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No Don`t Eat Mummy
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0089"
"Who is going to care for you now? Furry monster Douglas mummy gets him the UPS delivery man
" Vore Helena HelenaStrong Monster Oral gts089"

After School Female Feast
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0090"
"A teacher stays after school to grade papers and keeps hearing sounds. She starts to become very nervous and is then attacked and eaten by dragon
" Vore Monster Honey HoneyWhite Oral gts090"

Her Sister`s Pet
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0091"
"Sammie and a friend decide to go get dinner. When she gets to the house her friend is not ready so her sister has her wait in her bedroom. She begin to feel uneasy in the room but does not get out in time. She is eaten foot first then digested."
" Vore Monster Sammie SammieSpades Helena HelenaStrong Oral gts091"

You`re Not My Cat
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0092"
"Hippie stoner chick thinks she is seeing things until she realizes that the big furry monster was actually dangerous and she becomes his dinner."
" Vore Monster CoCo CoCoVelvet Oral gts092"

Kimberly For Dinner
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0093"
"Kimberly is hanging out after tennis practice reading. Lots of great white cotton panty shots. Her socks are sweaty and she slowly peels them off and is then eaten for dinner by the furry dragon. Great clip for guys that like socks
" Vore Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Feet Monster Socks Oral gts093"

After Hours
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0094"
"Kimberly stays late at the office and is eaten. A lot of foot and leg build up before the feast."
" Oral Vore Monster Kimberly Feet KimberlyMarvel gts094"

Slurping Up A Quick Snack
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0095"
"Lots of Alexa`s beautiful dirty bare feet as she lounges in bed studying unaware that she is about to become a quick snack."
" Monster Vore Alexa AlexaJaymes Oral Feet gts095"

Consumed and Digested
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0096"
"Nylon tearing
" Monster Oral Vore ClothesDestruction Helena HelenaStrong Feet gts096"

Angry and Eaten
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0097"
"She died fast so the Dragon had to slurp her body down. Lots of up close foot and ass shots before the attack. White sheer knee socks as per request. This was NOT Roxanne`s lucky day for a lot of reasons!"
" Monster Vore Oral Roxanne Socks Feet RoxanneHall gts097"

Eaten and Slowly Digested
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0098"
"She heard a noise upstairs. After she slowly climbed the stairs and turned on the light. The Dragon was waiting for it`s next meal."
" Monster Vore Oral Caroline CarolinePierce gts098"

Halloween Dinner
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0099"
"The babysitter arrived to pick up everyone up to go trick or treating and is shocked to find no one home. After sneaking around the side she is horrified to find the house trashed and is quickly attacked and eaten."
" Monster Oral Vore Mylie MylieMoore gts099"

Relaxed and Consumed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0100"
"Cambrey is hanging at home and falls asleep only to wake up to large dragon that consumes her."
" Vore Monster Oral Cambrey Addison CambreySage gts100"

Hanging on For Her Life
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0101"
"Roxanne thinks a co-worker is playing a trick on her in a fur suit but has never been so wrong. She is eaten foot first and tries to hang on but can`t."
" Vore Monster Oral Roxanne RoxanneHall gts101"

Attack of the Teacher
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0102"
"Dee is reviewing a statistics text and is attacked and eaten head first and digested."
" Oral Monster Vore Dee DeeSiren gts102"

A Fast Vicious Attack
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0103"
"Robbye is hanging out texting her friends when a large dragon appears behind her. She falls off the bed in terror then becomes angry and strikes the dragon only to be savagely attacked and consumed."
" Monster Oral Vore Feet Robbye RobbyeBentley gts103"

Dessert First
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0105"
"Karen is relaxing and enjoying a box of chocolate when a large dragon enters her home. She keeps him at bay by feeding him candy but when the candy runs out so does her time."
" Monster Oral Vore Karen KarenFisher gts105"

Stay Out Of That Room
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0106"
"The maid was advised to stay out of a particular room and decided to ignore the warnings. She finds out why and Douglas has a great meal then spits out what parts he does not want."
" Vore Oral Monster Helena HelenaStrong gts106"

Audrina & The Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0107"
"Audrina is terrified when a large dragon enters her room
" Monster Oral Vore Audrina AudrinaAshley gts107"

Digested After Detention
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0108"
"KiKi is in detention and is driving the teacher crazy. His anger escalates and he turns into a large dragon and consumes her headfirst."
" Monster Nude Topless Oral Vore Kiki KikiDaire gts108"

