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Drunken Gender Bender
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0009"
"MAYA HILLS is terrific in this gender transformation exploration as she/he decides to test the new possibilites. Why not? He wasn`t very happy as a man to begin with."
" Maya MayaHills Pornstar NaturalBreasts M2F Transformation TG GenderTransformation TransformationFantasy Nudity Topless Process Young tmc009"

Pink Flamingos
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0010"
"Maya is done with living in a hotel room and having to bring in all the money while he just sits and drinks. She aspired to be more than white trash and she has finally had enough."
" Maya MayaHills Pornstar NaturalBreasts M2F Transformation TG GenderTransformation TransformationFantasy Nudity Topless Process Young tmc010"

Maya For a Day
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0033"
"Maya hills returns in a sexy multistage gender transformation clip where she is startled by the event. Maya does a great job with appearing completely foreign to the new world and the new body."
" Maya MayaHills Transformation TG M2F Pornstar GenderTransformation TransformationFantasy Nudity Topless Young tmc033"

Set Phasers to BIMBO
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0236"
"Sydney is a conservative civil attorney who gets a visit from a bizzare man with a ray gun. He gains her trust under false story and is able to shoot the gun turning Ms. Capri into a very different woman. A Little BE
" Sydney SydneyCapri Bimbo BE Transformation Interracial Pornstar Magic Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Young tmc236"

Mr Johnson`s Magic Powder
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0244"
"Addison is a very shy conservative secretary who is asked by her sneaky creepy boss to work on a Saturday afternoon. He invited himself over and gave her a drink that quickly made her a very different sexually aggressive woman."
" Young Addison Cambrey CambreySage Transformation Blonde Hardcore Oral-Blowjob Pornstar Magic tmc244"

Holly`s Magic Shoes
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0277"
"Holly is a gawky dork who has trouble walking in high heels and she grows into a glamorous sex pot while sleeping. Holly is terrific as always in a nerd to glam transformation that includes a growth sequence(but no busting)."
" Holly HollyWebster NerdToGlam Transformation Growth FootGrowth Process tmc277"

The Slow Change
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0321"
"Caroline is an uptight woman who is meeting her fiance`s family for the first time. She tries a pill to relax and very slowly turns into a bimbo."
" CarolinePierce Caroline Transformation Pornstar Bimbo tmc321"

Tainted Lipgloss
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0337"
"Helena is sick of her prude friend never having any fun at concerts so taints her lip gloss turning her into a different kind of girl."
" Transformation Bimbo Sammie SammieSpades Blonde Pornstar Helena HelenaStrong Young tmc337"

I Took You From Man to Balloon Now Balloon to NOTHING
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0340"
"Holly found out you cheated on her so she turns you into a balloon and tortures then destroys you."
" Transformation Balloon BalloonPopping Holly HollyWebster Young tmc340"

She Lost Some Years
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0341"
"Caroline is an uptight mature executive woman who is setting up a baby shower for her niece when a package arrives with a strange card and package. The shower never occurs and she goes through a strange age regression."
" Transformation Infantilism AgeRegression Caroline CarolinePierce Mature Pornstar tmc341"

Sexually Transmitted DICK
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0353"
"Holly took a steroid riddled bodybuilder home from a bar and saw him eat dozens of Viagra while they fucked until dawn. A few days later she begins to feel a bit odd. THE MOST POPULAR TMC MODEL IS BACK IN A TERRIFIC FUTA CLIP WITH LOTS OF PROCESS!!!"
" Holly HollyWebster Young Futa PenisExpansion Expansion DickGirl Cumshot Process Transformation tmc353"

Whore`s Lipstick
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0354"
"Holly is grousy
" Bimbo Holly HollyWebster NerdToGlam BreastExpansion Deflation Inflation Magic BE Transformation Process tmc354"

Holiday Office Party Inflation Prey
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0355"
"You meet a really hot co worker at an office party who is flirting with you. She talks to you about what it would be like to change from a man to a balloon and convinces you to give it a try. Once changed you embark on a whole new life she explains."
" Transformation Inflation Holly HollyWebster Young Balloons Balloon tmc355"

