."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion Inflation Pornstar Joclyn JoclynStone SuitInflation Blueberry Pornstar RebeccaLove Rebecca BlueberryInflation tmc1194"

I Don`t Want to Be a Blueberry: Turn Me Back to My Skinny Self
"Joline is resting at home when an Oompa Loompa Sales woman comes by and sells her gum. When she begins to turn
TAGS: " Talulah JolineHex Joline OompaLoompa Wonka Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry Bubbles BlueberryInflation tmc1200"

O My God I Feel Funny
"KiKi was given a bag of gum and she can`t stop chewing and blowing bubbles. She starts to feel funny and turns into a blueberry."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion Inflation BubbleGum SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Bimbo Blonde Pornstar Bubbles KiKi KikiDaire tmc1209"

Blueberry Pie Inflation Madness
"Carmen finds blueberry pie & tries it & her finger & mouth begin to turn blue. She inflates into a huge blueberry & then explodes & then slim who also could not resist the pie turns into a blueberry also. Just Male and Just female versions to follow."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion LipInflation Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Carmen Slim tmc1210"

Blueberry Pie MALE Inflation Madness
"Carmen samples Talulah`s genetically modified blueberry pie & she blows up and turns blue like a blueberry. Then Slim tries the modified pie and also turns blue and swells up like a big blueberry."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation MaleInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Slim tmc1211"

Blueberry Pie FEMALE Inflation Madness
"Carmen samples Talulah`s genetically modified blueberry pie & she blows up and turns blue like a blueberry."
TAGS: " Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation LipExpansion LipInflation Wonka BlueberryInflation BodyInflation SkinColorChange Talulah Carmen tmc1214"

The Growing Blue Rash Becomes a Full Blueberry: Part 2
"Sablique busts through her clothes and turns into a beautiful full round blueberry. You arrive for your date with her and find her there scared and begging you to help her and juice her."
TAGS: " Sablique Wonka Transformation Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation tmc1223"

Her Blueberry Fantasy Come True
"Talulah has always wanted to be a blueberry so arrives at Oompa Loompa land. She is greeted by an Oompa Loompa who gives her gum. She turns with mixed emotions? excitement! Tried rolling but got cut short we had to stop shooting at studio I rented:(("
TAGS: " Blueberry Talulah BellyInflation BellyExpansion Transformation OompaLoompa BlueberryInflation Wonka Inflation Expansion SuitInflation tmc1224"

You Bleed Blue You Blueberry Bitch
"Joline goes out each night and hunts men to turn into blueberries for her pleasure. On this night Crystal is the only customer in the bar she pics a fight with her and turns her. She enjoys her new terrified blueberry until she spits juice and she bites."
TAGS: " Joline Crystal CrystalClark BlueberryInflation Expansion Transformation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Catfight BellyInflation Inflation BellyExpansion tmc1225"

I am Not Fluffy I am a Blueberry
"Irma eats all the blue gumballs and has fun turning into a blueberry. She busts out of her clothes. This is an older clip that was never released."
TAGS: " BlueberryInflation Blueberry Bubbles BubbleGum Wonka Inflation Irma Expansion SuitInflation tmc1232"

A Dangerous Reaction
"Richard returns from a jog where he had some strange berries and begins to sweat blue. He is terrified and when he realizes his entire body is blue and swelling. He inflates until he pops."
TAGS: " Wonka BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation MaleInflation Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Popping Richard SkinColorChange tmc1235"

I am Bluetiful Blueberry Now
"Ela ordered a new blue jumpsuit. After trying it on she feels amazing and starts getting blue hearts on her and more and more turned on. She loves how the transformation looks and feels."
TAGS: " ElaDarling Wonka SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation BeltPop SkinColorChange Ela Pornstar Blueberry tmc1243"

Broken Heart Inflation Suicide
"Talulahs BF dumps her right before a date when she thinks he is going to propose. She wants to just die. She connects hose to compressor and inserts it blowing up entire body to explosion. She tries to stop at end but fails and blows up."
TAGS: " SuitInflation BodyInflation Expansion Talulah Inflation Popping tmc1245"