Attacked Paralyzed then Consumed By a Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0109"
"Sexy little house keeper Sammie is attacked from behind and eaten foot first until she manages to jab the dragon in the eye and get away
" Monster Vore Nude Topless Oral Vore Sammie SammieSpades gts109"

Dinner For a Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0110"
"Cheyenne just cant seem to get out of the house. She is laying around waiting for her date and when he finally arrives he keeps her waiting. It only gets worse."
" Oral Vore Monster Cheyenne CheyenneJewel gts110"

Catalog Number"vdo-141-0111"
"Daisy was napping when the Dragon appeared in her room. She becomes turned on at the thought of being eaten and digested
" Vore Monster Oral Daisy DaisyLayne gts111"

OOO Yea Eat Me Mr Monster
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0112"
"Stacy was studying when Douglas the Dragon appeared in her room. She can`t believe how cute he is. She becomes turned on at the thought of being eaten and digested
" Oral Vore Feet Nude Monster Topless Stacy StacyAdams gts112"

School Girl Consumed and Digested
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0114"
"Sexy little schoolgirl is consumed and digested."
" Monster Vore Oral Holly HollyWebster HollyDomme gts114"

The Dragon VS The Busty Amazon Hooker
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0116"
"When Rick`s dream escort arrives she steps into the bathroom to freshen up. When she comes out the dragon is standing there waiting. She has several close calls then the dragon gets way too rough and she is consumed headfirst."
" Oral Vore Monster Feet Alura AluraJenson Topless Nude gts116"

Stalked Consumed and Digested
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0117"
"Nikki is relaxing and reading when she is stalked by a dragon
" Vore Monster Feet Oral Nikki NikkiDelano gts117"

Catalog Number"vdo-141-0118"
"Chrissy is relaxing and reading a book when she is disturbed and eaten."
" Monster Vore Feet Oral Chrissy gts118"

Destroying the Dragon
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0119"
"Douglas the Dragon is caught eating one of their friends so the 4 girls jump on and viciously attack it. A large fart from Alura stops the monster right in his tracks."
" Monster Humiliation Vore Oral Alura AluraJenson Arial ArialBlack Jasmine Caroline CarolinePierce Gemini MistressGemini Farting Pornstar gts119"

FaceFarting To Get Away
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0120"
"Gemini and Alura are hanging out when a large black dragon enters and eats Gemini. Alura tries to save her friend. She beats the monster and even FARTS a few large blasts in his face but nothing works."
" Vore Monster Oral Farting Pornstar Alura AluraJenson Gemini MistressGemini gts120"

Intoxicated and Consumed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0121"
"Two models are partying when a dragon enters. At first they think it is a joke but quickly realize it is not when first one is consumed and the second is unable to save her. She is then quickly consumed."
" Oral Vore Monster Jenny JennyHilton Coco CocoVelvet Pornstar gts121"

Digested and Regressed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0124"
"Officer Kiki Daire is eaten by a creature then digested and spit out as an infant.. Special Request."
" Vore Oral Monster Topless Transformation TransformationFantasy AdultDiaper AgeRegression Kiki KikiDaire Pornstar gts124"

Chew Harder On me..I Want to Disolve in your Stomach
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0127"
"Charlot calls her Dragon over to chew on her. The harder he chews the more turned on she gets. By the end she`s begging him to devour her completely and be inside his stomach."
" Vore Monster Charlot CharlotHarlot Oral gts127"

Raggedy Ann Eaten and Devoured
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0129"
"Kimberly and Zoe dressed as Raggedy Ann are approached by a dragon they think is friendly but they find out soon enough he has other plans. One is eaten head first while he devours the other feet first."
" Vore Oral Monster Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Zoe ZoeAnderson gts129"

Two Girls Get Devoured
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0135"
"Watch as two girls get eaten by a dragon. Kira is a maid who is stalked then eaten head first. Kamile is an escort
" Monster Kamile Kira Oral Vore KamileAmora gts135"

Stop Messing Around
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0151"
"Jordan is studying when she thinks her boyfriend is playing around with her in a furry suit. She is not aware it is an actual dragon. He begins to nibble on her feet. Then his jaw latches onto her head chomping on her until she is pulled into his body"
" Monster Vore Oral Jordan gts151"

Super Heroines Consumed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0152"
"Super heroines Wonder Hussy and Fat Cat are fighting over who will take down Villon Douglas the Dragon. Wonder Hussy Knocked out Fat Cat and is taken down and eaten head first by the Dragon. Fat Cat is woken up as she is being eaten by the Dragon."
" Monster Vore Oral SuperHero Kimberly KimberlyMarvel WonderHussy Brandy BrandyBottoms gts152"