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Cheyenne: Pregnancy 4 Pack
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0461"
"Cheyenne is 9 months pregnant with a huge belly. She eats chinese food
" Cheyenne BellyFetish Fat MasturbationInstruction Preggo Pregnant NaturalBreasts WeightGain OverEating Stuffing Stuffer BellyStuffing FaceStuffing Eating Drinking tmc461"

Helium Addict
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0479"
"Cheyenne loves helium. She sometimes sits in her room for hours taking hits off her oversize helium tank dreaming about blowing up and floating like a balloon. Sometimes dreams come true."
" CheyenneJewel Cheyenne Helium Inflation BodyInflation Young SuitInflation Floating PornStar tmc479"

Forget Fitness I Want To Get Fat For You
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0481"
"It is your birthday and your fitness model girlfriend gives you the best birthday present. She lets you know she wants to give up her strict diet and exercise to become exactly what you want. She is ready to get as fat as she can for you."
" WGT WeightGainTease BellyFetish Eating Tease Young Pornstar Cheyenne CheyenneJewel tmc481"

A Tour of a Perfect Growing Muscular Giantess
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0657"
"Cheyenne is growing taller and more muscular everyday. She slowly shreds her clothes and shows off each inch of her new muscular
" Giantess Transformation NylonRipping NylonDamage ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth TransformationFantasy Cheyenne CheyenneJewel Growth tmc657"

Angry PMS`ing She Hulk Transformation Futa-Lift-n-Carry
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0665"
"Angry at her asshole boss and seriously PMS`ing Cheyenne slowly transforms into a She-Hulk busting through her clothes and even growing a penis. She calls out her boss to give him a taste of his own medicine and explodes all over him."
" Process Transformation TransformationFantasy ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG Pornstar Futa LiftandCarry Cfnm Cheyenne Dickgirl PenisExpansion CheyenneJewel tmc665"

Dinner For a Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0110"
"Cheyenne just cant seem to get out of the house. She is laying around waiting for her date and when he finally arrives he keeps her waiting. It only gets worse."
" Oral Vore Monster Cheyenne CheyenneJewel gts110"