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Clips featuring wrestling in the store...

Pindown Tickle and Punch Hell
"Mistress Taylor pins the slave down while Princess Maya tickles him focusing on his extremely ticklish feet. Both can`t resist throwing punches at this slave throughout the clip each time his belly is exposed."
TAGS: " Tickle BeatDown Taylor Mistress NaturalBreasts Maya MayaHills Tickling Wrestling Pain Violence Blonde Pornstar Young GirlyDommes fd098"

Ballbusting & Belly Punching Duo
"Mistress Sienna and Mistress Taylor beat the crap outta this slave. This is an all real--nothing faked--brutal beating."
TAGS: " Sienna Olivia Wrestling Pain BootFetish Violence Pantyhose-Stockings OliviaSaint BeatDown Ballbusting CBT Taylor Humiliation Mistress Pornstar NaturalBreasts fd114"

Princess Furniture
"Princess Kimberly is hanging out on her slaves face cutting off all his air. After too much struggling she gets him into a headlock and does HOM to shut him up."
TAGS: " Wrestling Smothering FaceSitting Kimberly GirlyDommes Young Blonde Humiliation fd145"

Clips featuring wrestling in the store...

AMAZON TAYLOR VS awww did the little man get hurt?
"AMAZON TAYLOR shows off her wrestling and legscissor skils as she tosses her male opponent around the ring."
TAGS: " Humiliation Powerful AmazonTaylor StrongWomen BeatDown Amazon StrengthComparison LiftingHumiliation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts Taylor MistressTaylor Wrestling BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen TallWomen ab001"

"Unbelievably sexy Taylor finds herself navel to face with her nemesis. She slaps him down to the ground with that bear paw of a hand and then lifts him back up by his belt! She smothers him with just one breast and it almost covers his entire head! GREAT!"
TAGS: " Amazon StrongWomen Taylor MistressTaylor TallWomen DisplayOfStrength Smothering LiftingHumiliation BeatDown SizeComparison Humiliation SmallGuyHumiliation Intimidation BigBreasts NaturalBreasts LiftingHumiliation Wrestling Lifting Carrying ab002"

"Part two has AMAZON TAYLOR challenging the security gaurd applicant to arm wrestling. She then starts to wrestle with him and apply leg scissors."
TAGS: " legscissors wrestling amazon taylor sizecomparison strengthcomparison liftandcarry ab004"

Taylor`s Topless Lift & Carry Variety Clip
"Taylor hits a groove as she shows a variety of lift and carries while topless. ONE OF HER MOST POPULAR CLIPS BY FAR!!!"
TAGS: " AmazonTaylor DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying StrongWomen CradleCarry LiftandCarry Wrestling MistressTaylor BustyAmazons PowerfulWomen NaturalBreasts BigBreasts TallWomen Amazon OverTheShoulder Taylor ab006"

Hungry Large Breasted Woman Beats Down Delivery Boy
"Kayla decides to harass the pizza delivery guy by challenging him to wrestling and arm wrestling for his tip. The next 10 minutes are a blur for pizza delivery guy as she thrashes him around the room. Wrestling/Amazons/Size Comparison/L&C"
TAGS: " BeatDown Amazon Competition KaylaQuinn Carrying DisplayofStrength Kayla Wrestling KaylaKam StrongWomen FitWomen Lifting ArmWrestling Humiliation BustyAmazons StrengthComparison TallWomen SizeComparison ab009"

Sexy Maya & The Maytag Man
"Maya in a terrifically sexy Lift and Carry strength comparison clip. Except when she pauses to kick his ass in armwrestling this clip is all Lift & Carry with a variety of different lifts. Great clip."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills LiftingHumiliation StrengthComparison Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Competition Wrestling Fitwomen ArmWrestling StrongWomen Humiliation ab015"

Lift Carry Big Bouncing Naked Titties Amazon Wrestle...
"Playful but very competitive mood this couple has a definite `better half`. She`s better at wrestling and better at lifting at least and she shows it in this clip. She works up a sweat and reveals her big beautiful breasts early on in this clip."
TAGS: " Kayla DisplayOfStrength Lifting Carrying KaylaKam KaylaQuinn BustyAmazons PiggyBack Smothering StrongWomen FitWomen TallWomen Wrestling LiftandCarry Firemans CradleCarry SizeComparison StrengthComparison Competition ab016"

Amazon Schoolgirl Pins
"All tickling and school girl pins. The slave is no match for the beautiful amazon."
TAGS: " Katrina KatrinaStarr Amazon DisplayofStrength StrongWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen TallWomen Wrestling ab056"

Burglar Lifted and Carried Right To Jail
"Heidi surprises a burglar trying to break in her house so she lifts him in the air so he can`t escape and then calmly calls the police. While lifting the helpless man she verbally humiliates him."
TAGS: " Amazon Carrying DisplayofStrength FitWomen Powerful PowerfulWomen StrongWomen SmallGuyHumiliation HeidiMayne LiftingHumiliation Intimidation ForcedCarry Lifting LiftandCarry BearHug Humiliation Wrestling Heidi ab069"

