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Clips featuring trample in the store...

Ballbusting Trample Game
"Mistress Taylor terrorizes her slave who can take a mean high heel trample but just don`t bust his balls. She places small balls on and around his nuts and crushes them as she frightens the crap out of the slave."
TAGS: " Taylor Mistress Ballbusting Trampling Humiliation Trample BootFetish NaturalBreasts fd112"

Femdom Balloon Clip Trampling Facesitting Smothering etc.
"Taylor is ANGRY. Her LOSER boyfriend brought her the WRONG present. She burst close to 50 balloons on him and verbally berates him and tramples him and facesits him till an inch of his life and crushes him with her legs in tight scizzors."
TAGS: " Balloons Trample Looning Taylor Humiliation Trampling Smothering FaceSitting Mistress NaturalBreasts fd113"

Playtime for Brooke!
"Goddess Brooke taunts and humiliates a schmuck as she jumps rope and tramples him and whips him with the toy."
TAGS: " Humiliation Whipping Brooke Trampling GirlyDommes BrookeScott Young Pornstar Trample fd117"

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Boot Stink and Trample
"Smelly foot and trample with Princess Chloe."
TAGS: " Trampling Young Pornstar Chloe GirlyDommes BootFetish Trample Feet FootStink Humiliation fd123"

Trampletine Slave
"Mistress Heather is nineteen and already VERY MEAN. Watch her jump up and down as high and hard as she can on her saran wrapped slave who is unable to move."
TAGS: " Trampling Humiliation Heather GirlyDommes Mistress Young Trample fd137"

Trampletine in Heels
"Mistress Heather the nineteen year old mistress is back for some more trampling but this time she brought her heels."
TAGS: " Trampling Humiliation Heather GirlyDommes Mistress Young Trample fd138"

Boredom Contusions
"Goddess Kaci is bored so she humiliates and injures her loser slave to pass the time."
TAGS: " Trampling Humiliation Kaci KaciStarr GirlyDommes Young Pornstar Trample fd148"

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Live Show Facestanding
"Taylor doing some live webcam show facestanding. Included is some ass worship and a couple trample jumps."
TAGS: " Trampling NaturalBreasts FootSmothering Humiliation Taylor FaceStanding AssWorship Mistress Trample fd152"

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You are a Loser: I am going Shopping Smother-Trample
"Mistress Sweet uses her slave as a seat cutting off his air supply while she plans a shopping trip with her girlfriends on the phone. Before she leaves for her shopping trip she quickly stops to walk all over her slave."
TAGS: " FaceSitting Trampling Trample Smothering Beth BethSweet Humiliation Blonde Pornstar fd165"

Dirty Floor Tickle Torture/Smother/Trample
"Kayla`s roomate can`t keep the place clean and she is fed up. She ties him and and tickle tortures him until he is almost sick. Every now and then she gets bored and stands on him or just sits on his face."
TAGS: " Tickle Humiliation Tickling Trampling Trample Smothering Socks Pornstar Mature Kayla KaylaKam KaylaQuinn FaceSitting fd180"

Sit Right There and Suffocate in My Huge Ass
"Heidi looks AMAZING as she tells her slave he is going to be her `floor for today`. After a brief stint of heavy trampling she tells him to `suffocate under her huge ass` and goes for some heavy nude face sitting in an attempt to take him out."
TAGS: " POV POVHumiliation Humiliation Heidi HeidiMayne GirlyDommes Young Smothering Blonde FaceSitting Trampling Trample AssWorship fd207"

Clips featuring trample in the store...

Amazon Destruction of Man
TAGS: " Amazon Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation AmazonAmanda PowerfulWomen BBW Smothering Trampling Trample Spitting TallWomen FaceSitting StrongWomen ab133"

Clips featuring trample in the store...

Trampling the Loser
"Maya tramples
TAGS: " Trample Smothering MayaHills Maya Trampling Humiliation Pornstar Maya Young Blonde gd002"

Trampletine in Heels
"Mistress Heather the nineteen year old mistress is back for some more trampling but this time she brought her heels."
TAGS: " Heather Young Trampling Trample Humiliation Mistress gd003"

Dirty Little Service Pig
"Goddess Trinity uses her `dirty little pig` for her amusement. She uses his mouth as a spittoon and for foot service and footstool and to stand on and more"
TAGS: " Young Trinity TrinityPost Trampling Trample Spitting Humiliation Pornstar FootWorship gd012"

Loser Husband Used
"Kaila Lynn uses her loser husband as a rug to stand on while she gets ready for a date with a `real man`. She reminds him what a loser he is and how she is looking forward to getting `real cock`."
TAGS: " Trampling Trample Humiliation Cuckold Kaiya KaiyaLynn FootWorship Young Pornstar gd026"

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Obnoxious Slave HOM/Trample Hell
"Maya came in to show off her new lingerie outfit to her roomates. Her male roomate laughed and told her it was ugly. That was it and L and Maya had had it with his obnoxious insults. Both threw him on the ground while L trampled him and"
TAGS: " Maya FaceSitting MayaHills Humiliation MistressL Mistress Trample Trampling Young Blonde Pornstar gd057"