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Veronica`s Orgasmic Vaginal Death Chamber
"Schoolgirl shrinks her classmates down and uses them for her pleasure. She swallows the ones she really hates and uses the rest for her pleasure inserting them in her pussy and ass until she reaches orgasm then she discusses it for you."
TAGS: " Insertion Topless Anal Ass POV Oral Pussy Nude Veronica VeronicaJett Vore VaginalVore Giantess Humiliation gts010"

The Teacher & Her Pupils
"Teacher shrinks her students and threatens to crush them. She eats some and some use inserts in her pussy as she loves to feel them squirm and suffer then die inside her for her pleasure. Great Stuff!"
TAGS: " Insertion Humiliation Topless Oral VeronicaJett Veronica Giantess Vore VaginalVore Pussy Nude gts014"

My Hole Will Swallow You up Little Men
"Delilah wakes up to find small men on her perfect giantess ass. She threatens to swallow them every way possible."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan Humiliation Pussy Ass Delilah Vore VaginalVore Mistress MistressDelilah Insertion Oral gts024"

911 There`s a Fire Down Below!
"MegaGts Kaci on a stroll sees a firetruck and decides somebody might not get saved today. She picks up the little man on the back of the truck and rubs him all over her breasts and ass before inserting him into her pussy and walking away."
TAGS: " Ass Kaci SmallMan KaciStarr Denim Topless Insertion VaginalVore Giantess Pussy gts025"

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Freeloaders Bumpy Ride
"Goddess Veronica is woken from a deep sleep to find little men all caught up in her pajamas. She freaks out and and rips the men out and eats some. She straps the rest to her dildo for insertion."
TAGS: " Giantess Topless SmallMan VaginalVore Veronica VeronicaJett Vore Oral Insertion Humiliation Nude Pussy gts031"

Unwelcomed Small Guests
"Unaware gts and forced small man sweaty foot worship and vore oral and more."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Feet Insertion Humiliation Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah FootWorship VaginalVore Oral Pussy gts036"

Shrunk and Used Stripper Style
"Blond stripper Crystal shrinks down customers who think she will go home with them and punishes them by using them for her own various forms of orgasmic pleasure."
TAGS: " Vore Topless VaginalVore Pussy Nude Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts051"

Shrunk then Caught Spying and USED
"She comes home from a long day at the office and strips down to go to sleep. She is awaken by small strange sounds and discovers tiny men watching her. The men complain they have been shrunken and are looking for help. She helps herself to their bodies."
TAGS: " Vore Topless Nude Pussy VaginalVore Crystal CrystalWhite Shrinking Mistress Insertion Oral Giantess SmallMan gts052"

The Last Dance
"It is the last song of the night at the local strip club and Honey is really horny. Her boyfriend was out of town so she decided to do something she used to before he moved in `shrink a man down andtake him home and use him to fulfill her needs.`"
TAGS: " Anal Ass Topless Oral SmallMan Vore Honey Insertion VaginalVore Giantess Nude Shrinking Pussy gts054"

Giantess Anal Love
"Big Red Giantess comes home to her little tiny boyfriend and uses him for her pleasure. Very hot oral
TAGS: " Anal Ass SmallMan Smother Smothering Nude Topless VaginalVore Vore Oral Humiliation Kore KoreGoddess Insertion Giantess gts059"

Tiny Man Pantyhose Playtime
"Honey plays with her little men in her pantyhose
TAGS: " Crush Crushing ButtCrush Honey HoneyWhite Feet Giantess Humiliation Insertion Oral Nude POV Smother Smothering VaginalVore Topless Vore gts061"

Drowned in Cum
"Serious punishment for cheating."
TAGS: " Anal Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Vore Humiliation Insertion Nude Topless Oral Pussy Shrinking SmallMan VaginalVore gts064"

"Years after being stood up for the prom she finds him and makes sure he pays.
TAGS: " Anal Eris Ass Gts Humiliation Insertion Giantess Nude Oral SmallMan Vore VaginalVore Pussy gts066"

