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Trapped on Set
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0488"
"Alura shoots a breast tease with her perfect giant breasts and thinks the shoot is over and gets dressed for her regular job. Taylor has other ideas for her. (She is not terrified but not thrilled with the growth)"
" Blonde BE Pornstar Mature MasturbationInstruction Inflation Alura AluraJenson 7Vials BreastExpansion tmc488"

Tainted Sample
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0514"
"After giving a sperm sample Dr Jenson`s patient expresses his anger with his persistent erection/no diagnosis. She spills some sample on her and contracts his condition but first she grows a cock. Pleasure reaction/large cumshot."
" AluraJenson Mature Alura Pornstar Blonde Futa NursePlay DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc514"

I am Getting So Fat & I Love It
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0515"
"Very sexy stuffing and belly growing clip. Alura stuffs herself with a full chicken
" Drinking Burping Burp BellyStuffing MasturbationInstruction FaceStuffing Alura AluraJenson Eating Expansion Inflation Process BellyInflation BellyFetish WeightGain OverEating Stuffing Stuffer Blonde Mature tmc515"

I Want My Boobs The Size of This Bed
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0517"
"Purple gum blows them up as big as Alura wants them. She is thrilled and turned on and wants you to jack off all over them."
" Alura AluraJenson Mature MasturbationInstruction BE Topless Pornstar Blonde Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation MagicGiantBreasts tmc517"

Gender Payback
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0520"
"A break up letter to a superficial little man
" Alura AluraJenson M2F Pornstar Blonde Transformation TG GenderTransformation TransformationFantasy Nudity Topless Process Mature tmc520"

Angry Reverse Age Regression
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0527"
"Alura hates you. You wasted years of her life promising to marry her and give her a baby but never do. She finds a new man and decides she wants you to pay and become her baby. Nice really slow really mean reverse age regression."
" Alura AluraJenson Pornstar AgeRegression ReverseAgeRegression POV Infantilism DiaperFetish Mature AdultDiaper Magic AR tmc527"

BE Interactive: After Work BE with Alura
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0531"
"Alura calls you to pick her up at the hair salon she works at. She invites you in and wants you to jack off for her while she grows her tits huge for you."
" AluraJenson BEinteractive Alura POV BE Mature Pornstar Topless MasturbationInstruction BreastInflation Inflation Expansion BreastExpansion tmc531"

Stepmother's Revenge Age Regression
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0542"
"Sammie`s step mother is angry at you for cheating on her with a younger girl. You are thirty and you had the nerve to tell her she is old. Her stepmother regresses you in age. You will lose everything regressed back to a adult baby in diapers."
" AgeRegression ReverseAgeRegression POV Infantilism DiaperFetish Mature AdultDiaper Magic AR Young Mature Blonde Pornstar Humiliation Alura AluraJenson Sammie SammieSpades tmc542"

It Feels So Good It`s Better than Sex
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0548"
"The first 7 minutes are the clip and the last 2 is a little tease. Alura is in on a Saturday night watching tv and the remote sticks and she begins to inflate. The Bigger she gets the more turned on she gets. BE and Suit Inflation."
" AluraJenson Alura BE Blonde Pornstar Mature SuitInflation BreastInflation Inflation tmc548"

Piggy to Owned Hog
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0564"
"Mika and Alura are roommates and they want you to move in to become their piggy toy to use as they please. You will do as they say but they will take care of you feeding
" MasturbationInstruction POV Humiliation Feeder Pornstar Mature Alura AluraJenson Mika MikaTan Asian Blonde tmc564"

Hey Balloon Boy Be Our Little Inflation Slut!
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0565"
"Mika and Allura talk in depth about inflating you
" MikaTan Mika Asian Pornstar POV Alura AluraJenson Humiliation Inflation Mature Blonde tmc565"

Enraged Hulking Amazon Teacher Explodes
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0591"
"A quick "Hulk Out" clip with a small amount of process. Alura is so enraged she bursts through her clothes blasting her back out of her dress
" Growth FMG Mature Amazon Topless Pornstar Blonde FemaleMuscleGrowth FemaleGrowth SheHulk ClothesBusting ButtonPopping ShoeBusting FootGrowth NylonDamage BraPop Transformation TransformationFantasy Alura AluraJenson tmc591"

A Growing Nightmare
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0592"
"A little growth
" Growth Process Nudity ClothesDestruction GTS Giantess GTSGrowth Alura AluraJenson Blonde Pornstar Mature tmc592"

All Carrot Diet Nightmare
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0593"
"Alura is happy with her figure but her boyfriend wants her to lose weight so she goes on an all carrot diet and experiences bizarre side effects."
" Alura Jenson Pornstar ButtInflation Inflation Expansion TailGrowth AluraJenson AnimalTransformation TF Transformation AssExpansion HairGrowth NailGrowth tmc593"

