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The Increased Beauty Boutique: Hot Wife Kristine
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0539"
"Kristine finds an ad for a 99 dollar complete transformation and goes in for a slow change from plain to perfect in full makup and new breasts. Once transformed she tries on new clothes and tries out her new look."
" HotWifeKristine HotWife Kristine Process IncreasedBeauty TransformationFantasy Bimbo Young Magic NerdToGlam BE BreastExpansion Inflation tmc539"

Stage by Stage Accelerated Pregnancy: Hot Wife Kristine
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0943"
"Kristine wants one baby fast. She takes the accelerated pregnancy pills. Take sure they work she takes and extra couple and gets pregnant with three babies in three stages. Her belly grows out of control until she goes into labor in last trimester."
" Kristine HotWifeKristine Belly Expansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion Pregnant Preggo Inflation tmc943"