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BE Interactive: Julie Cash
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0486"
"Hot new pornstar Julie teases you with her beautiful large breasts and encourages you to get your cock hard for her. She then puts on her magic shirt and controls her "titties" growing huge for you the bigger they get the more turned on she gets."
" JulieCash BEinteractive POV Julie Blonde Young Pornstar BE MasturbationInstruction Inflation BreastExpansion tmc486"

POV: Creating The Perfect Hourglass: Julie Cash
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1271"
"Julie has the perfect big round ass and wants you to jack off for her as her boobs grow to match her ass in size to create the perfect hourglass."
" JulieCash Julie Blonde Pornstar Hourglass BreastInflation Inflation Expansion POV MasturbationInstruction BreastExpansion tmc1271"

POV: Cum All over My Jiggly Growing Ass: Julie Cash
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1277"
"Hot pornstar Julie has the perfect big round ass but wants more
" JulieCash Julie Tease FluidInflation ButtInflation Pornstar Inflation Expansion POV MasturbationInstruction Blonde Pornstar AssExpansion tmc1277"