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Clips featuring taffy in the store...

Blown Up and Ready to Explode
"Taffy sits down for a Large Sunday brunch and gets the surprise of her life. Her belly starts to expand huge. It grows up into the table and she frantically tries to rip her dress off out of fear she is going to explode."
TAGS: " Taffy Asian Young BellyExpansion tmc410"

Who Needs to Know A Speech With Tits Like This
"Taffy has a school speech and can hardly stay awake to memorize it. She tries some stuff she bought on campus to stay awake and passes out. She wakes up a very different woman glamorous
TAGS: " Taffy Asian NerdToGlam Young Transformation Bimbo Magic BE BreastExpansion tmc411"

Beautiful Asian Sushi Stuffer and Burper
"Beautiful Asian model Taffy eats a ton of sushi. At the end of the meal she orders a coke and provides numerous burps."
TAGS: " FaceStuffing Asian BellyStuffing WeightGain Eating Drinking Burping Burp Taffy Young BellyFetish OverEating tmc430"