Gemini`s Quest
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0356"
"Mistress Gemini dreams of being able to properly dominate her slaves without FAKE rubber strapons. Just the thought of having a real cock turns her on so she contacts The Psychic Eye. Well Acted
" Gemini MistressGemini Transformation Futa Femdom PenisExpansion Dickgirl Process tmc356"

Become Her Balloon
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0365"
"She turns you into a latex balloon. You go through this process with all its sensations. Find out what your fate is. You may pop
" Inflation Transformation Helena HelenaStrong Young Balloons tmc365"

Forced Memories of Youth
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0366"
"Principle Tan is a strict headmaster. A students mother casts a spell and Miss Tan regresses and remembers what it is like to be young and younger. When she awakes we are not sure if it was a dream or reality."
" Mika MikaTan AgeRegression AR Asian Pornstar Transformation Infantilism Mature tmc366"

I Want To Be A PIG
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0378"
"Holly`s anguish over loving someone who she has never even spoken to makes her hope desperately for something she would never want to come true..."
" Holly HollyWebster Young Transformation TeatExpansion TF Pig Swine Inflation Magic ButtonPopping Process tmc378"

Who Needs to Know A Speech With Tits Like This
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0411"
"Taffy has a school speech and can hardly stay awake to memorize it. She tries some stuff she bought on campus to stay awake and passes out. She wakes up a very different woman glamorous
" Taffy Asian NerdToGlam Young Transformation Bimbo Magic BE BreastExpansion tmc411"

Basement Bimbo
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0424"
"Nerdy New York Secretary takes an Elixir that transforms her into a serious long haired
" Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Process Inflation Bimbo BE BreastExpansion NerdtoGlam ButtonPopping Transformation 7Vials Magic tmc424"

A Regression Test
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0491"
"Helena regresses to three different ages some of the regressions are just physical and some are physical and mental. At the very end she turns the machine on the camera. This is several poof type regressions. She talks about each."
" Infantilism Transformation DiaperFetish AdultDiaper AgeRegression AR Helena HelenaStrong Young Blonde tmc491"

Catalog Number"vdo-125-0495"
"Sheryl gives Kiki's neck a little love bite while saying goodbye after lunch. That was strange Kiki thought but not nearly as strange as she began to feel. Sort of a Were-futa Breast Expansion clip."
" Futa Dickgirl PenisExpansion Pornstar Transformation BE BreastExpansion Magic Futanari Mature Kiki KikiDaire tmc495"

RBREEZE: The Headband
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0506"
"Betty is preparing for a night out in Vegas when she puts on a magic headband. The headband is stuck and she is struck with amazing pain. She goes to lay down and grows a beautiful giant cock. The growth is terrifying but she learns to love her cock."
" BettyRumor Betty Futa Magic Dickgirl PenisExpansion Magic Futanari Transformation tmc506"

Tainted Sample
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0514"
"After giving a sperm sample Dr Jenson`s patient expresses his anger with his persistent erection/no diagnosis. She spills some sample on her and contracts his condition but first she grows a cock. Pleasure reaction/large cumshot."
" AluraJenson Mature Alura Pornstar Blonde Futa NursePlay DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc514"

Gender Payback
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0520"
"A break up letter to a superficial little man
" Alura AluraJenson M2F Pornstar Blonde Transformation TG GenderTransformation TransformationFantasy Nudity Topless Process Mature tmc520"

Late Bloomers 2: Cock Growth
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0522"
"The first day back to college and Cindy gets turned on and grows a cock. Soleil helps her out and jacks it off when she is infected by the sperm and grows and even bigger cock. After some two girl cock play Soleil shoots huge load."
" Soleil CindyLouWho Cindy Young Futa Blonde DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc522"

You Are Going to Be My Balloon Bitch Boy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0544"
"Kimberly corks you up and fills you with helium. Once she fills you up she uses you for her amusment. She really enjoys watching you float up to the ceiling and tries to figure out what to do with you. She ultimately sends you to the sky"
" KimberlyMarvel Kimberly Mature Inflation Transformation POV tmc544"

Clinical Trials
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0545"
"Tatiyana is a broke college student who decided to try a clinical trial for extra money and finds the drugs have some interesting side effects."
" TatiyanaFoxx Tatiyana Young Pornstar Futa DickGirl Magic Futanari Pornstar PenisExpansion Transformation tmc545"

