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Pop Rocks or: She`s Grown Drunker Than Taylor
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0054"
"She drank a bit too much as she waxed nostalgic. She hadn`t seen Taylor in 3 years. She`s STILL TAYLOR she thought... but she was also different somehow. Maybe it was just the liquor talking... GROWTH
" Growth Process Busting ClothesBusting ShoeBusting NaturalBreasts Gts Giantess NylonDamage ButtonPopping FootGrowth FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth Topless Zoe ZoeMinx BraPop tmc054"

Growth Induced Footwear Destruction: Episode 1
Catalog Number"vdo-125-0055"
"2 attractive young ladies suddenly find that their feet start to grow. Is it a conspiracy? Or is it just something in the water? 2 GIRL FOOT GROWTH! BUSTING SHOES! HOLLY!"
" Holly HollyWebster Zoe ZoeMinx Taylor FootGrowth Process Busting ShoeBusting Gts Giantess FemaleGrowth GtsGrowth tmc055"