You`re Mine Now You Little Bitches
"Shrunken down and used."
TAGS: " Humiliation Gts Eris Feet Vore Insertion Nude Oral Shrinking SmallMan Pussy VaginalVore gts068"

Double Penetration
"Two men shrunken down at a party and brought home to be stored and used as small sex toys. Moxxie uses them in various ways for her own pleasure ending in a human double penetration. She then stores them in her panties for future use."
TAGS: " Ass POV Anal Vore Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Giantess Gts Insertion Nude Oral Pussy Shrinking Topless VaginalVore gts070"

Tiny Loser Shrunk and Used
"Large angry Dominatrix humiliates client so he shrinks a couple feet. She smothers him with her ass/ass worship and he shrinks to size of tack. Oral vore and forced pussy worship and stores him in her ass for future use."
TAGS: " Pornstar Giantess Shrinking Pussy Gts Sydney Insertion SydneyCapri Anal VaginalVore Oral Smother Smothering AssWorship SmallMan Humiliation gts074"

Shrunken to Sex Slave : Georgia Peach
"You are late and shrunken down and turned into Georgia`s sex slave and used."
TAGS: " Anal Vore Pussy Georgia Giantess GeorgiaPeach Ass Insertion Shrinking POV Humiliation Oral Nude Topless VaginalVore SmallMan Gts gts079"

Used then Consumed
"Small man used suffocated to exhaustion in service for beautiful giantess pleasure then consumed."
TAGS: " Humiliation Insertion Vore Gts Giantess Oral Moxxie MoxxieMaddron Pussy SmallMan VaginalVore Topless Nude gts081"

I Want Anal Tonight Honey
"Heidi has a romantic night with her little tiny man."
TAGS: " Giantess SmallMan Oral Vore Anal VaginalVore Heidi HeidiMayne Ass Gts Insertion Nude Topless Pussy gts082"

Giantess Takes A Baking Break
"Giantess housewife is adding chips and little men to spice up her baking. She is enjoying tasting them as she cooks but gets horny and uses a few for her pleasure before she bakes them"
TAGS: " Vore Humiliation Nude VaginalVore Giantess SmallMan Oral Insertion Eris Pussy gts083"

Married To A Giant
"Tiny man marries a giant and is used for her pleasure then learns her real thoughts on men and where he will be stored and what he will be used for the rest of his life."
TAGS: " Giantess Vore Oral Penny PennyPoison Insertion VaginalVore SmallMan Pussy gts085"

Beautiful Blonde Bubble Bath Vore Massacre
"Helena is relaxing in her tub finds a variety of small men throughout her food and tub and becomes enraged. Large jagged teeth emerge with her anger as she hunts down and consumes and uses her human pray both orally and vaginally."
TAGS: " Vore Helena HelenaStrong VaginalVore Oral Insertion Humiliation Giantess Nude Pussy SmallMan Topless gts087"

A Tiny Man's Wedding Night
"Just married to a tiny man Helena uses him for her own pleasure on their wedding night."
TAGS: " Vore Helena HelenaStrong VaginalVore Oral Insertion Giantess Nude Pussy SmallMan Topless gts088"

Shrinking Vore Classroom Punishment
"Your teacher catches you reading a porn magazine in class and shrinks you down then plays with you in her mouth. She then decides where to store you in her pussy or her ass. She decides to use you as a sex toy then store you in her ass."
TAGS: " Crushing Crush Humiliation Vore VaginalVore Oral Anal Nude Pussy POV Shrinking GTS Giantess Kiki KikiDaire gts123"

Clips featuring vaginalvore in the store...

Unwelcomed Small Guests
"Unaware gts and forced small man sweaty foot worship and vore oral and more."
TAGS: " Vore Giantess Feet Insertion Humiliation Mistress SmallMan Delilah MistressDelilah FootWorship VaginalVore Oral Pussy del038"