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All Carrot Diet Nightmare
"Alura is happy with her figure but her boyfriend wants her to lose weight so she goes on an all carrot diet and experiences bizarre side effects."
TAGS: " Alura Jenson Pornstar ButtInflation Inflation Expansion TailGrowth AluraJenson AnimalTransformation TF Transformation AssExpansion HairGrowth NailGrowth tmc593"

Helena Heifer
"Helena has eaten a lot of beef in TaylorMadeClips` bellystuffing and vore videos. She beings to dream of beef and wakes up and begins to turn into a cow."
TAGS: " Helena HelenaStrong Inflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Transformation Strong EarGrowth TailGrowth TF AnimalTransformation BellyInflation AssExpansion ButtInflation tmc598"

Mane `n Tail
"After Caroline uses Mane `n Tail horse shampoo her hair is so improved she decides to take horse vitamin supplements with it and soon she begins to turn into a horse. Some issues during shooting."
TAGS: " Caroline CarolinePierce Expansion Inflation EarGrowth TailGrowth Mature AnimalTransformation Transformation FootGrowth TF AssExpansion ButtInflation NailGrowth Futa PenisExpansion tmc686"

"Alice gets a present of an ornate glass dildo but while using it some strange things start happening to her. She grows a tail
TAGS: " Alice AliceFrost Young Transformation BellyInflation Inflation HairGrowth AnimalTransformation TF Hardcore TailGrowth EarGrowth tmc732"

MAXGROWTH: Tiger Tease
"Katya is looking to steal some drugs from her employer
TAGS: " Maxgrowth TailGrowth Katya EarGrowth Transformation AnimalTransformation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation tmc1081"

Becoming a Panda
"Margie is tricked by her boss and becomes the zoo`s new female panda. She is terrified and fights the change. Suit inflation at the end"
TAGS: " Transformation TailGrowth EarGrowth AnimalTransformation HairColorChange Inflation SuitInflation BodyInflation Expansion Margie tmc1093"

Going Ape
"Dita slowly becomes an ape. She is terrified and fights the change. Futa ending"
TAGS: " Transformation AnimalTransformation TailGrowth Dita DitaDay Young Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion tmc1109"

BE Spell Gone Bad
"Irma casts spell to grow breasts when things change. Her breasts deflate and she quickly turns into a rat type creature."
TAGS: " BreastExpansion BreastDeflation Young EarGrowth BreastInflation TailGrowth Inflation Expansion Irma AnimalTransformation Witch Transformation tmc1126"

One Night Stand: A Donkey Transformation
"A weird one night stand leads to a donkey transformation. A little Futa included."
TAGS: " KymberlyJane Kymberly EarGrowth TailGrowth Futanari AnimalTransformation Futa Transformation tmc1131"

Bimbo To Big Ass French Poodle
"Talulah is excited about her upcoming trip to France. She eats some french dog food by accident grows a giant ass and turns into a pink poodle."
TAGS: " Talulah Expansion Bimbo ButtInflation AssExpansion AnimalTransformation Inflation Transformation TailGrowth tmc1140"

A CAT Burglar Transformation
"Caroline is a cat burglar that steals an Egyptian statue and begins her transformation to a hermaphrodite cat. She is mesmerized by the statue grows fangs
TAGS: " Caroline EarGrowth BreastInflation HairGrowth CarolinePierce TailGrowth Cat AnimalTransformation Transformation BreastExpansion PenisExpansion DickGirl Futa Futanari Expansion Pornstar Inflation tmc1155"

A CAT Burglar Transformation: Non Futa Version
"Caroline is a cat burglar that steals an Egyptian statue and begins her transformation to a cat. She is mesmerized by the statue grows fangs
TAGS: " Caroline EarGrowth BreastInflation HairGrowth CarolinePierce TailGrowth Cat AnimalTransformation Transformation BreastExpansion Expansion Pornstar Inflation tmc1156"

MAXGROWTH: Chameleon Callgirl (Part 2)
"Rebecca grows her ass even bigger
TAGS: " MaxGrowth Rebecca Cat BellyInflation EarGrowth TailGrowth AssExpansion ButtInflation BellyExpansion Pregnant Preggo Transformation Nudity AnimalTransformation tmc1170"

Savannah Fox Becomes a FOX
"Savannah is hanging out at home with her boyfriend and smokes some tainted tobacco. She starts to give him a BJ when her eyes turn yellow and she grows ears. Terrified
TAGS: " AnimalTransformation Oral-Blowjob Pornstar TailGrowth EarGrowth Transformation SavannahFox Savannah Fox tmc1189"

"Cat transformation."
TAGS: " Kitschy KitschyKoo HairColorChange Transformation AnimalTransformation CatTransformation Inflation Expansion BreastInflation BreastExpansion HourGlass ButtInflation AssExpansion TailGrowth EarGrowth tmc1297"

Full of Milk
"Kimmy is a scientist who discovers a formula to improve cows. She spills some on herself and turns into a lactating cow."
TAGS: " KimmyLee Kimmy Lactation CowTransformation Pornstar TailGrowth EarGrowth Transformation Asian AnimalTransformation tmc1310"

Pot Belly Mouse Transformation
"Sablique wakes up with rodent eyes and begins a quick transition to a partial mouse."
TAGS: " Sablique BellyExpansion HairColorChange Transformation Expansion EarGrowth TailGrowth BellyInflation Inflation AnimalTransformation tmc1318"

A Large Round Belly Sparkle Pony Transformation
"Sandra eats sparkle donuts and transforms into a round belly sparkle pony."
TAGS: " TailGrowth EarGrowth Transformation Preggo Pregnant AnimalTransformation Sandra Magic tmc1346"