BE Interactive: Alura Jenson
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0809"
"Alura talks dirty teases you as her breasts grow bigger and bigger for you. She wants you to jack off and cum all over her beautiful growing tits. Very Hot!"
" AluraJenson BEinteractive POV Alura Mature Pornstar MasturbationInstruction BE Inflation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation tmc809"

Cum With Me: Gallons of Milk and Cum
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0812"
"Alura is turned on from a male review wants the biggest cock ever. She takes pill for it to grow out of her clit. It turns her on for you to watch and jack off with her. As it grows she gets more and more turned on. Side effect of pill is lactation."
" Futa PenisExpansion MasturbationInstruction Pornstar Mature DickGirl Pornstar Lactation AluraJenson Alura tmc812"

Pussy Cock
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0816"
"Alura tries a new form of birth control and starts to experience some weird hormonal side effects. When she goes to the doctor a cock grows from her pussy. Horror turns to ecstasy when she goes home."
" AluraJenson Alura Futa PenisExpansion DickGirl Pornstar tmc816"

Rich Bitch: Accelerated Pregnancy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0821"
"Alura a rich obnoxious woman goes to accelerated pregnancy clinc in order to beat her sister to have a baby even though she does not really want one. She is given injection
" AluraJenson Alura Pornstar BellyInflation Inflation Belly Preggo Pregnant Pornstar Redhead tmc821"

Mommi Blows You Up Until You Explode
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0849"
"Your mommi can`t stand you since you ruined her perfect belly by being born and have been nothing but a headache for her for years. She glues a helium tube up your ass and glues your ass together then force inflates you until you explode."
" Inflation POV TransformationFantasy Alura AluraJenson Pornstar Humiliation ForcedInflation POVInflation tmc849"

Hard Core Balloon Job then Turned to Her Balloon Boy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0850"
"Alura inserts a tube into your ass connected to a helium tank and starts to stroke your cock with a tight donut hole balloon until you cum and then turns on the helium tank and inflates you until you fly up to the ceiling with all the other balloons"
" Balloons TransformationFantasy BalloonFetish Inflation BalloonPopping Alura AluraJenson Pornstar POV POVInflation Humiliation tmc850"

Sins of the Flesh Eating Professor
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0863"
"Once a year this professor picks a man to consume. After knocking him out she carries him home gives him an enema to clean him out and milks the sperm from him. She cleanses
" Alura AluraJenson Vore Topless Enema Eating FaceStuffing BellyStuffing Pornstar Handjob tmc863"

The Gender Change Bar and Grill
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0869"
"This is a special bar where one very special drink can turn you into a woman. The hot bartender gives you the drink then walks you your transformation to a woman step by step then makes you try out your new female parts..Special Request."
" GenderTransformation Topless POV MtoF TG Alura AluraJenson Pornstar tmc869"

Ass and Hip Inflation Interactive: Alura Jenson
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0972"
"You just bought your girlfriend Alura BI Pills and she feels she has the perfect hourglass but you want more. She takes your ass and hip inflate pills grows huge ass then gets off wakes up to growing giant hips until it explodes."
" AluraJenson Alura Pornstar Inflation Expansion ClothesBusting Buttinflation Pornstar Popping AssExpansion HipInflation tmc972"

The Dragon VS The Busty Amazon Hooker
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0116"
"When Rick`s dream escort arrives she steps into the bathroom to freshen up. When she comes out the dragon is standing there waiting. She has several close calls then the dragon gets way too rough and she is consumed headfirst."
" Oral Vore Monster Feet Alura AluraJenson Topless Nude gts116"

Destroying the Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0119"
"Douglas the Dragon is caught eating one of their friends so the 4 girls jump on and viciously attack it. A large fart from Alura stops the monster right in his tracks."
" Monster Humiliation Vore Oral Alura AluraJenson Arial ArialBlack Jasmine Caroline CarolinePierce Gemini MistressGemini Farting Pornstar gts119"

FaceFarting To Get Away
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0120"
"Gemini and Alura are hanging out when a large black dragon enters and eats Gemini. Alura tries to save her friend. She beats the monster and even FARTS a few large blasts in his face but nothing works."
" Vore Monster Oral Farting Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Gemini MistressGemini gts120"

Sins of the Flesh Eating Professor
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0131"
"Once a year this professor picks a man to consume. After knocking him out she carries him home gives him an enema to clean him out and milks the sperm from him. She cleanses
" Vore Topless Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Enema Eating Handjob gts131"

Ass Gas City Destruction
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0132"
"Giantess destroys Entire city with LOUD nonstop blasts of ass gas. Small man face farts
" Giantess GTS Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Farting Humiliation Ass Crushing Crush SmallMan gts132"

It Feels so Good to Grow this BIG and GIANT
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0134"
"Alura has just grown into a huge Giantess and she describes how it good it feels to be a Big Tall Beautiful Amazon. She rips out of her dress and tries on a bikini that won`t fit any more. Then she begins to grow again
" GTS Giantess Nude Growth Alura AluraJenson Pornstar Topless gts134"