Moxxie and Heidi 3 Clip Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing 2 Moxxie clips and 1 Heidi clip. `Amazing Shoulder Lift Switch` `Cradle Carry Love Affair` and `I Will Choke You Unconscious With These Muscular Legs`. AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Wrestling Moxxie Humiliation MoxxieMaddron Heidi HeidiMayne Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry ShoulderRiding DisplayOfStrength SmallGuyHumiliation LiftingHumiliation StrongWomen FitWomen CradleCarry Cradled ab097"

Tamara and Eris Lift and Carry Special
"A zip file containing 2 clips `The Interview` and `Desert Ride` AT ONE LOW PRICE!!!"
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting StrengthComparison PowerfulWomen LiftandCarry Tamara Eris Piggyback CradleCarry DisplayofStrength StrongWomen FitWomen Humiliation ForcedCarry Cradled LiftingHumiliation Wrestling ab102"

Busted By an Amazon
"Amanda pulls him up and throws the burglar over her shoulder bringing him into the house and pins him with her leg strength while calling the cops until they arrive she shuts him up."
TAGS: " Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry BBW OvertheShoulder Humiliation Amazon AmazonAmanda StrongWomen TallWomen DisplayofStrength LiftingHumiliation Intimidation PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Wrestling ab128"

Double Amazon Feature
"Rent is late and Amanda is not happy. She jacks her tenant up then dumps him upside down to collect every cent in his pocket. In second video employee wants his check and just can`t seem to reach it. A zip file containing both clips AT ONE LOW PRICE!"
TAGS: " PowerfulWomen Smothering PiggyBack Wrestling SmallGuyHumiliation SizeHumiliation TallWomen BBW Amazon AmazonAmanda Humiliation Intimidation DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying StrongWomen LiftandCarry ab137"

Backyard Lift and Carry Leg Locks
"Helena`s roommate finds out how strong his roommate actually is. He agreed to do a quick clip with some lifts and ended up and a wide variety of leg and headlocks he is unable to get out of as well as carried around the yard."
TAGS: " Wrestling Lifting Firemans Carrying LiftandCarry DisplayOfStrength PiggyBack CradleCarry Amazon Helena HelenaStrong PowerfulWomen StrongWomen ab146"

WAM Amazon Wrestle Match: Green Hair Bitch Ass Kicked
"Helena looks amazing coating herself in slime. When her male opponent arrives the match begins and her insane leg strength can not be denied. Her legs are wrapped around him in a variety of positions he is just not able to escape."
TAGS: " Wrestling WAM Helena HelenaStrong PowerfulWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Amazon Intimidation Humiliation Legscissors ab156"

Wrestling the Cheater
"Helena`s man is caught cheating on her and she gets angry. She wrestles him all over the floor and then lifts him until he finally confesses. Legscissors and several other holds."
TAGS: " Wrestling Helena HelenaStrong PowerfulWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Amazon Intimidation Humiliation LiftingHumiliation ForcedCarry Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Legscissors ab196"

So You Want This Job
"This is as custom muscle video. Nikki plays the owner of a company looking for employees who will do what she says. Muscle foot
TAGS: " LegScissors Amazon PowerfulWomen Wrestling FitWomen StrongWomen Nikki NikkiJackson Handjob Footjob FaceSitting AssWorship MuscleWorship ab237"

Little Sister Lift and Carry
"Daisy finds her big step brother laying around the house and pins him in bed. She carries him in a variety of positions and forces him to cum for her."
TAGS: " PowerfulWomen LegScissors FaceSitting Smother FitWomen StrongWomen DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans LapSitting Cradled CradleCarry Handjob Intimidation Wrestling Daisy DaisyLayne ab238"

Surprise Birthday Lift and Carry Party
"Sonny gets a surprise birthday party thrown by Nikki Jackson. For his present he gets lifted
TAGS: " LapSitting LegLifting/Pressing Spanking DisplayofStrength Lifting Carrying LiftandCarry Firemans LegScissors FaceSitting Cradled CradleCarry PiggyBack FitWomen PowerfulWomen StrongWomen Nikki NikkiJackson Handjob Oral-Blowjob Kissing Wrestling ab243"

Amazon Alison and Her Lucky Little Man
"Beautiful Amazon Alison Tyler is ready to go out while her tiny boyfriend wants to hang out at home. They compromise and spend the evening doing size comparison
TAGS: " Carrying Lifting SizeComparison Amazon Alison AlisonTyler LapSitting TallWomen FitWomen PowerfulWomen LegScissors LiftandCarry Handjob PiggyBack CradleCarry Cradled Wrestling ab245"

Clips featuring wrestling in the store...

Do You Like My Lingerie?
"The loser slave gave the wrong answer."
TAGS: " Kimberly Wrestling Humiliation Young Blonde gd009"

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Maya Vs The Schmuck:Sexy Ass Kicking
"This clip is all wrestling. She has to work hard to beat the crap out of him and that makes it so much hotter to watch! Great wrestling domination clip."
TAGS: " Wrestling Maya MayaHills Humiliation Young Blonde Pornstar gd058"

Maya Vs The Schmuck 2:No Safe Words
"Maya is so sexy in this clip as she beats the tar our of the poor bastard. She wrestles him for awhile and then she starts to pummel his stomach with quick hard punches that show her experience as a female boxer."
TAGS: " Maya MayaHills Wrestling Beatdown Humiliation Young Blonde Pornstar gd059"