CoCo's Gender Transforming Journey
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0578"
"Coco is on love with a girl who only likes men so she tries to win her affection by turning into a guy. She is elated when it works at first but then she transformed back into an even shapelier girl then before. Then she grows a monster penis."
" BE GT Gender Transformation CoCo Velvet CoCoVelvet Gendertransformation M2F F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion Breast Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Deflation tmc578"

You're A Bitch!
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0581"
"2 male Security guards are hanging out shooting pool but when one of them cheats the other pays him back by casting a spell that turns him into a bitch! **Female-less Clip**"
" GT M2F GenderTransformation Gender Transformation BE Breast Expansion MaleBE tmc581"

Jenny ASS Velvet
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0583"
"Jenny Velvet gets a present of special herbal tea from a business partner so she tries it out and suffers disturbing consequences as she transforms into a Donkey. There is a FUTA version coming soon."
" Coco Velvet HairGrowth Pornstar CocoVelvet EarGrowth AnimalTransformation TF Transformation Process BE Expansion Inflation BreastExpansion AssExpansion ClothesBusting NylonDamage NylonRipping ButtInflation tmc583"

Youth Serum Gone Wild
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0584"
"Coco is a scientist who is starting to feel the effects of long hours in the lab. She creates a youth serum which she mixes wrong and slowly ages her about 50 years. She reverses it and becomes her age again only to regress back down to infancy."
" Coco Velvet CocoVelvet TF Transformation Process Infantilism DiaperFetish Pornstar Magic Asian AgeProgression OldAge Young AdultDiaper tmc584"

Enraged Hulking Amazon Teacher Explodes
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0591"
"A quick "Hulk Out" clip with a small amount of process. Alura is so enraged she bursts through her clothes blasting her back out of her dress
" Growth FMG Mature Amazon Topless Pornstar Blonde FemaleMuscleGrowth FemaleGrowth SheHulk ClothesBusting ButtonPopping ShoeBusting FootGrowth NylonDamage BraPop Transformation TransformationFantasy Alura AluraJenson tmc591"

All Carrot Diet Nightmare
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0593"
"Alura is happy with her figure but her boyfriend wants her to lose weight so she goes on an all carrot diet and experiences bizarre side effects."
" Alura Jenson Pornstar ButtInflation Inflation Expansion TailGrowth AluraJenson AnimalTransformation TF Transformation AssExpansion HairGrowth NailGrowth tmc593"

Helena Heifer
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0598"
"Helena has eaten a lot of beef in TaylorMadeClips` bellystuffing and vore videos. She beings to dream of beef and wakes up and begins to turn into a cow."
" Helena HelenaStrong Inflation BreastExpansion BreastInflation Expansion Transformation Strong EarGrowth TailGrowth TF AnimalTransformation BellyInflation AssExpansion ButtInflation tmc598"

Mika`s Angry Hulking Busting Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0600"
"Mika was just told that her boyfriend has run off with some girl he tweeted with for the last 2 weeks. Mika is angry
" ClothesDestruction Mika MIkaTan Asian Pornstar Mature SheHulk Topless NylonDamage ShoeBusting FootGrowth ClothesBusting BraPop Transformation TransformationFantasy ButtonPopping tmc600"

The Magical Transformation Candy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0604"
"Beula is a very homely girl with facial warts & no confidence so she goes to The Psychic Eye to get some magic candy that is supposed to make her popular. She experiences a startling physical transformation which changes her self image."
" IncreasedBeauty Young Transformation NerdtoGlam Beula BreastExpansion LipExpansion tmc604"

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0605"
"Tara's completely congested & sick because her roommate got a cat without telling her. She is deathly allergic to them & on top of that this cat is spooky as all hell. Totally doped up on allergy meds she begins to think she`s transforming..."
" TF AnimalTransformation Pornstar Young Transformation Tara TaraLynnFoxx BreastExpansion BreastInflation HairGrowth tmc605"

A Latex Ending
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0615"
"Beula brings you home from a bar and convinces you to let her inflate you. She teases and taunts you as you grow finally blowing you up."
" Beula Humiliation TransformationFantasy Transformation Balloons POVInflation Inflation tmc614"

