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BE Interactive: Kiara Mia
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0540"
"BEAUTIFUL Model and Pornstar Kiara Mia teases you with her new breasts that she acquired with her magic sweater. She instructs you to stroke your cock for her as she shows them off then puts on the magic sweater and grows them even bigger for you. "
" KiaraMia Kiara POV BEinteractive Pornstar Latina MasturbationInstruction Inflation BreastExpansion BE tmc540"

Growth Serum #12
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0654"
"Kiara Mia's boss at the laboratory has talked her into testing the new breast growth serum but she grows and massive long cock instead. Always the scientist she then experiments with the new appendage."
" Kiara Futa KiaraMia Dickgirl Pornstar Mature PenisExpansion tmc654"