Blueberry Juice Filled Breasts to Blueberry Terror
"Vicki is studying eating blueberries when she starts to get blue spots and grows giant juice filled blue breasts. She is terrified. She is scared when her full body fills with juice and she turns into a blueberry and blows up. Tiny girl sunk in bb suit."
TAGS: " Wonka Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation SuitInflation Blueberry BreastExpansion BreastInflation BlueberryInflation BeltPop Vicki VickiLee tmc1246"

A VERY Strange Day at The Spa
"Kym and Victoria get into a fight in sauna. Victoria knocks Kym out turns creature and carries her into a body bag. She hooks her to helium tank and starts fire. Kym turns to superhero busts out sticks firehose in Vic she inflates. They both crush Crystal"
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly Victoria Crystal CrystalClark Pornstar SuitInflation Inflation Fight ForcedInflation Expansion Helium tmc1253"

The Assassin
"Poison is an assassin hired to take out Dita. Her first attempt fails and Dita blows her up. She reforms comes back and blows up Dita."
TAGS: " Dita DitaDay Poison MissPoison ForcedInflation SuitInflation HoseInflation BeltPop Inflation Expansion tmc1259"

Full of Fluid and Trapped in Bed
"Poison is home sick and cant stop drinking. She is completely dehydrated. She notices a layer of fluid on skin that grows out of control. She blow up with fluid jiggly fat and is horrified until she explodes."
TAGS: " MissPoison Poison FluidInflation SuitInflation FullBodyInflation Inflation tmc1264"

Sauna Suit Gone Wrong
"Carmen orders a sauna suit to get rid of extra water weight before a big photo shoot. She sleeps in sauna and Instead of making her lose water weight she retains it and becomes a giant blubbery fluid filled terrified model unable to exit the sauna"
TAGS: " FluidInflation SuitInflation Expansion Pornstar FullBodyInflation Inflation CarmenValentina Carmen BeltPop tmc1267"

Fashion CEO Turned Blueberry
"Karen owns a fashion company and is sent a new latex fashion. She tries it on and it inflates and she turns into a BB. She is furious when she realizes a competitor sent it and she gets stuck in doorway leaving for revenge."
TAGS: " KarenFisher Karen Blonde Mature Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion Inflation SuitInflation Pornstar Blueberry tmc1278"

Tortured by a Leprechaun
"Jaylyn is taunted and tortured by Leprechaun. The Leprechaun grows her breasts
TAGS: " Jaylyn Transformation Talulah BreastExpansion BreastInflation SuitInflation ButtInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka BlueberryInflation Bubbles Blueberry Leprechaun AssExpansion tmc1280"

Becoming a Delta Blueberry Task
"In order to become a `Delta` each pledge must chew the magic Blueberry gum and be juiced by the sorority. It is Pledge Janera`s turn and the girls flake so Crystal is left to juice her alone."
TAGS: " Janera Crystal Blueberry CrystalClark Pornstar Expansion BlueberryInflation BeltPop Inflation SuitInflation Wonka tmc1282"

POV: Mika`s Blueberry Games
"Mika wants to have some fun with you and blueberry gum."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Bubbles Asian BubbleGum Wonka BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Pornstar POV Mature Blueberry tmc1292"

The Blueberry Virus
"Bunny calls out of school because of a blue rash on her hands and feet. As she waits in doctors office with the nurse she turns into a large human blueberry."
TAGS: " Wonka SuitInflation Inflation HairColorChange Expansion BlueberryInflation Transformation BodyInflation BunnyDeLaCruz Bunny LucyStardust Lucy SkinColorChange tmc1301"

"Pink power ranger decontaminates in clear suit after being covered in contaminated fluid."
TAGS: " Sablique ClearSuit SuitInflation Inflation tmc1325"