Expanding Belly Demon Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0636"
"Holly finds an evil black rose. Upon pinning it to her chest she begins the slow transformation to Pregnant Demon. As her belly grows huge things bust and transform into demon."
" NylonRipping ClothesDestruction BellyExpansion BellyInflation Transformation NylonDamage TransformationFantasy Holly HollyWebster HollyDomme tmc636"

Madison F-M Then M-F With a Cock
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0652"
"Teacher slowly transforms to man then back to woman with cock."
" Madison Pornstar BE GT NylonRipping Transformation M2F F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion Breast Expansion BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation Deflation GenderTransformation tmc652"

A Tour of a Perfect Growing Muscular Giantess
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0657"
"Cheyenne is growing taller and more muscular everyday. She slowly shreds her clothes and shows off each inch of her new muscular
" Giantess Transformation NylonRipping NylonDamage ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth TransformationFantasy Cheyenne CheyenneJewel Growth tmc657"

Sammie`s Angry Hulking Growing Busting Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0658"
"Sammie is heading to a friends house for a party when she becomes stuck in an elevator. In her fury she grows and busts through most of her clothes and eventually burst out of the elevator."
" Transformation NylonRipping NylonDamage ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG Sammie SammieSpades Pornstar Young tmc658"

Angry PMS`ing She Hulk Transformation Futa-Lift-n-Carry
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0665"
"Angry at her asshole boss and seriously PMS`ing Cheyenne slowly transforms into a She-Hulk busting through her clothes and even growing a penis. She calls out her boss to give him a taste of his own medicine and explodes all over him."
" Process Transformation TransformationFantasy ClothesDestruction SheHulk FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG Pornstar Futa LiftandCarry Cfnm Cheyenne Dickgirl PenisExpansion CheyenneJewel tmc665"

Mane `n Tail
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0686"
"After Caroline uses Mane `n Tail horse shampoo her hair is so improved she decides to take horse vitamin supplements with it and soon she begins to turn into a horse. Some issues during shooting."
" Caroline CarolinePierce Expansion Inflation EarGrowth TailGrowth Mature AnimalTransformation Transformation FootGrowth TF AssExpansion ButtInflation NailGrowth Futa PenisExpansion tmc686"

Grandma`s Last Wish
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0687"
"Holly`s Grandmother leaves her a pink dress in her will but also insists that she must wear it to her funeral because it will make her a better person. Once she puts it on she begins to transform..."
" Holly HollyWebster Young NailGrowth Transformation EarGrowth Webster CleavageExpansion BreastExpansion tmc687"

Slow Zombie Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0713"
"A curse from a girl in college leaves 3 of Holly`s friends dead and one missing. After her visit to a graveyard her curse is next. A gross finding leads to slow transformation nailgrowth
" Futa BE Young NailGrowth Holly HollyWebster BreastExpansion Expansion Magic BreastInflation Inflation Transformation Magic Process tmc713"

The China Doll
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0720"
"Holly loves the necklace she mysteriously finds in her purse failing to notice its identical to the one the china doll next to her is wearing. Muscle aches & stiffness cause Holly to go to the pharmacy but its just the beginning of the transformation."
" Holly HollyWebster Young China Doll Transformation tmc720"

Vain to Man
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0724"
"Joslyn is admiring her voluptuous curves when they suddenly begin to shrink. She runs from room to room as her body changes more and more to that of a man
" NylonRipping Transformation Deflation Bald GT Joslyn JoslynJames GenderTransformation F2M Futa DickGirl PenisExpansion tmc724"

Catalog Number"vdo-125-0732"
"Alice gets a present of an ornate glass dildo but while using it some strange things start happening to her. She grows a tail
" Alice AliceFrost Young Transformation BellyInflation Inflation HairGrowth AnimalTransformation TF Hardcore TailGrowth EarGrowth tmc732"

Alien Slime Cheerleader Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0738"
"Cheerleader gets covered in alien slime and turns into an alien. Slow transformation. A silver cock appears and she is able to masturbate and ejaculate with her mind."
" Holly HollyWebster Young Brunette Cheerleader Transformation HairGrowth Topless NailGrowth tmc738"

Snow White Breast Expansion & Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0743"
"A girl takes a bite of an enchanted apple and slowly transforms into a big breasted Snow White. After she takes second bite her eyes turn red and she gets herself off. Voice change too
" Alice AliceFrost BE Transformation Young NylonRipping BreastExpansion Breast Expansion Inflation BreastInflation HairGrowth NylonDamage Magic tmc743"

