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Ball Busting T&D with Post Orgasm Torture
"A full length tease and denial where the guy is edging the whole clip--even when he`s getting his balls busted! AFTER HE CUMS MISTRESS TAYLOR TURNS HIS CROUCH INTO A FROTHY MESS WITH FAST AND RELENTLESS POST ORGASM COCK TORTURE."
TAGS: " Taylor Humiliation Recycling UsingTools Toys CBT BallPlay Smoking PostOrgasmTorture CockControl NaturalBreasts tt128"

Post Orgasm Torture Humiliation & Abuse
"This clip begins with Taylor and Kimberly tormenting a slave with a femdom handjob and then he cums without permission. Post Orgasm Sensitivity Torture is his reward but Taylor adds a big squirt of HEATING GEL into the mix."
TAGS: " Taylor Kimberly CBT Breasts Cruel Feet FootWorship UsingTools GirlyDommes NaturalBreasts PostOrgasmTorture Young Blonde Humiliation Smothering tt142"

Controlled Smothered and Destroyed
"Luscious keeps the slave under her control through various hand techniques right on the edge of orgasm leaving him begging to cum. When she finally decided to let him cum she laughs and she quickly destroyed his massive orgasm."
TAGS: " LusciousLopez FaceSitting AssWorship Toys Humiliation Luscious UsingTools Chastity CockControl Pornstar RuinedOrgasm Smothering Cfnm tt165"

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Riley`s Chastity Torture-Post Orgasm Torture Tease and Denial
"Riley tortures the slave with the chastity key and her perfect body. She teases his cock stopping every time he is just about to cum. The clip ends with some serious Post Orgasm Torture."
TAGS: " Riley PostOrgasmTorture Toys UsingTools Young Denial CockTease GirlyDommes Abandoned CockSlapping Fabric BallPlay Cfnm Chastity Humiliation tt167"

Cherry`s POV Chastity Tease
"This clip was supposed to be just a tease and denial handjob but Cherry had too much fun teasing and torturing the locked up cock. Finally#NEXT# half way through the clip she took the desperate cock out and stroked it to orgasm."
TAGS: " Cfnm Cherry Humiliation Toys UsingTools Young CockTease CherryPoppers Chastity Pornstar Girlydommes Cockslapping POV Petite tt168"

Denied and Locked Away
"Once unlocked you think it`s your lucky day. HA HA close but no luck today Heidi takes you to the edge then ruins your day."
TAGS: " Blonde HeadPlay Heidi HeidiMayne Chastity Pornstar GirlyDommes OrgasmDenial Denial CockTease POV Young Cfnm UsingTools tt186"

Honey`s Sensual Oral Cock Control Teasing Handjob with POT
"Honey teases the slave until he is ready to explode. Lots teasing
TAGS: " UsingTools Humiliation AssWorship POV Honey HoneyWhite Pornstar Oral-Blowjob PostOrgasmTorture MasturbationInstruction Chastity CockControl BallPlay Breasts-Titjob tt187"