Kitty Berry
"Sinn Arrives to work to find a package with a beautiful collar with a bell. She puts it on and the transformation begins. At first she is totally turned on by the entire process until she realizes she is drowning in blueberry juice."
TAGS: " SinnSage HairColorChange BlueberryInflation SkinColorChange Inflation NylonDestruction Pornstar Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Transformation AnimalTransformation Cat Expansion Magic BreastInflation BreastExpansion tmc1326"

Bound by a Cursed Collar and Blown Up For Life
"10 years after high school graduation Lori still hates the head cheerleader and plans a spell to force her to be a blow up doll for life. She puts spell on collar that binds suit to her body for life."
TAGS: " Lori Talulah SuitInflation PVCInflation Inflation Expansion Magic tmc1340"

I am So Fat and Round I Will Never Hula Hoop Again
"It`s the night before a big Hula Hoop competition when Kitty finds her hoop has turned blue. She tries it and starts turning blue where it touches her body. She gets a large juice filled belly until she turns into a giant juice filled blueberry then pops."
TAGS: " KittyClark Kitty Tattoos Piercings Blueberry Wonka BellyInflation BellyExpansion BlueberryInflation FluidInflation SuitInflation Inflation Expansion tmc1349"

Big Blue and Blown Up In The Doorway
"Rexy eats tainted blueberries and gets a layer of fluid across her breasts and belly that keeps growing as she begins to turn blue. She grows into a giant BB desperate to survive. She tries with all her strength to squeeze thru the doorway but pops."
TAGS: " Rexi Blueberry Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Wonka Popping tmc1352"

A Terrifying Transformation with and Explosive Ending
"Cienna purchases a mirror from an estate sale. As she looks at herself she begins the terrifying process. First blue skin spots
TAGS: " Cienna Blueberry HairColorChange Transformation Popping BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion Wonka SuitInflation tmc1356"

Blueberry Obsessed Oompa Loompa and Her Blueberry Machine
"Lola is an Oompa Loompa that can`t get enough blueberry girls. She created a machine to make them. Hollie is a scared
TAGS: " HollieMack Lola Hollie Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Wonka OompaLoompa ForcedInflation tmc1358"

A Bartenders Blueberry Revenge
"Chloe goes into bar with no ID as she is 19. The bartender will only serve her a glass of water and a piece of gum and leaves
TAGS: " Chloe ChloeCarter Young Pornstar Lucy LucyStardust Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Wonka tmc1362"

Fear to Pleasure to Pop
"Harley`s ex boyfriend gave her tainted bubblegum which they both devour. Lucys belly fills with fluid and Harleys breasts turn to fluid and they turn into blueberries. First they are scared then turns to pleasure and they explode. Mild camera issue"
TAGS: " Harley Lucy Blueberry Bubbles Wonka BlueberryInflation Expansion BubbleGum Popping Inflation LucyStardust SuitInflation tmc1364"

Scared and Excited at The Same Time: A Blueberry Transformation
"Pistol gets tainted energy drink from competitive friend. He is both scared and a bit excited by the transformation into a blueberry. He begins to drown and begs to be juiced."
TAGS: " Blueberry Wonka Transformation BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Pistol BellyExpansion Inflation Expansion MaleInflation BellyInflation FluidInflation tmc1366"

Blueberry Terror at the Candy Factory
"Lucid and her Mother go to candy factory and Lucid chews gum she is not supposed to chew. Wonka tells her to spit it out and she refuses. She turns into BB. Her mother is furious and she is terrified. At end they begin to roll her to the juicing room."
TAGS: " Lucid Dita DitaDay Young LucyStardust Lucy Blueberry BlueberryInflation Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BubbleGum Bubbles Wonka tmc1370"

Not Ready For Human Consumption
"Mr K answers an ad on CraigsList from Mr Wonka to test out experimental gum. He shows up at his home and helps himself to the wrong gum and turns into a blueberry. Mr Wonka lets him know he must be juiced while Mr K freaks and fills with juice."
TAGS: " Blueberry MrK Jason BubbleGum BlueberryInflation Transformation SuitInflation Inflation Expansion MaleInflation Wonka Jason tmc1376"