Say Cheese
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0747"
" Holly Webster HollyWebster Transformation TF AnimalTransformation EarGrowth NailGrowth HairGrowth tmc747"

The Possession and Transformation of a Student BE
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0748"
"Chartlot returns to her dorm room to find a large spider web and strange ring. She tries on the ring which leads to a series of changes taking her from a college student to a possessed large breasted witch."
" CharlotHarlot Charlot Transformation Inflation NailGrowth HairGrowth BreastExpansion Breast Expansion Inflation BreastInflation Young NylonRipping NylonDamage Magic tmc748"

Angry Girlfriend Hulking Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0753"
"Misty comes home to find her house had been broken into by her boyfriend. She also finds out he`s been cheating on her. She becomes furious and the transformation begins. She rips and bursts thru her clothing then grabs him and tosses him around."
" Transformation Growth ClothesDestruction SheHulk Expansion Inflation AssExpansion ButtInflation Misty tmc753"

Plain Jane to Sexy Siren
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0765"
"Southern Bumpkin Holly receives some new clothes thru the mail with a mysterious note. After putting them on and going out to a bar
" NerdtoGlam BE BreastInflation BreastExpansion Expansion Inflation Holly HollyWebster Young Transformation Process tmc765"

Catalog Number"Strict Christian Lady to Rapper Girl"
" SydneyCapri Expansion Sydney ButtInflation NerdtoGlam AssExpansion BreastExpansion IncreasedBeauty Transformation NerdtoGlam BE Inflation NylonDestruction Magic Process Pornstar tmc769"

The Angry Transforming Wood Nymph
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0799"
"Holly is fed up with cheating men. The angrier she gets about it the more she changes. Starts with some BE and deflation then toeclaws
" Futa BE EarGrowth Young NailGrowth Holly Deflation HollyWebster BreastExpansion Expansion Magic BreastInflation Inflation Transformation Magic Process tmc799"

Angry PMS`ing Busting She Hulk Transformation and Handjob
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0807"
"Miserable with cramps and angry at her boyfriend Helena turns into a hulk busting baskets
" Transformation SheHulk ClothesDestruction LiftandCarry Handjob Helena HelenaStrong tmc807"

Bad Bellboy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0819"
"Kat just had a LONG flight to Vegas and encounters a rude bellboy. After entering her room she can barely contain her anger. She turns into a beautiful hulking muscular woman busting through her clothes
" SheHulk NylonRipping NylonDamage FemaleMuscleGrowth TransformationFantasy Transformation FMG ClothesDestruction WildKat Kat tmc819"

Out of Control Barnyard Feast and Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0823"
"Kimberly Marvel and Zoe are eating like pigs and cows. They begin to oink and moo uncontrollably then grow ears and noses
" Transformation TF TransformationFantasy Eating FaceStuffing BellyStuffing OverEating WeightGain AnimalTransformation EarGrowth Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Zoe ZoeAnderson Belly BellyFetish Drinking tmc823"

The Rebirthday Party
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0825"
"Kimberly throws a party for Zoe and gets her a special serum to restore youth and vigor. She puts it on the cake and tries a little. She regresses to middle young years. See what happens when they both get into the cake. They regress to an early age"
" KimberlyMarvel Kimberly ZoeAnderson Zoe AgeRegression Infantilism Transformation DiaperFetish AdultDiaper AgeRegression AR tmc825"

The Daycare
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0833"
"Holly is a nanny interviewing for a nanny company that makes their prospective employees regress to that ages in which they will be working with. Holly is a bit horrified but agrees to two different regressions toddler and adultbaby."
" AgeRegression Transformation AdultDiaper DiaperFetish Infantilism AR Holly HollyWebster Young tmc833"

Office Terror Hulk Out
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0839"
"Kimberly confronts Zoe about seeing her boyfriend behind her back. Zoe starts getting angry and begins transforming into a she-hulk. Ripping thru her clothes and destroying her office."
" SheHulk Zoe ZoeAnderson Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Transformation TransformationFantasy ClothesDestruction ShoeBusting tmc839"

