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Clips featuring tjung in the store...

Slap-Spit Mayhem
"Taylor Savanna and Tjung keep themselves amused by slapping spitting on and verbally harassing this loser. They fill glasses with spit and make him drink them torture his nipples give him wedgies spank him and slam his face with a ton of heavy slaps"
TAGS: " Pain Taylor Tjung Savanna Spanking Humiliation Slapping Spit Spitting Violence Blonde fd004"

Clips featuring tjung in the store...

Sleepy Flannel Farts
"Tjung is taking a nap in her pajamas and while letting go of some major gas. TONS of raw footage cut down to 3 minutes & 20+ Farts!"
TAGS: " FabricFarts Tjung Wet Facefarts Humiliation tfg060"

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"First rule of FART CLUB....never mention FART CLUB. Taylor and Savanna and Tjung treat this slave like a roll of toilet paper. He`s forced to sniff farts and is nose deep in three very smelly asses. Hot Clip!"
TAGS: " Tandem Mistress Taylor Tjung Savannah Facefarts Femdom Humiliation tfg061"

Beans and Cigarettes Aftermath
"Taylor and Tjung enjoy a meal of cigarettes and beans. Taylor calls for fart face and in crawls their slave. As they fart all over him and they make him beg for them and say how much he loves it. High Quality Farts!"
TAGS: " Tandem Nude Mistress Taylor Tjung Food Facefarts Femdom Humiliation tfg063"

Fart Snowstorm
"Tjung finds her man`s stash and has had enough. She decides to fart all over it. She blows the white powder everywhere with her gas. When he gets home she shoves his face into the corrupted stuff."
TAGS: " Tjung FaceFarts BigAss FemDom tfg068"