His Blueberry Ordeal
"Jason has been having major anxiety about a phone interview so orders a relaxation drink and suit. Right before the important meeting he begins to turn blue and inflate and ultimately turns into a giant blueberry. Explosive ending."
TAGS: " MaleInflation Blueberry Wonka SuitInflation Jason Expansion Inflation Transformation BlueberryInflation tmc1379"

POV: I am Becoming a Giant Human Balloon Turned On Until I Pop
"Coco loves balloons and orders an inflatable suit that turns her into a human balloon. She gets more and more turned on as her skin stretches out huge and tight and finally explodes as you stroke your cock to her. HOT full body teasing inflation clip."
TAGS: " CoCoVelvet CoCo ClothesDestruction Pornstar POV MasturbationInstruction Tease Asian SuitInflation FullBodyInflation Inflation Expansion Popping tmc1382"

Spell Drunken Blueberry Transformation/Explosion
"Katya`s witch friend wants her man and turns her into a large juicy blueberry. Each step of the spell is realized as she fills with juice her belt buttons burst and finally she overfills with juice and explodes in a puddle of juice and blue skin."
TAGS: " Katya KatyaKane Talulah Transformation Magic BeltPop Popping Inflation Expansion SuitInflation Blueberry BlueberryInflation Wonka Burp Burping tmc1387"

School Girls Blueberry Transformation and Explosion
"Crystal and Jenna are in detention. Crystal gives Jenna some gum that turns her into a giant blueberry. Jenna is scared as Crystal teases her in all kinds of ways. When Crystal realizes Jenna is going to blow up she leaves. Great explosion."
TAGS: " JennaRoss Jenna Crystal CrystalClark Inflation Expansion SuitInflation BlueberryInflation Redhead Pornstar Blueberry Wonka Popping tmc1393"

POV: The Harder Your Cock Gets the Fatter I Grow For You
"Very hot gaining tease. The bigger your cock gets for Mika the fatter she gets for you. She teases you with what she wants you to do to her growing body as she grows huge along with your cock."
TAGS: " MikaTan Mika Mature MasturbationInstruction Inflation Expansion Tease Pornstar WeightGainTease WeightGain Asian SuitInflation POV WGT tmc1396"

Orgasmic Big Balloon Body
"Kymberly loves balloons and wants to be a balloon. She orders a special suit that when inflated will turn her skin into latex. She inflates and is extremely turned on by her new form."
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly ClothesDestruction Expansion ClothesDestruction Balloons SuitInflation POV Inflation tmc1399"

Dita Loves Balloons: An Orgasmic Transformation and Explosion
"Dita`s students throw her a party. After school she is left alone with the balloons. She gets so turned on by her fantasy to become a balloon she makes it a reality. She becomes a huge balloon in orgasmic ecstacy and fills to capacity then explodes."
TAGS: " DitaDay Dita Young SuitInflation Balloons Popping Inflation ClothesDestruction Expansion Helium tmc1402"

SaddleBag Banks Gets Her Revenge
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in high school. She is now a scientist/doctor and figures a formula to inflate them until explosion. The first girl she gets revenge on is Sablique."
TAGS: " Sablique Talulah PuffyCheeks SuitInflation TalulahBanks Inflation Expansion Popping Revenge tmc1405"

Fatty McBanks Gets Her Blueberry Revenge On the Head Cheerleader
"Talulah goes back to her hometown to get revenge on the girls who made fun of her for being fat in school. She`s now a scientist/doctor with a formula to inflate and make them explode. She tortures Sofie humiliating her and turning her to BB till pop"
TAGS: " Blueberry SofieSinclair Sofie Inflation Expansion BlueberryInflation SuitInflation Transformation Blonde Talulah PuffyCheeks Wonka Revenge Popping tmc1408"