You Are Definitely Not a Man and We Will Prove That
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0840"
"Kimberly is furious when she finds out that you cheated on and stole from her stepdaughter. She uses a spell to regress you to a wide variety of younger ages while they enjoy humiliating you. Find out what you ultimately regress to."
" AgeRegression AR POV Kimberly KimberlyMarvel Zoe ZoeAnderson Humiliation Transformation tmc840"

Plain Timid Girl to Controlling Demanding Goddess
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0842"
"Sammie is a very timid conservative woman who is applying for a job. The man who is interviewing her has spiked her drink to make her become a `easy bimbo` instead she becomes a demanding controlling bimbo both physically and mentally."
" Bimbo Transformation HairGrowth Sammie SammieSpades NerdtoGlam Pornstar tmc842"

The Pampered Princess
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0845"
"This is a POV scene. Mylie reveals a regression potion that she has acquired. She is transformed into a baby wearing nothing but a diaper. Then is transformed back into an adult. She explains to her husband there will be more sessions in the future."
" AgeRegression POV Infantilism Mylie MylieMoore Pornstar AdultDiaper DiaperFetish ReverseAgeRegression Transformation tmc845"

Zoe to Rag Doll
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0892"
"Zoe is cleaning house when she gets a spot on her new white top. She throws an old Raggedy Ann top on and slowly turns into a life-size human rag doll."
" Transformation DollFetish DollTransformation Zoe ZoeAnderson tmc892"

No More Secrets: You Are a Pussy Big Tit Cock Loving Whore
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0894"
"You go to a psychic and she looks into the crystal ball and tells you your dirty little secret that you want to see a chick with a cock
" Futa NaturalBreasts POV PoofTransformation Transformation Topless MasturbationInstruction Humiliation Poison MissPoison DickGirl CumEatingInstruction FutaGirl Futanari tmc894"

MAXGROWTH: Marshmallow Stuffer
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0898"
"Eve`s boyfriend jokes that she will turn into a marshmallow if she keeps eating so many of them. Eve dismisses him and proceeds to stuff her face with marshmallows
" MAXGROWTH Eve Eating Expansion Transformation BreastExpansion Inflation BreastInflation tmc898"

Waking Up a Woman
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0899"
"Fred becomes a woman in his sleep. Terror turns to happiness once she realizes how hot she really is and how much being a woman will benefit her bank account etc."
" GenderTransformation MtoF Transformation BreastExpansion Expansion TG Zoe ZoeAnderson Process tmc899"

Whitney Wonders in DIVINE Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0915"
"Whitney Wonders stars in a clip that was intended to be a Jessica Rabbit transformation but ended up being an expansion/transformation into Divine of John Waters fame. Hair Growth. Clothing Transformation. Ass & Breast Expansion. Makeup Transformation"
" Transformation Inflation TransformationFantasy BreastInflation ButtInflation HairGrowth Expansion BreastExpansion AssExpansion Whitney WhitneyWonders Pornstar tmc915"

The Gender Change Bar
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0939"
"This is a special bar where one very special drink can turn you into a woman. The hot bartender gives you the drink then walks you thru your transformation to a woman step by step then makes you try out your new female parts. Special Request."
" POV MtoF TG Mature Transformation GenderTransformation Caroline Pornstar CarolinePierce tmc939"

Raging Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0951"
"Jennique find out her boyfriend is leaving her for another woman and she is furious. Her rage turns her into a demonic woman. She bursts through her clothes and hulks displaying extreme super strength."
" TransformationFantasy Growth Transformation SheHulk NylonRipping NylonDamage ClothesDestruction Jennique JenniqueAngel tmc951"

You are Not Going to Like Me When I am Mad
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0955"
"Caroline is captured and interrogated for information. She is overcome with rage and takes large volts of electricity that soar through her body in bright green. She busts thru her clothes and smashes doors etc. and scares the piss out of her captor"
" TransformationFantasy Transformation SheHulk NylonRipping NylonDamage ShoeBusting ShoeDestruction ClothesDestruction Caroline CarolinePierce Pornstar tmc955"

