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Witch Trinity`s Spell Induced Accelerated Pregnancy
"In an almost dialogless clip Trinity is a witch who has a ceremony to cast a spell giving her an extremely accelerated pregnancy."
TAGS: " Trinity Expansion BellyInflation Inflation Witchcraft Magic BellyExpansion Belly tmc1123"

Trailer Park Barbie`s New Boobs
"Trinity turns 21 & moves into new trailer park. She opens the refrigerator in her new trailer & some crazy smoke causes breast to grow bigger and bigger and she loves it. She forces her boobs into the smoke & it also makes her ass grow."
TAGS: " Trinity Young BreastExpansion Expansion Magic BreastInflation Inflation AssExpansion ButtInflation tmc1133"

Chained Voodoo Breast Growth
"Chained outside Trinity is appwoached by a Voodoo Priest who casts spell and her breasts grow huge. Once massive she leaves to be with him. Almost silent and clothes destruction."
TAGS: " Voodoo Trinity ClothesDestruction BreastInflation Inflation Expansion BreastExpansion tmc1143"

Clips featuring trinity in the store...

Suffocate Under My Perfect Ass
"Trinity tapes the little man down and crushes his `pathetic head` under her perfect ass and pussy. She teases him and smothers him until he passes out."
TAGS: " Trinity Ass SmallMan TrinityPost Giantess Smother ButtCrush Crush Crushing Smothering Humiliation Topless gts026"

Clips featuring trinity in the store...

Teasing Handjob with POT
"Goddess Trinity Post teases the slave with her pussy#NEXT#and perfect ass while jacking his cock and not allowing him to cum. When she finally allows him to cum she continues to stroke his cock forcing him to beg for her to stop."
TAGS: " Trinity BallPlay CBT Feet Cruel Young CockTease Petite Oral-Blowjob Footjob GirlyDommes PostOrgasmTorture tt151"

T&D Brunch
"This is the ALL BITING EDITION of this T&D Oralcentric Handjob as Trinity Post chomps down on the dude`s cock#NEXT# balls#NEXT# leg#NEXT# toe and his chest as well."
TAGS: " Trinity BallPlay CBT Cruel Young CockTease Petite Oral-Blowjob GirlyDommes PostOrgasmTorture tt153"

Clips featuring trinity in the store...

Dirty Little Service Pig
"Goddess Trinity uses her `dirty little pig` for her amusement. She uses his mouth as a spittoon and for foot service and footstool and to stand on and more"
TAGS: " Young Trinity TrinityPost Trampling Trample Spitting Humiliation Pornstar FootWorship gd012"