Hulked Out Lift and Carry Handjob with Strapon
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0956"
"Alexa has date with a guy who is several hours late. She becomes furious with the rude bartender busts through her clothes and transforms into a hulking angry woman. When her date arrives she carries him
" TransformationFantasy Cfnm Transformation SheHulk NylonRipping NylonDamage ShoeDestruction ClothesDestruction Handjob StrapOn Humiliation Lifting Carrying Alexa AlexaNight tmc956"

You are A Giant Helpless Balloon Boy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0962"
"Dr Pierce is conducting a study on new man made helium. She uses you as her first test subject. You are blown up like a giant balloon. Once you are inflated and she realizes that you two are there alone she taunts you about what she can do to you"
" POV POVInflation Inflation Caroline CarolinePierce Transformation Helium TransformationFantasy Pornstar tmc962"

Stepmother`s Revenge Age Regression:Revenge for Ivy
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0964"
"Ivy`s witch stepmother is furious you cheated on her young stepdaughter and gets revenge on you as Ivy teases you the entire time
" POV Infantilism Transformation TransformationFantasy DiaperFetish AdultDiaper Magic AR Young Mature Blonde AgeRegression Humiliation Alexa AlexaNight Ivy IvyLace tmc964"

Splash! CEO to Mermaid
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1004"
"Irma returns to work from her vacation in Tahiti. She wakes up feeling very still and sore and coughs up some blue stuff and the transformation begins to mermaid."
" Irma Transformation HairGrowth Process TransformationFantasy Mermaid tmc1004"

Love Spell
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1041"
"College senior Lanna orders a love spell to get the man of her dreams and becomes the girl of his dreams. Long blond hair
" LannaJean NylonDamage Lanna Transformation Expansion Blonde Process IncreasedBeauty TransformationFantasy Bimbo Young Magic NerdToGlam BE BreastExpansion Inflation tmc1041"

On Her Way to Becoming a Full Blown Furry Cow
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1046"
"Mika is pigging out and checking out her growing belly when a friend calls to chat and begins to moo. She is alarmed when she can`t control it. Things get bad she can`t sit and is on all fours chewing and mooing like a cow."
" Transformation WeightGain TransformationFantasy Mika MikaTan Pornstar Mature Eating FaceStuffing BellyStuffing OverEating AnimalTransformation tmc1046"

I am Getting So Sexy and Beautiful and Hot and Turning Myself on
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1048"
"Karen is a rundown librarian who orders an energy drink. As she drinks it she begins to transform to a beautiful big boob
" KarenFisher HairColorChange Karen Pornstar Transformation Expansion Process IncreasedBeauty TransformationFantasy Bimbo AssExpansion Hourglass HairGrowth ButtInflation Magic NerdToGlam Blonde BE BreastExpansion Inflation tmc1048"

Business Woman to Blow Up Doll
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1063"
"Mika is a clothing reviewer who brings home some lingerie to review for her company. She tries one piece on and slowly begins to turn into a full blown blow up doll"
" MikaTan Mika Asian Pornstar Transformation DollFetish DollTransformation Magic tmc1063"

Transformed into Harley Quinn!
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1064"
"Kym is a psychologist who gets a strange package from a patient containing a toy gun with a sign sticking out of the barrel that says BANG! Soon her breasts & ass begin to expand & she begins squealing as she transforms into DC`s Harley Quinn!"
" Kymberly KymberlyJane HarleyQuinn HairColorChange HairGrowth Superhero AssExpansion ButtInflation Magic Breast Expansion BreastExpansion BreastInflation Inflation Transformation tmc1064"

The Magical Christmas Candle (Futa Version)
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1070"
"Kymberly is hosting a Christmas party when she lights a magic candle that starts to transform her into a deer. She gets some elements of a Deer and grows a reindeer cock/jacks off. This is not a full blown animal transformation. Non futa version next."
" KymberlyJane Kymberly AnimalTransformation Christmas Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion Magic Transformation Reindeer tmc1070"

MAXGROWTH: Every Man`s Dream Pt 1
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1072"
"Koa`s stepmother suggests a dating website that literally turns her into every man`s dream girl. Unfortunately
" Maxgrowth Koa Adonia EarGrowth HairGrowth HairColorChange ButtInflation Transformation BreastExpansion AssExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation AnimeTF BBW tmc1072"

Transformed Into a She Hulk Goddess
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1079"
"Jill is sold a magic coin by a con man that is supposed to give her the perfect hourglass figure. Instead she is turned into a beautiful she hulk full of rage and superhuman strength. Amazing hot transformation. Some belly and ass expansion included."
" SheHulk LiftandCarry Growth ButtInflation BellyExpansion BellyInflation AssExpansion Expansion Inflation ShoeDamage HairColorChange Jill Transformation TransformationFantasy ClothesDestruction NylonRipping NylonDamage FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG tmc1079"

MAXGROWTH: Tiger Tease
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1081"
"Katya is looking to steal some drugs from her employer
" Maxgrowth TailGrowth Katya EarGrowth Transformation AnimalTransformation BreastExpansion Expansion BreastInflation Inflation tmc1081"

Transformed into The Queen of Hearts
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1091"
"Joclyn comes home from a night out when she spots a gift under her tree. She opens to find large heart earrings that turn her into the Queen of Hearts."
" JoclynStone Joclyn HairColorChange Pornstar Mature Blonde Transformation tmc1091"

Becoming a Panda
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1093"
"Margie is tricked by her boss and becomes the zoo`s new female panda. She is terrified and fights the change. Suit inflation at the end"
" Transformation TailGrowth EarGrowth AnimalTransformation HairColorChange Inflation SuitInflation BodyInflation Expansion Margie tmc1093"

Cowardly Boyfriend She Hulk Transformation
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1096"
"Kara`s boyfriend sends her a breakup email. Furious she destroys his laptop and her rage transforms her into a shehulk. Her arms and legs grow and her clothes split apart. When he shows up to get his laptop she lifts and carries him."
" SheHulk LiftandCarry ClothesDestruction Kara MistressKara Transformation NylonDamage FemaleMuscleGrowth FMG Transformation TransformationFantasy tmc1096"

Transformed into a Giantess Hulk
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1097"
"A growing hulk out. Amazing Goddess!!!"
" Growth Giantess Amazon SheHulk ShoeBusting ShoeDamage ClothesDestruction NylonDamage Transformation FMG FemaleMuscleGrowth Rapture RaptureQueen tmc1097"

Going Ape
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1109"
"Dita slowly becomes an ape. She is terrified and fights the change. Futa ending"
" Transformation AnimalTransformation TailGrowth Dita DitaDay Young Futa Futanari DickGirl PenisExpansion Expansion tmc1109"

Avon Lady Consumed and Regressed
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1117"
"Irma is an Avon lady waiting for her customer. She takes quick nap when she is approached and eaten by large dragon. She goes through his system and comes out younger. She is eaten again and comes out even younger than before."
" AgeRegression Infantilism Vore Young Irma Monster Transformation AR DiaperFetish AdultDiaper tmc1117"

Scientist to Glamorous
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1120"
"Dr Pierce a conservative doctor is about to lose her funding so does an experiment on herself. She grows giant breasts
" CarolinePierce Caroline BreastExpansion Inflation Breast BreastGrowth Expansion HairGrowth NerdToGlam Pornstar Transformation Mature BreastInflation tmc1120"

BE Spell Gone Bad
Catalog Number"vdo-125-1126"
"Irma casts spell to grow breasts when things change. Her breasts deflate and she quickly turns into a rat type creature."
" BreastExpansion BreastDeflation Young EarGrowth BreastInflation TailGrowth Inflation Expansion Irma AnimalTransformation Witch Transformation tmc1126"

Digested and Regressed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0124"
"Officer Kiki Daire is eaten by a creature then digested and spit out as an infant.. Special Request."
" Vore Oral Monster Topless Transformation TransformationFantasy AdultDiaper AgeRegression Kiki KikiDaire Pornstar gts124"

Transformed into a Giantess Hulk
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0164"
"A growing hulk out. Amazing Goddess!!!"
" Growth Transformation Giantess GTS Rapture RaptureQueen SheHulk ClothesDestruction gts164"

Avon Lady Consumed and Regressed
Catalog Number"vdo-141-0171"
"Irma is an Avon lady waiting for her customer. She takes quick nap when she is approached and eaten by large dragon. She goes through his system and comes out younger. She is eaten again and comes out even younger than before."
" Vore Monster AgeRegression Transformation DiaperFetish Infantilism Young Irma gts171"